Jiffy Lube Brake Pad Replacement Cost

Jiffy Lube Brake Pad Replacement Cost

Jiffy Lube is an American auto repair company that specializes in oil changes but also has highly trained ASE-certified technicians who are able to professionally replace the brake pads for all vehicle makes and models.

The expected Jiffy Lube brake pad replacement costs

The cost of the basic package to replace just the brake pads at Jiffy Lube, the average cost will be about $245 per axle. This will include the labor. For a “signature” brake package, on the other hand, the cost will be bigger, around $320 per axle.

The costs of Jiffy Lube brake pad replacement can vary drastically depending on your location, the car you are driving, and which package you go for. The price will also be influenced by the promotions that are held at Jiffy Lube and any other repairs that will have to be made along with the brake pad replacement.

One member of a SubaruOutback.org forum thread recounted a $277 quote for ceramic pads and front brake service at his local Jiffy Lube. This was in fact an estimate that would only cover the front brakes of the car.

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One Jiffy Lube location-based in Indiana is offering the basic brake package for a price of $249 per axle. This is according to the prices they posted online through their official channels.

Prices We Found Online
$220 for front pads only
$491 for pads, wipers, and premium oil change
$625 for pads, rotors, and drums
$412.33 minus a $30 inspection — included the pads, shoes, and rotors

Any additional expenses to consider?

Jiffy Lube LocationThe technician can find other problems that need to be addressed, in addition to the need to replace the brake pads, such as replacing the rotors and/or calipers. If this were the case, they may find out that your brake pads are coming in contact with the rotor because it is so worn down. If your braking system reaches this state, if you’re not fixing it, it might lead to an accident. Depending on your vehicle, replacing rotors can cost over $450.

While the brake calipers are designed to last about 100,000 miles and work well with your car’s rotors when it comes time for them to stop your vehicle, at some point they might need replacement as well. If some symptoms of damage appear such as a grinding sound or if you feel like your brakes aren’t stopping as quickly anymore then these parts may need replacing before they completely break down.

The new rear discs and calipers cost anywhere from $50 to over $450, depending on the vehicle. Unlike pads that need to be replaced in pairs as they wear away, these parts can be repaired so you don’t have to buy a replacement set every time one wears out.

What should be included in the price?

Before a technician will repair any brake problems, they will first perform an in-depth inspection of the linings and other brake system-related components. They’ll go over the complete findings with you and make recommendations for repairs based on both manufacturer specifications as well as current component conditions. In most cases, the full inspection process is free at the shops that we managed to talk to.

Most of the Jiffy Lube locations will offer two different packages for brakes. The basic package includes just the brake pads and rotors, while a signature package offers more than what you would find in a basic one, like including fixes for other parts of your braking system, like brake fluid exchange and a cleaning.

Jiffy Lube also offers a Nationwide Limited Warranty that starts the day of replacement and lasts for 12 months or 12,000 miles just like their oil changes, according to their official website.

Some mechanics will also rotate your tires and replace brake pads for free in most of the locations.

Any way to spend less?

Before heading to the closest Jiffy Lube, be sure to look for any deals online or in local newspapers. This company posts coupons often on their website and you can find one to save $25 for brakes or rotors currently in the California area.

Always check the prices of brake pads on your local mechanic and dealership before choosing Jiffy Lube since you may find that some independent mechanics will be considerably cheaper than branded locations. A brake pad replacement is also pretty straightforward – most professionals will give you an estimate over the phone without even needing you to go there for an inspection.

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