How Much Does It Cost To Service AWD?

Last Updated on November 13, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

An AWD, which stands for All-Wheel Drive system, is the car’s system that sends power from the engine to move all four wheels.

Keeping constant maintenance of the AWD is essential in order to conserve and prolong its functioning, which may imply several costs.

In this comprehensive guide, we will go over the key elements that may affect the servicing costs of AWD. Also, we will explore routine maintenance-associated costs and the difference between costs charged by dealerships and independent professionals. On top of this, you will find information about possible repairs and their costs, and tips on how to control AWD servicing costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Service AWD?

The average cost range for servicing the AWD of your car can be anywhere from $300 to $800. However, depending on your geographical location, where the maintenance is performed, the make and model of your vehicle, and the mileage, costs may vary.

In the table below, there are listed several vehicle brands and their associated AWD servicing costs:

Audi Q5 $400 to $700
BMW X5 $500 to $800
Ford Escape $200 to $400
Honda CR-V $200 to $400
Jeep Grand Cherokee $300 to $600
Nissan Rogue $200 to $500
Subaru Outback $300 to $500
Toyota RAV4 $300 to $600

As shown in the table above, depending on the make and model of the car, the cost of AWD servicing can vary.

Routine Maintenance Expenses for AWD Vehicles

In order to maintain the integrity and performance of your car, routine maintenance is essential for the All Wheel Drive system’s optimal functioning. Besides that, keeping constant maintenance can prevent you from future expensive repairs.

To get an idea about common maintenance jobs and their average associated costs for AWD cars, we compiled the table below:

Oil Change and Fluid Replacements $80 to $150
Tire Rotation and Alignment $100 to $200
Brake System Maintenance $150 to $300
Drivetrain Inspection and Service $200 to $400

These costs are estimates and may differ based on the make and model of the car, your local labor rates, and whether the job is performed at a dealership or a local service.

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Comparison of Dealership and Independent Service Costs

The job provider is one of the essential factors that may influence the cost of AWD servicing. When considering servicing your vehicle’s AWD, it is advisable to research and compare the costs between a dealership and a local independent service.

A local mechanic, for instance, will typically charge around $300 for routine maintenance. However, expect to pay around $600 for repair services, in case something has been damaged on your car.

On the other hand, a dealership will bill you significantly more for the same job.

Potential Repairs of All-Wheel Drive systems and Their Costs

As with any part or system of the car, the AWD system may need some specific repairs. For a good understanding of the possible repairs that may appear on your AWD car’s system and their associated costs, we created the table below:

AWD System Diagnostics $100 to $200
Differential and Transfer Case Repairs $500 to $1,200
CV Joint and Driveshaft Replacements $300 to $600
Axle and Bearing Repairs $400 to $800
Transmission Servicing $200 to $500

What are the extra costs?

Service AWD carAWD vehicles incur additional costs in conjunction with standard maintenance and repairs.

Increasing the period of warranty coverage may be an additional charge to factor in. The costs for expanding the vehicle’s warranty coverage will vary depending on the make and model of your car, year of manufacturing, mileage, and several other factors.

Another additional expense to be considered may be possible upgrades or conversions to improve your car’s performance. Keep in mind that these customizations may also require purchasing aftermarket components.

How to save money

Before choosing where to perform the AWD servicing, research and ensure that the job will be done by a professional mechanic who is particularly trained in AWD systems.

Contact your dealership to find out more about what your warranty coverage includes. Also, it is advisable to get an extended warranty coverage, which will save you money in the long term.

Prevention is the best way to reduce the costs. Keep constant maintenance of your car and follow up on regular repairs, to detect and resolve possible issues from the beginning before they become worse and inflate your repairs budget.

Regular rotations and alignments of the tires are critical for an optimal AWD system’s performance.

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