How Much Does RapeX Cost?

Last Updated on February 12, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Rapex is an anti-rape device designed to protect women from sexual assault. But how much does this unique and controversial device actually cost? This article will break down the pricing, compare it to other safety products, and look at the overall value of investing in a Rapex.

The Rapex is a female condom-like device that contains razor-sharp barbs on the inside. It is inserted into the vagina and acts as a barrier method, similar to a normal condom. However, if forceful penetration occurs, the barbs latch onto the attacker’s penis causing extreme pain and giving the victim time to escape.

How Much Does RapeX Cost?

The cost of a Rapex device ranges anywhere from $9 to $30 USD per unit. This can add up quickly if you want to have multiple devices on hand. Some of the factors that cause price fluctuation include:

  • Materials used – The Rapex is made from medical-grade plastics and high quality metals for the inner barbs. More expensive materials drive costs up.
  • Manufacturing complexity – Each device has to be carefully constructed and quality control tested. This meticulous assembly is labor-intensive.
  • Retailer markup – Stores that stock and sell the Rapex will apply their own markup. Buying directly from the manufacturer is cheaper.
  • Shipping and import fees – The Rapex is manufactured in South Africa so international shipping can increase costs for buyers outside of Africa.
  • Taxes – Sales tax will need to be added at checkout where applicable. This can tack on an extra 5-10% to the base price.
  • Currency exchange rates – Since most pricing is listed in South African Rand (ZAR), exchange rates influence the US Dollar or Euro price.

How Rapex Compares to Other Personal Safety Devices

The Rapex is a unique product with few direct competitors. However, there are other personal safety devices on the market that can provide a pricing comparison:

  • Pepper spray – $10 to $30 per canister
  • Personal alarms – $5 to $15 per alarm
  • Kubotan self defense keychains – $10 to $20 per keychain
  • Tasers – $200 to $400 per unit
  • Bulletproof backpacks – $100 to $500 per backpack

While pepper spray and alarms are cheap, they are not as effective and require active deployment. The Rapex provides 24/7 protection. Tasers and bulletproof backpacks are very expensive in comparison. Overall, the Rapex provides cost-effective protection compared to alternatives.

What is Rapex and Why is it Needed?

Before getting into the details of where and how to purchase the Rapex, it’s important to understand exactly what it is and why it exists.

The Rapex is a discreet, wearable anti-rape device for women. It provides constant protection against sexual assault and does not require any action to activate. It aims to deter potential attackers from committing rape in the first place, by inflicting severe pain if penetration is attempted.

Sadly, rape and sexual assault remain common issues facing women worldwide. Having tools for self-defense and protection are vital. The Rapex puts the power back in the hands of women to defend their own bodies. It provides a sense of safety and peace of mind.

For any woman who fears being attacked, the Rapex can be a smart investment to drastically improve personal security.

Where to Buy the Rapex Device

The Rapex is manufactured and primarily sold in South Africa, where it was invented. But it is available globally through select online retailers. Here is what you need to know about getting your own Rapex devices:

  • Manufacturer website – The Rapex website allows online orders to be placed directly. This cuts out any middleman markup, so pricing is generally $15-$20 per device direct from the source.
  • International specialty retailers – A few self-defense equipment retailers carry and ship the Rapex worldwide. Prices are higher ($25-$35 per unit) but provide wider accessibility.
  • Amazon and eBay – Resellers on Amazon and eBay sometimes carry the Rapex. Exercise caution as fakes exist, but real Rapex units can be found here for $20-$30.
  • Only buy unmodified original devices – Avoid any resellers offering altered, “customized” or “enhanced” Rapex devices. These compromise safety.

When purchasing the Rapex online, always verify seller legitimacy and product authenticity. Also factor in shipping costs from South Africa.

What Users Are Saying About the Rapex

The Rapex is a controversial product and opinions on its use are polarized. Some key points about user experiences with the device:

  • Very effective deterrent – Most users say wearing Rapex gives enormous peace of mind and feeling of safety. Attackers will be extremely reluctant to attempt rape.
  • Mixed responses from victims – Some rape victims say Rapex helps them feel protected. But others find it visually disturbing or has negative mental associations.
  • Difficulty inserting/removing – Many users say getting the Rapex in and out of the vagina is awkward and takes practice. Not as easy as a tampon.
  • Minor comfort issues – Some users note the feeling of the Rapex device when worn for long periods. But most say they quickly get used to having it inserted.
  • Important to practice deployment – Proper insertion technique is critical. Users advise practicing putting in and taking out the device to build confidence.
  • Not a primary contraceptive – The Rapex is not meant as birth control. Use other contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

Overall most users said the sense of security provided by the Rapex is worth the small frustrations of using it.

Can the Rapex be Legally Purchased and Used?

RapeX Condom Looks Like ThisGiven the nature of the Rapex and what it does, the legality of buying and using it is nuanced:

  • Legal to purchase in most regions – The Rapex itself does not violate any laws regarding sales of safety products. It can be freely purchased online or in stores if available.
  • Legal complications around use – Activating the Rapex (i.e. puncturing an attacker’s penis) could fall under local assault or battery laws. But legal precedents generally protect using force to prevent rape. Check your local laws.
  • Banned in some countries – A few places like Germany and Australia have banned sale/import of anti-rape devices over concerns they punish rape rather than prevent it. Travelers should verify legality.
  • Ethical debates continue – There are ethical arguments around whether devices like Rapex perpetuate violence. But many experts say women have the right to protect their bodies however they choose. Self-defense is justified.

While complex legal and ethical issues exist, women still largely have the right to purchase and use anti-rape devices like the Rapex. It provides a last line of defense if all other prevention fails.

Proper Care and Usage to Get Full Value

To get the full value from a Rapex device, proper maintenance and care is crucial:

  • Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight or damp conditions.
  • Do not leave inserted internally for more than 24 hours due to risk of TSS toxic shock syndrome.
  • Clean thoroughly with a mild unscented soap and water after each use. Disinfect with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Replace device after 5 years from manufacturing date, or after activation resulting in injury. The materials degrade over time.
  • Only buy directly from the manufacturer website to ensure authentic, unmodified devices. Avoid cheap knockoffs.
  • Practice inserting and removing several times to become comfortable doing so. Have spares available.
  • Be aware the Rapex can fail to deploy properly if inserted incorrectly or dislodged. Proper placement is key.

Following this care guidance and replacing the Rapex every few years ensures you get the designed protective value for your investment.

Final Words

Given the very real dangers faced by women everywhere, the cost of equipping oneself with a Rapex device is well worth the peace of mind it provides. It is an investment in personal safety and confidence.

With prices ranging from $15 to $35 per device, the Rapex is affordable compared to many other safety products, especially given its unique effectiveness. While complex legal and ethical concerns exist, women have the right to protect their own bodies.

For any woman traveling through high-risk areas, facing threats from perpetrators, or wanting an added layer of defense, the Rapex is a powerful tool for staying safe. No price can be put on the value of peace, security, and confidence that comes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to buy Rapex online or in retail stores?

Purchasing the Rapex directly from the manufacturer’s website is typically cheaper than buying from a retail store. The manufacturer has no middleman markup, so can offer the Rapex for around $15-$20 per device.

Retailers often tack on a premium of $10 or more per unit. However, verify shipping costs from South Africa when buying online, as high delivery fees can erase some savings.

How long does the Rapex last before needing to be replaced?

The manufacturer recommends replacing the Rapex every 5 years from the production date stamped on the product. The materials such as plastic and embedded metals can degrade over time with normal wear and tear.

Using or activating the Rapex barbs will also dull and damage them, requiring earlier replacement. Properly caring for the device by avoiding sunlight, humidity and cleaning after use extends its usable lifespan closer to the 5 year recommendation.

Is the Rapex legal to buy and use in most countries?

The Rapex can be legally purchased online or in stores in most regions globally, as it is classified as a personal safety device. However, several countries including Germany, Australia, and some Middle Eastern nations have banned the sale or use of anti-rape devices over ethical concerns.

Travelers should always verify the local laws before attempting to buy or use the Rapex. In most countries, use of the Rapex would be legally justified as self-defense to prevent sexual assault. But precise laws vary. Consult legal counsel to fully understand risks and rights in your jurisdiction.

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  1. Selena
    Selena says:

    Please let me know when this is available in the U.S. I know many many women whom would appreciate this. Also, has this been marketed in India? or areas of southeast Asia?

    Thank you for creating this. Thank you for trying to help women.

    • qSign
      qSign says:

      I am very sorry to hear that and I really encourage you to talk to a professional about your trauma. If you’re from the US, try, they might be able to help you.

  2. Elisa
    Elisa says:

    I would appreciate this to come to sales all over the world.
    Not because of myself, but because of many girls I know…

  3. Bela
    Bela says:

    I believe my husband sedate me and rape me everynight. I cannot prove It só this would be a good way To know. Please, where can I buy It? I leave in norway.

    • qSign
      qSign says:

      This product has been taken out of the mass production for now. We would suggest you to try installing a hidden camera in your room, especially if this happens in your home and you suspect a loved one.

  4. Dr.C.J.Rochon
    Dr.C.J.Rochon says:

    Is the suspension of Rapex a political problem, or further damage to women who use the device or another concern? On the face of it I have the impression that could be a great deterrent to many would be rapists. I would expect that the cost would not be a barrier to many First World women who would gladly pay $4.00 for the product if they could be assured that each purchase would result in the free availability to women living in poverty.
    As a critical ethnographer I have witnessed far too many who are the victims of rape and am more than ready to do whatever I can to prevent its continuation. However, I would need evidence of the value of Rapex from a reputable source that would show me what other immediate or long term impact(s) the use of the device has been shown to be. If the costs over time result in the slaying, mutalation, expulsion from family or community then these must be fully shared with the women, in their own context, before the product is given to them.
    Hopefully, the net gain is real and significant but I see a real potential for danger to the woman in some settings throughout much of the world unless their is solid police and political support for the product.
    Any insights, research data, double blind references would be very welcome.
    Dr. C. J. Rochon.

    • Vanilla Dazzle
      Vanilla Dazzle says:

      I agree. The women in Germany and Sweden would buy this and in another year or so, probably parts of the US that are getting bad with “migrants”

  5. Pelime
    Pelime says:

    I would like to buy a bulk amount to distribute to women who are part of a survivors therapy group. If it is availble online please leave a response for the website.

  6. Jessica Hintze
    Jessica Hintze says:

    My best friend is volunteering in Africa in January. Can I buy the Rapex online as a Christmas present? Please share link!

    Thank you!

  7. Tony Vitelli.
    Tony Vitelli. says:

    I would love to purchase some. My sister was raped & killed. My friends daughter was just raped a month ago. Where can I purchase the barbed female condoms ??


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