How Much Does Secession Golf Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on February 12, 2024
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Secession Golf Club is widely recognized as one of the top private golf clubs in South Carolina and the southeastern United States. Nestled along the coastline in Beaufort, SC, Secession provides members with access to championship-caliber golf courses and first-class amenities.

But joining this exclusive golfing community comes at a cost. Here is a detailed look at the membership fees and associated expenses for those interested in gaining access to Secession Golf Club.

How Much Does Secession Golf Club Membership Cost?

The first major expense when joining Secession Golf Club is the initiation fee. This upfront cost gives incoming members the right to access the club long-term.

For a standard individual membership, the initiation fee is $80,000. Family and corporate memberships require higher initiation payments, ranging from $100,000 to $175,000 depending on the membership category.

The initiation fee is a one-time payment that grants membership privileges. It can be paid in full upon joining or financed over a multi-year period with interest. While costly, it unlocks exclusive access to Secession’s world-class amenities and golfing offerings.

Annual Dues Keep Membership Active

In addition to initiation, members pay yearly dues and fees to remain active within Secession Golf Club. The current annual dues are $14,000 for an individual membership. Family and corporate memberships see higher dues, usually between $17,000 and $25,000 per year.

On top of dues, members are responsible for club maintenance fees and quarterly food and beverage minimums. These additional costs run approximately $5,000 annually for individual members.

So in total, expect to invest around $19,000 per year to retain an individual Secession Golf Club membership. Family and corporate memberships end up closer to $25,000-$35,000 annually with all fees included.

Overview of Membership Options

Secession Golf Club offers different tiers of membership to accommodate individuals, families, and businesses.

The standard individual membership provides full golf and club access for one person. Family memberships extend privileges to a primary member’s spouse and children under 23 years old. Corporate memberships can include multiple employee designees.

Higher-tier memberships include reduced or waived initiation fees but require higher yearly dues. For example, a Legacy Preferred Membership waives initiation after three years of membership but commands dues of around $18,000 annually.

Secession also offers National Memberships for those who live beyond 50 miles of the club’s facilities. These provide discounted access when visiting Beaufort.

Benefits of Joining Secession Golf Club

What exactly do members gain from the substantial initiation investment and ongoing dues? Here are some prime benefits of Secession Golf Club membership:

  • Exclusive access to 54 holes of championship golf, including the 18-hole Secession course, Bermuda Run, and Oak Point golf links. Tee times are reserved for members.
  • Use of the expansive clubhouse with men’s and women’s lounges, dining rooms, and veranda bars. Social events and parties frequently held on-site.
  • State-of-the-art practice facilities like the Callaway Performance Center with indoor and outdoor hitting bays, putting greens, and a short game area.
  • Member-only golf events held throughout the year, from club championships to inter-club tournaments.
  • Reciprocal agreements with other high-end clubs to play private courses across the country.
  • On-site PGA professionals available for golf instruction, club fittings, and game improvement.
  • Junior golf development programs to help grow the next generation of golfers.
  • Dining at the clubhouse’s upscale restaurant, sports bar, and veranda, with member discounts on meals.
  • Social activities ranging from parties to book clubs give a chance to connect with fellow members.
  • Luxury golf experience with high service levels, pristine course conditions, and amenities like a well-stocked pro shop and locker rooms.

Additional Costs to Account For

Secession Golf Club From AboveBeyond the fixed dues and fees, Secession Golf Club members may incur supplemental charges for certain services and amenities:

  • Guest fees – Bringing non-member guests incurs a $100+ per player fee depending on the day.
  • Golf cart rentals – Required for all players, cart fees apply per round.
  • Caddies – Member discounts offered but average fees of $100+ per bag for 18 holes.
  • Club storage and lockers – Annual rental fees if storing clubs on-site.
  • Special events – Holiday meals, speaker dinners, etc. often require paid tickets.
  • Golf instruction – Private lessons and coaching from on-staff pros is offered for an hourly rate.

Proper golf attire, equipment, and accessories are needed too, adding to the overall membership costs.

Applying for Membership

Gaining membership into Secession Golf Club involves submitting an application sponsored by two current member families. Candidates are reviewed by the membership committee based on character, professional status, and appreciation for the game of golf.

The process takes 2-3 months on average. Applications are accepted year-round, though limited memberships slots are offered annually. Joining also requires a credit check and may necessitate an interview.

How Secession’s Fees Compare to Other Private Clubs

Secession Golf Club sits at the higher end of private club membership costs, but is on par with other prestigious golf communities:

  • Nearby Fripp Island Resort charges a similar $80,000 initiation fee, but lower annual dues around $11,000.
  • The Country Club of Charleston commands a higher $110,000 initiation and $18,000 in annual dues.
  • Top regional clubs like Augusta National Golf Club and Pine Valley Golf Club reputedly have $100,000+ initiation fees and annual dues between $15,000 to $30,000.
  • Nationally, other high-end clubs like Los Angeles Country Club and Seminole Golf Club in Florida also require six-figure initiation payments and five-figure dues.

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Secession provides additional amenities and services compared to many competing clubs, justifying its upper-tier pricing. The exclusivity of membership also factors into the elevated membership costs.

Final Words

Membership at Secession Golf Club represents a major financial commitment, but grants access to a truly world-class private club and golf experience. The initiation fee and ongoing dues place membership out of reach for many.

Yet for avid golfers focused on luxury golfing, networking, and social connections, Secession offers tremendous value.

Weighing the costs against benefits, Secession Golf Club remains one of the most sought-after memberships in the Carolinas and nationwide. Those fortunate enough to join this esteemed club become part of a vibrant golfing community set on a stunning coastal property with top-rated amenities. For the right individual, the investment in Secession Golf Club membership delivers memories and experiences that outweigh any price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a country membership at a golf club?

A country membership at a golf club refers to a category of membership offered to individuals who do not live within close proximity to the club. Country members typically live outside a specified mileage radius from the club, usually 30-50 miles away.

Country members pay lower initiation fees and reduced dues compared to full resident memberships. They have access to the club’s facilities and golf courses when visiting the area, but generally more limited privileges than resident members. Country membership allows someone to join a prestigious club even if they live far away part-time.

What is a 6 day golf membership?

A 6 day golf membership provides player access to a club’s golf course and facilities Monday through Saturday. Sunday play is typically excluded.

6 day memberships appeal to frequent weekday and Saturday golfers who do not prioritize Sunday play. They offer a lower cost alternative to full 7 day memberships. Other limitations sometimes include restricted tee times and reduced guest privileges.

6 day golf memberships allow clubs to offer a tiered membership that lowers costs for those who do not need full weekly access. This can help clubs fill tee times without overcrowding the course on weekends.

What is a 24 golf club?

A 24 golf club refers to a private club that offers its members unlimited golfing access. Members can play unlimited rounds per day without additional fees.

24 golf clubs eliminate greens fees, allowing members to play as often as they like. They offer dedicated golfers maximum opportunity to enjoy the course.

Beyond unlimited golf, 24 clubs still charge initiation fees and yearly dues. Some limit guests and cart use or restrict peak weekend times. But members can play 24/7 based on course availability.

24 golf clubs appeal most to individuals who live onsite and retirees who golf nearly every day. They deliver exceptional value for highly avid players.

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