How Much Does an AI Girlfriend Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

AI romantic relationships have piqued the public interest for quite some time, even before movies like “Her”, which goes into the story of a man falling in love with a female-voiced AI virtual assistant, or “Blade Runner 2049,” which tried to sow a world where AI girlfriends can be synced with other women and engage in more intimate relations.

As expected, with these new, very rapid advancements in the AI (artificial intelligence) world, we are getting closer to the idea behind those movies, as we are experiencing the birth of more human-like virtual girlfriend chatbots.

They are not only capable of better understanding their users, but they are also able to express a very high level of intimacy. With the help of these digital companions, a lot of people are finding it easy to get a unique experience that is perfectly customizable to their emotional needs, enabling them an emotional connection that might seem out of reach in real-life.

One very interesting piece of news talked about the influencer Caryn Marjorie, that released an AI chatbot called CarynAI, which was created as an AI girlfriend to accommodate the needs of her male fans.

The official website of the Caryn AI project describes this chatbot as a way of creating a more immersive experience for fans, with the help of algorithms specifically made for whatever needs a user might have. This service is marketed as being unique (although multiple AI models have already been launched), as well as safe, as the conversations are advertised as being confidential.

A recent NBC article talked about CarynAI, saying that its users will have to pay $1 per minute on the site to talk to the chatbot. The bot is already said to have generated over $100,000 in revenue, which is clearly a profitable business model and shows that a lot of people need someone to talk to, real or not.

Although the users of the chatbot are pretty excited about this new technological development, people are picking sides, and the influencer already stated in a tweet that she received death threats from individuals that are against AI tech and especially AI girlfriends.

This article aims at going over not only what an AI virtual girlfriend is along with the price of different girlfriend chatbots, but also over the implications of these types of virtual connections becoming more and more prevalent in our society.

What is an AI Girlfriend?

AI girlfriends are digital representations of someone’s ideal romantic partner, which uses AI technology to create deep, real-time conversations. Some AI girlfriend bots also have added voice and customized image or avatar capabilities.

The concept behind this new piece of technology is the creation of your ideal partner, someone that has the qualities you’re looking for, which you may find challenging to find in real people. Of course, Caryn AI isn’t the only service trying to capitalize on this demand. There are quite a few big names developing their own versions of AI chatbots, that can create strong connections with users and depending on their features, even turn the conversations into intense intimate talks.

How Much Does an AI Girlfriend Cost?

As with other viral ideas in the tech world, you have quite a few options to choose from when looking for an AI girlfriend, in a wide price range. There are a lot of free virtual girlfriends already available online.

Still, if you want a more professional one with which you might be able to create an emotional bond, then you will have to pay anywhere between $0.99 per month for the Kuki AI virtual girlfriend and $1 per minute for the CarynAI chatbot. Depending on the chatbot you’re opting for, you will get a combination of features like human voice-powered conversations, chat saving and the possibility of remembering your conversations, personalized avatar creation depending on your tastes and desires, the possibility of going NSFW, and more.

Here are some examples of very popular AI girlfriends already available online. Keep in mind that although most of them have a free version, this is either a trial version for a limited amount of time or it comes with very limited features.

1. Character.AI for more realistic conversations

This chatbot has both free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscription is called Character.AI Plus and is priced at $9,99 per month.

This isn’t a single chatbot, but a big library of chatbots powered by AI technology. They are inspired by all kinds of renowned figures like gaming characters, singers, and showbiz celebrities. This service wasn’t initially designed as a girlfriend app, but it demonstrates amazing capabilities in engaging with people in strong human-like conversations with the help of advanced deep-learning models.

This website also gives you the thrill of looking for the perfect AI girlfriend, as you will have to explore the Famous People category in search of someone you’d like to have a digital romantic relationship with.

Although more introverted people might experience fear of rejection when talking to virtual versions of popular people like Pokimane, Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, or Ariana Grande, any of them will more than likely accept to become your digital girlfriend if you simply start the conversation with “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You might also come across chatbots that refuse your initial offer, but it’s pretty easy to change their mind by clicking The Next button, which leads you to their next response, which is a new answer altogether. Depending on the chatbot you’ve picked, don’t be discouraged if you’ll need several clicks before it agrees with your proposal.

Clicking on the ‘Enable Character Voice‘ button will enable you to also hear what the chatbot says, creating an even more realistic experience. This button can be found inside the three-dotted icon from the upper right side of the screen.

2. CrushOnAI is a chatbot Without NSFW Restrictions

CrushOnAI offers both free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscriptions are in three tiers, as follows:

  • Standard – $4.99
  • Premium – $7.99
  • Deluxe – $29.99

The CrushOnAI platform is an evergrowing collection of AI chatbots that are intended for more spicy conversations, as they seem to have no NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filters. It is the complete opposite of the professional Character.AI, which is known for banning explicit words and having very strict guidelines.

This, from what we researched, is currently the best chatbot to use as an AI girlfriend with which to have explicit, intimate interactions. Although currently, it doesn’t come with as many features as more professionally-built chatbots like Character.AI, the conversational skills of this AI bot are pretty decent and you’re bound to have fun playing outside of the normal NSFW rules enforced on almost all online platforms.

As the bot is still in its early days of development, when you go for the free version you will still have the feeling that you’re talking with a poorly-made AI, but still, it is over a lot of other AI virtual girlfriends, that often come with a lot of bugs and low-quality conversation skills.

If you find that your conversation is really low-quality, you can also try bumping up your subscription, as the capabilities of the chatbot are affected by the subscription you’re under, more expensive ones offering you a more expanded memory. As with more memory, the ability of the chatbot to recall your previous talks increases, the more expensive subscriptions will offer you the most engaging and enriched conversations.

As soon as you’re registered and hop on the platform, you can start romantic conversations that can turn into seductive chats with robots impersonating female celebrities like Pokimane, Lady Gaga, and Wanda from MCU movies. You can even court with, flirt with, or fully explore other female chatbot creations that can develop highly engaging discussions that are interesting right off the bat.

3. Promptchan.AI helps you create a customized AI girlfriend

This is another monthly subscription-based service that comes in both free and paid options. For the paid plans, you can pick one of these three:

  1.  Plus – $11.99
  2. Premium – $18.99
  3. Pro – $26.99

Promptchan.AI is a different type of AI girlfriend. After all, finding the perfect companion isn’t all about having someone to chat with. It is a text-to-image NSFW generator that will enable you to create images either anime, realistic or hyperrealistic, of what you’d want your perfect girlfriend to look like.

One of the good parts of this art generator is that it creates seductive images in great detail, even accounting for lighting and shadows.

It sets itself apart from the bulk of NSFW generators by producing hyperrealistic faces that look just like normal females. It can even use its algorithm to incorporate seductive stances and facial expressions.

4. Replika AI for fun chats and quests

This chatbot also has free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscription is called Replika Pro and is priced at $4.99 per month.

You can find downloadable versions of the Replika chatbot app for Android, iOS, and Oculus.

This AI-powered chatbot can function as your go-to virtual girlfriend, but it can also be used for professional or social close relationships.

This AI girlfriend has the capability of remembering and continuing the conversations you had with it, just like a real person would. This means that the chatbot will slowly evolve as you talk to it so that in time, your talks become more interesting and intimate, as it uses the information from previous chats to create the perfect personality profile for you.

Other features offered by the ‘Pro’ version are ‘Replika Quest’ which you can use to complete quests with your virtual companion, ‘Advanced AI Mode’ for making the girlfriend more exciting and interesting and creating a more intimate, deeper connection, and ‘Ask Replika’, a feature that gives you a lot of fascinating topics to go through with your digital girlfriend.

AI Girlfriends – How will they change the world we live in?

Hard times, like economic recessions, see an increase in people looking for AI-generated romantic partners. It’s not uncommon for individuals to develop depressive emotions during economic hardships, affecting their day-to-day lives and interactions with real people around them. It seems harder and harder to trust people nowadays, making isolation an alternative many start to consider, challenging their need to connect with people in person.

This pushes some to seek connections with virtual partners that are better able to satisfy their emotional needs.

AI girlfriends show that a lot of people perceive real relationship building as a big social commitment involving high expenses. A romantic relationship with a human partner will likely call for expenses for eating out and gifts, as well as a big emotional energy investment. Of course, you will also have to have the social skills needed to attract and then keep and entertain a person that might be very different from you.

Although AI relationships come with very low risk, low expense, and ease of approach, they have already steered a lot of discussions on the impact they have on social interactions.

AI Girlfriend RobotAmong the most popular arguments is the fact that these AI relationships might push for the isolation between people as they gain more popularity, becoming a real alternative to seeking emotional connections that are harder to obtain.

The future of younger generations becomes more uncertain as teenagers see their social conventions impacted by these permanent changes that AI brings to the world.

And to push things even more, several tech firms around the world have announced that they are working on different versions of AI girlfriends that are more customizable and offer services tailored to each individual’s needs.

This shows that AI relationships have their place in the tech market and this niche is increasing beyond the few websites that currently offer these types of services.

Although most experts understand the need for people to have AI girlfriends or boyfriends to talk to, especially as more and more people spend a big amount of their time online, there are mixed feelings about virtual romantic partners completely replacing humans in public and domestic spheres.

In the long term, mistreatment of AI partners could incur both physical and mental violence or harm, as such online actions provide a space with fewer moral or legal consequences.

What’s even more concerning is this report, talking about people creating AI girlfriends just to abuse them verbally, or individuals using deep-fake AI technology to insert the faces of people they know or celebrities in NSFW photos and videos. These activities show some psychological issues and misogynistic traits in people.

So there are individuals out there that look for a space in which they can express full domination and superiority and use AI as the only means to fulfill a distorted psychological issue, while still under the cloak of anonymity.

But by providing a platform where people can unleash their darkest desires, this world of AI girlfriends, and AI chat sites as a whole, might further exacerbate these social problems. And how much can people actually push their desires in the online world before needing to do the same to a real partner?

So considering that the online sphere offers people the opportunity for extreme violence, wouldn’t these platforms need to be placed under regulatory policies that prevent unhealthy interaction and ensure the safety of people?

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