Secession Golf Club Membership Cost

Secession Golf Club Membership Cost

The Secession Golf Club, situated in Beaufort, South Carolina, is known to be an old-fashioned golf club.

Without any real estate surrounding the course, this invitation-only club is among the very few clubs in the United States with a “walking only” policy.

Just how much does a Secession Golf Club membership cost?

Typically, the Secession Golf Club Membership has a one-time initiation cost of around $20,000 to register, and the regular monthly costs are known to be around $450+. The expenses of registering with the club, just like any country club, will depend upon the kind of subscription you go for. These costs are only an estimate and can change at any time. Make sure to check out the country club’s main membership department for official prices, services, and features included in the price.

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The Golf Digest, on its Best Damn Clubs list, specified that the initiation charge is $20,000, and most of its members hail from north of the Mason-Dixon. There are no carts, no valet parking options, no menus longer than a page, and no tee rewards. The director of the club, at the time of the publishing, specified that the club had 825 active members.

Secession Golf Club membership details

Secession Golf Club From AboveThe club provides an all-walking, links-style golf course, which was developed by Australian and previous PGA TOUR player, Bruce Devlin. There are no carts and no haul courses on the premises, creating a special experience for those that have not played the course ever before. To see the course by the hole, the official club provides a hole-by-hole image slideshow. This is a pure golf course, and unlike other country clubs, you will not find tennis courts, pools, or any associated amenities.

Dining alternatives, such as breakfast and lunch, are served in the clubhouse with the exception of while competitions, tournaments, and other special events are unfolding. Evening meals, while readily available, are only restricted to private dinners for 4 or more individuals who scheduled ahead of time.

What are the additional expenses?

A gated enclave, situated across the Islands Causeway from the club, are cottages readily available to rent for members and their visitors. The property ownership, according to the club, is limited to the club members alone. The home rental prices considerably depend on the configuration, size, and available features.

Tips to keep in mind

Among the very few “nationwide” golf clubs, the country club is known to have more than 750 members, according to Golfweek, however, just 50 are known to be local.

A replica Civil War cannon can be found in front of the clubhouse and is fired often enough.

Its name originates from the Articles of Secession that were prepared in neighboring Beaufort in 1861, leading to South Carolina’s withdrawal from the Union.

Once a year, the club does open its doors to local authorities, police, fire, and emergency service professionals. This is a great club to register with if you are an avid golf player and it is considered an honor to be a member among the few hundreds that already are.

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