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Health Insurance Cost

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Many people don’t even think about health insurance because they instantly think it’s too expensive for them. That isn’t always true. So how much does health insurance really cost?

In most cases, health insurance will vary greatly from person to person. However,  you can figure out what will be the cost range of your insurance premium by figuring out some things.

So instead of immediately thinking that health insurance is just too much for you or spending a lot of time asking yourself “how much will my health insurance cost ?”, here are some things to help you figure out the actual cost.

The insurance rate is influenced by these factors:

Age – As you get older you will have to pay more and more for the same health insurance. To get an idea imagine that a 55-year-old will spend close to $135 for cheaper insurance with partial coverage, while a 19-year-old will only pay close to $82 for the same insurance.

Health – Health insurance is a lot more expensive for people with poor health. So don’t wait to get sick before you actually get your health insurance because you might end up paying a lot more. Usually, people that suffer from chronic illnesses or from any other condition, might have to pay twice as much as healthy people will for the same insurance.

There have been cases where people suffering from some diseases were even denied coverage from some companies and had to look for other ones just to get insurance.Health-Insurance-Dental-Insurance-Reading-PA-575

Employment – You could find cheaper insurance through your employer, even if they don’t outright provide it through your employment contract. Ask your employer for any special discounted price from a health insurance company they work with and you might be surprised by the results.

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This is a great way to get cheaper coverage. If this isn`t an option for you, then take a look around for insurance companies that give you preferential rates based on your income, to be sure you can afford the regular payments. Again, remember, this is something that will depend on what insurance company you work with.

Look for recent surveys and studies that will give you some statistics to work with, but do expect rates to vary from person to person.

An average Joe should expect monthly payments in the range of $180 – $185. The insurance price will vary greatly from state to state. This means that if you’re living in Iowa you will have to pay a lot less for your medical insurance than someone living in New York.

Most people that already have a medical insurance plan notice an increase of 9.5% in price, annually. These are just some of the figures you should take into account when trying to find the best health insurance for you.

Before buying health insurance, remember these facts: 

New laws require everyone to have health insurance, so it slowly becomes an important part of our lives.

You will need insurance that will cover any of the things you would need it to, but at a normal price, so find a balance between the two. Your medical insurance is similar to anything major in your life, so do your research and don’t go for the first insurance plan you stumble upon.

Do some research regarding the insurance company also, before signing anything with them, to be sure that the coverage will be exactly what you need.

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Having proper health insurance could be the difference between life and death, so do the necessary research before you sign, even if it may seem time-consuming and expensive.

Having proper health insurance will help you get over any illness without having to worry about doctor or medication costs.

Is having health insurance too expensive for the average working Joe? Usually not. Do your research properly, ask your employer for discounts from the insurance company they work with and you will find the best health insurance plan for you. 

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