Koala Bear Cost

Koala Bear Cost

As you might already know, the time when Teddy Bears had monopolized the already stuffed toy market is long gone. Now, plenty of animals made it to the favorite list when it comes to these furry and fluffy toys for any age. Particularly the koala, or widely described as “Koala Bear”.

And given that it is prohibited for anybody to touch and hug genuine koalas, snuggling a koala stuffed toy is the closest thing you might ever experience. That is if you have not decided yet to own the real deal.

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First things first: contrary to the common belief, the koala is not a bear. They are not even closely related. Koala is a marsupial much closer related to kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and so. However, for the purpose of discussion, we will continue with making use of the term in the meantime.

Koalas are mainly found in Australia. They are considered an endangered species and for that reason are strictly protected. This means that if you ever dreamed of owning one, you will have to travel through the eye of a needle. Not only because of the high cost but also due to the fact that your home country or state may not permit you to own one. For that reason, there might be stronger issues than the cost of a koala bear.

The Average Price of Koala Bear

In Australia, it is not allowed for anybody to own a koala as a pet animal. The only time anyone can get one is when they are operators of correctly licensed zoos, researchers who are experimenting or trying to find brand-new things that are related to koalas, or those who want to adopt ill or hurt koalas. If you are not even remotely close to any of these categories, then you can cross out Australia as the possible source of your dream family pet.

If money is not an issue, still, you will have to know just how much is a koala bear going to cost and just how much your bank account balance would be hit by getting this really adorable animal.

The typical expense to purchase a koala bear varies from $3,000 to $5,000 depending upon numerous aspects like the age and the species, to name a few factors and characteristics.

Although it is practically impossible to own a koala if you are a normal Joe, your choices might be very limited and would just consist of considering the purchase via a black market or go through an adoption process.

Australia enables the adoption of hurt or ill koalas and joeys. However, this features a regular monthly contribution varying from $30 to $50. You do have to know that even this adoption has an expiration date as you will have to let go of them or free them into the wild once they have actually gained their health and strength back and are able to look after themselves again. You can also talk with the Australian Koala Foundation if you think about owning one through Adopt A Koala program.

Extra Expenses To Expect

Just how much is a koala bear going to cost you? You should consider anything that might potentially add up your total expenses. However, among the very first things that you must take care of before you decide to get and own a koala is to create its habitat that would have adequate space for it to move. The common size of a koala cage will be around 4m x 5m.

Another thing to consider, and this is where your license would come in handy if ever your home state would enable you to own this marsupial, is your source of its food. Koala’s primary food is eucalyptus leaves. Although koalas can chomp anything green and leafy due to the fact that it is a herbivore, it’s very important to have a stable source of eucalyptus leaves to be permitted.

You might also have to guarantee that there are veterinary centers readily available that can cater to wildlife animals particularly koalas close by. This is important especially when it gets ill and during emergency situations. You should make sure of this before you can be permitted to look after a koala.

And speaking of authorizations, if purchasing a koala is pricey because of the factors we talked about, expect the license and any needed permits to be costly also, particularly in states or locations where there are stringent laws protecting wildlife animals.

Elements Impacting the Price of a Koala Bear

Koala Bears in the WildAlthough it is too challenging to acquire a koala as a family pet, it does not mean that they have a fixed cost. Like any other animals readily available in the market, a lot of elements will impact their expense. A few of them are:

The age – if you think baby koalas are more costly like many animals where their cost depends upon the level of cuteness, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. That is because, on the contrary, the older they are, the higher the expense to purchase a koala bear will be. The reasoning behind this is that the previous owner may have already spent for the vaccines, medications, and training of the koala as it grows.
Its gender – for some reason, the gender of the koala will affect the expense as they are priced in a different way.

The species – the species the koala comes from will also have a direct impact on the price as the rarer the species are, naturally, the more costly it will be to purchase them, specifically so that they are most likely closely watched by authorities.
The source – like the species element, the source of the koala has a huge effect on the rates like the ones reproduced in captivity tend to be more affordable than those coming straight from the wild.
License and permits – considering that the possibility of you owning a koala would depend upon whether you will be allowed or not, consider it as a huge part of your expense to purchase a koala bear.

Additional Details

Did you know that koalas have fingerprints? They are the only mammals aside from people and primates to have them.
The typical lifespan of koalas varies from 10 to 14 years.
There are somewhere around 43,000 to 80,000 koalas in the wild according to the Australian Koala Foundation. Their only predators are dingoes and big owls and among their significant threats are deforestation that makes them wander off in the roads causing their death from traffic accidents, and pet dog attacks.
Another threat to the koala population is chlamydia which is also an STD in human beings.
Their preferred food, eucalyptus leaves, is typically poisonous or toxic to other animals. However, koalas have unique bacteria in their digestion system that reduces the effects of the toxin.

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