How Much Does a Party Clown Cost?

Last Updated on January 15, 2024
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Are you looking to hire a clown to bring some silly fun to your child’s birthday party or community event in 2024? This guide will help you find the perfect party clown to make your event a hilarious success!

Hiring a professional party clown is a great way to keep both kids and adults entertained. Clowns may offer magic tricks, balloon twisting, face painting, and slapstick comedy routines. Having an experienced performer at your event can take some of the pressure off you as the host. Plus, kids go wild for clowns!


  • Professional party clowns charge $150-$250 per hour on average
  • Clown services include comedy routines, magic, balloon animals, face painting, and more
  • Carefully vet clowns by asking about their style, experience, offerings, audience interaction, and more
  • Book popular clowns early as the best options get booked up fast
  • Communicate your party details and goals so the clown can customize entertainment
  • Read reviews and watch videos to get a feel for their comedy and showmanship
  • Hire an insured clown and clarify any deposits, fees, and cancellation policies
  • Request a consultation meeting or call before booking a clown you’ve never seen
  • With smart planning, you can find affordable clowns to fit your party budget

How Much Does a Party Clown Cost?

Party clown rates can vary greatly depending on your location, the clown’s experience level, and features offered in their entertainment package. However, most professional clowns charge $150 to $250 per hour. Some less expensive clowns may charge $100 to $165 per hour, while higher-end clowns can cost $250 to $500 per hour.

Here are some factors that influence clown pricing:

  • Experience – Clowns who have been performing for many years tend to have higher rates. But they offer polished acts and reliability.
  • Travel costs – Most clowns will charge additional fees for events far from their home base. Expect to pay mileage and travel time costs.
  • Type of services – Clowns who offer add-ons like magic, balloons, and circus skills may charge more than simple jesters.
  • Number of children – Rates may be higher for large parties to account for more balloons, activities, etc.
  • Party length – Most clowns charge hourly but may offer discounts for longer bookings.
  • Region – Rates are often higher in big metro areas like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

According to, the average cost for a clown is $180. To hire a clown to provide entertainment at your event, you are likely to spend between $150 and $200. writes that the average cost for a clown is $200. Hiring a clown for your party, you will likely spend between $150 and $250.

Kiddy’s Kingdom notes that a professional party clown for kiddos costs between $150-$200 an hour, depending on several factors.

GigSalad says that on average, professional clowns cost about $100-$300 for 1 hour of entertainment.

Be sure to ask about the clown’s full rate structure, including any deposits, travel fees, or assistant fees. And provide all the key party details upfront so they can give an accurate quote.

What Entertainment Do Party Clowns Offer?

When you hire a professional party clown, you’re not just getting someone dressed up in a colorful costume. Clowns are talented entertainers with experience making kids laugh!

Here are some of the services a quality birthday clown may provide:

  • Slapstick comedy routines full of goofy jokes, physical stunts, and silly props
  • Magic show with tricks tailored for kids with lots of audience participation
  • Balloon twisting to make fun balloon animals, hats, swords, and more
  • Face painting with colorful designs like butterflies, superheroes, and animals
  • Song parodies and music to get the whole party dancing and singing

The best clowns will embody the theme and objectives of your event with customized entertainment. An experienced performer can be the glue that unifies the entire party.

Clowns may also incorporate magic, juggling, mime, puppets, and other skills into their acts. Plus, many clowns offer add-on services like princess characters, superhero visits, and glitter tattoos.

When starting to plan your party, think about the overall vibe you want. Then look for clowns who can embody that spirit with their costume, humor, and showmanship.

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Questions to Ask When Booking Party Clowns

Finding the right party clown for your event means asking the right questions upfront. Here are some important topics to discuss:

  • What’s your clowning style? Some clowns focus on slapstick and physical humor. Others are better with magic tricks or balloons. Know what will suit your party best.
  • What do you wear? Ask to see photos of their costume and makeup. Make sure it matches your party theme.
  • What entertainment do you offer? Review their full menu of offerings like comedy routines, magic, balloons, music, and more.
  • How do you involve the audience? The best clowns seamlessly interact with guests of all ages. Discuss how they engage the kids.
  • Do you take requests? See if they will perform specific tricks, make custom balloons, or avoid certain gags.
  • How long is the show? Confirm timing so you can coordinate the schedule. 2 hours is typical for parties.
  • Do you have insurance? Reputable clowns will have liability insurance in case of injuries. Ask for proof.
  • What’s your cancellation policy? Get full refund details if you need to reschedule or cancel due to weather, etc.

Vetting your clown thoroughly upfront will help avoid surprises on the big day. And will ensure you hire a children’s entertainer who aligns with your party goals and style.

Tips for Finding the Best Party Clowns

clown costHere are a few pro tips to help you track down the perfect clowns for hire:

  • Book early – The best clowns get booked up quickly, especially in peak seasons like spring and summer. Start your search 2-3 months in advance.
  • Check reviews – Look for clowns with consistently positive reviews for being funny, professional, and great with kids.
  • Consider full-service firms – Many party companies offer “one-stop” entertainment with clowns, magicians, characters, and more.
  • Discuss your needs – Share key details like the celebration type, ages of kids, venue, and goals. Good clowns will customize.
  • Ask about prep – Find out what the clown will bring like sound equipment, props, assistants, etc. Clarify what you need to provide.
  • Request a free consultation – Many clowns will meet or chat for free before booking so you can get a feel for their style.
  • See videos – Watch clips of their past performances so you can envision them at your event.
  • Check availability – Be sure they have your date open and get a signed contract.

Finding the right clown for your child’s birthday party or special community event doesn’t have to be tricky. Start your search early, vet entertainers carefully, and communicate your needs clearly. This will help you hire professional party clowns guaranteed to keep your guests laughing and smiling all day long!

Save on Party Clowns

If you’re looking to save money when hiring party clowns, here are some tips:

  • Book weekdays instead of peak weekends
  • Look for new clowns building their portfolio – their rates are usually lower
  • Ask about discounts for longer bookings (over 2-3 hours)
  • Inquire about lower costs for simpler services without balloons, magic, etc.
  • Avoid booking during the busy Spring/Summer party season
  • Hire an independent clown rather than going through an agency
  • See if they offer lower hourly costs for big groups of kids

Keep in mind the least expensive options may lack experience and polished acts. Make sure to still vet budget clowns thoroughly and read reviews before booking.

Final Words

Hiring a professional party clown takes some research but is well worth it to keep your event lively, fun, and full of laughs. The right entertainer can make your celebration truly memorable. Follow these tips to find the perfect silly clown for hire for a fantastic party in 2024!

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