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RapeX is the first approved product that supports women when it comes to rape. It looks like a condom for women. RapeX was designed in South Africa to increase the protection power over women against rape.

Inspired by the words of a patient who had just gone through a rape drama, Sonnet Ehlers, a doctor in South Africa, created an anti-rape condom, which “bites” the rapist’s penis. It has the size of a tampon and it catches the rapist’s penis like a clamp, causing him a lot of pain, during which time the woman can run.

40 years ago, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers was doing some medical research in her native country, South Africa. She was only 20 years old and worked in the emergency room when, one night, the doors were opened by a woman, more dead than alive. She had been raped, and the words she said to Dr. Ehlers, who treated her, followed her for years: “I wish I had teeth down there.

Four decades later, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers created the anti-rape condom from the desire to fight a critical problem in South Africa. The invention is called RapeX and it’s a female condom that contains, inside, a series of very sharp teeth which “bite” anything that penetrates a woman’s vagina. This condom is fixed into a woman’s vagina and has on edges, inside, hooks like the fishing ones, that cannot be removed from the rapist’s penis, except by a doctor. It was designed so the rapist’s blood won’t reach the victim’s groin, in order to prevent transmission of HIV, HPV, or other sexually transmitted diseases.

It hurts and the rapist cannot urinate nor walk well. If he tries to pull it out, he will hurt himself even worse. I consulted engineers, gynecologists, and psychologists when I created RapeX.“, said Ehlers.

These condoms are available for a price of $2.

The doctor did everything she could to promote and produce in large quantities her invention, getting to the point where she even sold her house and the car to sponsor the necessary popularizing and producing the anti-rape condom. 30,000 of these female condoms are now distributed in South African towns.RapeX Condom Looks Like This

With the help of RapeX, the authorities can find out who the rapist is, because due to the pain caused by RapeX he will have to go to a doctor.

South Africa is a real pole of rape. A 2009 report made by Health Research Council shows that 28% of men have raped a woman, and one in 20 raped someone in the last year. Women’s fear is so big that some of them got to the point where they put in genitals shaving blades and end up hurting themselves trying to stay safe. It is also believed that 16% of South Africa’s population is infected with HIV.

The method seems impracticable to a first trial, but there are some areas in the world where the rape rate is so high that women prefer to wear RapeX all the time.

Should the average working Jane get a RapeX condom?

As you might have already noticed. this is an extreme prevention method and should only be used when traveling in unsafe areas, going on a blind date when you feel threatened or believe that rape is imminent. This is also a great way for previous rape victims to gain confidence until they fix their psychological issues.

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24 replies
  1. Selena
    Selena says:

    Please let me know when this is available in the U.S. I know many many women whom would appreciate this. Also, has this been marketed in India? or areas of southeast Asia?

    Thank you for creating this. Thank you for trying to help women.

    • qSign
      qSign says:

      I am very sorry to hear that and I really encourage you to talk to a professional about your trauma. If you’re from the US, try Rainn.org, they might be able to help you.

  2. Elisa
    Elisa says:

    I would appreciate this to come to sales all over the world.
    Not because of myself, but because of many girls I know…

  3. Bela
    Bela says:

    I believe my husband sedate me and rape me everynight. I cannot prove It só this would be a good way To know. Please, where can I buy It? I leave in norway.

    • qSign
      qSign says:

      This product has been taken out of the mass production for now. We would suggest you to try installing a hidden camera in your room, especially if this happens in your home and you suspect a loved one.

  4. Dr.C.J.Rochon
    Dr.C.J.Rochon says:

    Is the suspension of Rapex a political problem, or further damage to women who use the device or another concern? On the face of it I have the impression that could be a great deterrent to many would be rapists. I would expect that the cost would not be a barrier to many First World women who would gladly pay $4.00 for the product if they could be assured that each purchase would result in the free availability to women living in poverty.
    As a critical ethnographer I have witnessed far too many who are the victims of rape and am more than ready to do whatever I can to prevent its continuation. However, I would need evidence of the value of Rapex from a reputable source that would show me what other immediate or long term impact(s) the use of the device has been shown to be. If the costs over time result in the slaying, mutalation, expulsion from family or community then these must be fully shared with the women, in their own context, before the product is given to them.
    Hopefully, the net gain is real and significant but I see a real potential for danger to the woman in some settings throughout much of the world unless their is solid police and political support for the product.
    Any insights, research data, double blind references would be very welcome.
    Dr. C. J. Rochon.

    • Vanilla Dazzle
      Vanilla Dazzle says:

      I agree. The women in Germany and Sweden would buy this and in another year or so, probably parts of the US that are getting bad with “migrants”

  5. Pelime
    Pelime says:

    I would like to buy a bulk amount to distribute to women who are part of a survivors therapy group. If it is availble online please leave a response for the website.

  6. Jessica Hintze
    Jessica Hintze says:

    My best friend is volunteering in Africa in January. Can I buy the Rapex online as a Christmas present? Please share link!

    Thank you!

  7. Tony Vitelli.
    Tony Vitelli. says:

    I would love to purchase some. My sister was raped & killed. My friends daughter was just raped a month ago. Where can I purchase the barbed female condoms ??


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