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How Much Does A Jack Russell Terrier Cost?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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Breed history

The breed’s name „Jack Russell Terrier” comes from the founder of this breed, the Reverend John Russell, who raised these terriers for fox hunting in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Physical description

It is a small breed of dog, very powerful and muscular. It has a flat head, flat between the ears, the nose is black and the muzzle has the same length as the skull. The eyes are medium, dark, and almond-shaped. The ears are medium-sized, triangular and the top front is folded. The tail is short, continuing the top line, and is carried slightly raised. The fur is wiry, thick, and can be soft or rough. The color is predominantly white with brown, yellow, black, or all three spots, mostly on the head and tail.

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How Much Does A Jack Russell Terrier Cost?

The Jack Russell Terrier cost will usually depend on whether you’re adopting a dog that is a full-breed Terrier and from a reputable breeder, or if you are getting it from an animal rescue center around you.

If you go to a breeder for a Russell Terrier puppy, then be prepared for an average cost of $800 to $2,500. When dealing with established breeders, it isn’t uncommon to be required to put in a deposit or reservation to secure the puppy. You will also have to settle the balance in full when you go to pick up your pet.

Meanwhile, adopting from a local shelter is way cheaper, with the fees amounting to a maximum of $800. Of course, the availability in rescue shelters is limited, and you have to settle on whichever pup, of whatever age, is available.

Both are good resources for Russell Terriers, and both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. A reputable breeder has the advantage of ensuring the pedigree of your Russell Terrier. You will also be able to meet the pup’s parents most of the time.

You will also have a lot more guarantees about the dog you’re getting when negotiating with a breeder, rather than when you just take a Russell Terrier to your home after it has been given up or abandoned in a rescue center.

Expect adoption costs cheaper by 50% or more when working with a local rescue, but aside from the initial purchase, there isn’t a lot of difference in terms of price between a pup bought from a breeder and one adopted from a rescue center.

Which Jack Russell Costs The Most?

It is surely more expensive to get a purebred Jack Russell Terrier from an established, respectable breeder and getting all papers for it. But there are other factors that will impact the cost of a Jack Russell Terrier dog, among which is its type.

Currently, we know of six categories of Russell Terriers. They are:

  • Jack Russell Terrier Mix
  • Shorty Jack Russells
  • The Parson Russell Terriers
  • The Broken Coat Jack Russell Terriers
  • The Rough Coat Jack Russell Terriers
  • The Smooth Coat Jack Russell Terriers

The Parson Russell Terriers and The Broken Coat Jack Russell Terriers are the most expensive out of these six classifications. This is mostly due to their unique coat and rarity.

For example, the Parson Russell Terrier will have a pretty long coat, while the Broken Coat Terriers are known to come in a mix of rough and smooth with smooth and long fur patches.

These breeds won’t require additional expenses when it comes to the cost of owning a pup and everything this means in terms vet bills, grooming, food, or other periodic or monthly costs but they will cost more in adoption prices when dealing with experienced breeders.

Why Do Jack Russells Cost So Much?

Although Jack Russells are not known to be a lot more expensive than other breeds of dogs, they will cost more when you buy them from reputable breeders. But still, there are some things that will contribute to Jack Russell’s high price.

The price will be influenced by the current demand for this breed when you are getting your pup. Certain months, as well as certain times throughout the year, find Russell Terriers more popular than others. The higher demand will also lead to a higher Jack Russell Terrier price during these times.

The price of Jack Russell Terrier Puppies will also depend on the number of breeders found in a certain area.

There are occurrences where the Jack Russell demand spiked up all of a sudden, but the availability of litters was limited, which caused the breeders to increase the prices they were asking for.

If instead, the demand for the breed is low and there is enough supply, then breeders might be forced to reduce their price as a way of finding a home for their pups.


Jack Russell Terrier is an intelligent, active, courageous (and sometimes reckless), bold, watchful, skillful dog with a great temperament and great power of work. It’s a bit naughty and sometimes it can gently bite. They like to play with children and are very devoted to their family. Usually, they are sociable with other dogs and they also accept other animals if they are used to them.

Jack Russell Terrier food

Besides exercise, diet is the key to a healthy dog. It is important to know that citrus fruits and vitamin C supplements are bad for the dog. These lead to liver damage. This dog is not picky when it comes to the type of food. As long as the dog gets its necessary and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, fresh water, and space to move it will be a happy dog. You can give them both home-cooked food and bought food (beans, canned, etc.).

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Living style

This dog feels better outdoors, in a place with enough room to move and it’s difficult for him to accommodate in an apartment. It needs a lot of exercise, socialization, and training.


Jack Russell Terrier is easy to train because it learns quickly, but should be trained by someone with experience because it has independent tendency and wants to do all it wants. The training must be firm, consistent, and varied because it has multiple possibilities and a lot of energy. They are very good at agility races and fly-ball. This dog needs daily to run, stir, and dig. It is a very good and skillful hunting dog for small animals and a cheerful companion.Jack Russell Terrier Cost
If you want your Jack Russell Terrier to be trained, an average training session may cost around $30 to $100. You might end up spending $1,000 to $2,500 per month for obedience training sessions.

Common diseases of a Jack Russell Terrier

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Generally, the Jack Russell Terrier breed has a reputation as a healthy and long-lasting breed because breeders protected it over time. A Jack Russell Terrier will live between 14 and 21 years if it’s properly cared for.
The most common problems are: cataract is hereditary, dislocation, deafness, patellar luxation, and von Willebrand disease.

Should the average working Joe get a Jack Russell Terrier?

If you’re a dog lover and have the necessary funds, then a Jack Russell Terrier could be exactly what you’re looking for. They can be trained to do simple chores around the house, making your life easier. Although they are pretty expensive, in the end, they will be a great addition to your family.

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