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How much does a clown cost

What you did not know about clowns

Clowns are the well-known characters found mainly in circus shows. They are easily distinguished from the rest through their extremely cheerful and colorful makeup and costumes, mostly composed of much higher clothing items than their day by day clothes: very loose pants, larger shoes, etc.

The whole outfit was kept over time as the main feature of these characters that we find in artistic moments intended for bringing us a smile on our face by presenting some funny situations.

What few know about clowns is that they appeared in shows since ancient Greece. Back then they were interpreting tritagonists in farces and walk-on mimic moments, imitating popular characters.

Italians are the ones who invented Arlecchino in the second half of the sixteenth century, the clown was playing the role of the comic valet, then the role of the acrobatic cheater. He wore a black mask and a colorful costume. He always had his bat wherewith he jokingly hit his audience.

Germany gave us the face-painted clown, the inexpressive face. The German costume of the so-called Pickelherring character evolved into what we now know as usual clown suit with shoes and oversized collar.

Typical costs:

The prices for a low-priced party clown usually start from $100 and can reach $165 per hour. Low-priced clowns may not have sophisticated equipment for their shows or may not have as much experience as the expensive entertainers. For example, a low priced clown may have proper costume and makeup but, he is unlikely to have balloon-twisting skills.

A high-priced party clown may cost anywhere from $225 to $400. High-priced clowns usually are better equipped, have more experience, know more tricks than low-priced party clowns, can offer a magic show, and can have balloon-twisting skills. For this price, they also own several costumes for a more animated party and they can personalize the show depending on the age group.

There are some party clowns that charge a fee per hour and others who can offer a birthday-party package that can last between 1 and 3 hours and usually costs from $100 to $500.

In New York, this type of package may consist of a magic show, face painting, and balloon twisting for $175 while in South Florida a similar package plus singing and games costs $375.clown cost

What should be included?

Party clowns usually offer magic and comedy shows, face painting, balloon twisting, interactive games, singing, and juggling. They should have enough balloons to offer kids balloon animals, enough face painting for a stipulated certain number of children.

Before the big party, the clown should offer at least a phone consultation to discuss the details and you should always work under a contract.

Usually, clowns come already costumed and face-painted but they can come without face painting if you want.


Additional costs:

The typical birthday party package is for 15 kids but, if there are more, a party clown can charge between $2 and $6 per child.

If the party is in another county, a party clown can charge around $25 or maybe more extra. You should discuss the travel fee when you set the details and the service’s price.

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