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Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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Special shut-off valves are traditionally used to control liquids in pipelines. These are valves (taps) closed or opened manually, according to the established procedure. Today, instead of ordinary valves, modern closing devices that work on the principle of electromagnetic induction are being installed more and more often.

A sprinkler or a solenoid valve is a classic electromechanical device, whose main function is to control the flow of a liquid medium. With this device, partial or total automation of the process is possible.

How Much Does a Sprinkler Valve Cost?

The cost of changing a sprinkler valve is affected by various factors such as the type of valve whether digging is involved and the place where it is located. Expect to pay anywhere between $110 and $290 for replacing a 1-to-1-and-a-half-inch electric valve. In some situations, a location fee may be applied by the sprinkler repair professional. Depending on the complexity of your sprinkler setup, this may be anywhere between $60 and $85.

For example, the professional sprinkler repair company The Sprinkler Guys, located in Colorado, charges around $150 for an electric valve that needs to be replaced without any digging and around $140 per valve if the manifold has to be rebuilt. The costs may increase to $220 if digging is involved.

Also, the sprinkler repair service Justa Good Sprinkler Man charges around $260 for replacing a 1-1/2-inch electric valve or $65 for finding an electric valve, plus a minimum of $110 for replacing a 1-inch electric valve.

In the table below you will find the average costs of different types of sprinkler valve repairs.

Type of Repair Average Quote
Replacing just the solenoid on the valve $65 to $90
Replacing a 1-1/2-inch electric valve $250 to $400
Replacing a 1-inch electric valve $150 to $200
Locating an electric valve $65 to $100

We recommend that you search online for multiple licensed contractors in your area and ask for a quote. Most are more than happy to offer a price offer for free.

Sprinkler valve – short presentation

Before installing and connecting a sprinkler valve, it is important to note that this mechanism is not very “tolerant” to water hammer blows that often occur in pipelines with dense liquids. If it is not properly protected, it will not last very long. The function of this protection is ensured either by a pressure reduction valve, which allows the pressure to be reduced at the time of impact or by rubber tubes mounted directly in front of the device to keep it protected.

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In addition, the following important aspects must be taken into account:

  • Before installing the sprinkler valve, preparatory work must be carried out, which includes cleaning the pipes and marking them;
  • The valve must be located so that it is easily accessible at all times (In case of replacement or repair);
  • Installation must be carried out with the solenoid completely disconnected from the main supply.

Even though it is new, a sprinkler valve might break down during a normal operation. Its diaphragm may damage too quickly due to the presence of small objects such as small rocks, twigs, insects, and sand. In order to solve this problem, you should open the valve and clear the hindrance. In order to clean it, you should let the water flow through the inlet pipe for one to two minutes.


What are the additional expenses?

Sprinkler Valve TypeAfter-hours repairs or urgent calls may come with an extra fee. Though most valve repair services will ask you to shut off the main water valve and set an appointment.

An extra fee may be applied if the professional needs to travel outside their radius.

Important things to consider

The body of these products is made of traditional brass, plastic, or stainless steel. The correct choice of material largely determines whether the valve can be used under critical conditions. For domestic water heating systems, any of the above types is suitable.

Valves are divided into piston valves, diaphragm valves, and reel valves. The cheapest and sufficiently reliable option is the spool valve, which performs its function well.

How can I save money?

You may get a discount if you are in one of these categories: senior citizen, military member, or student.

In some cases, you may save up to 50% if you choose to rebuild a valve instead of replacing it.

Most sprinkler valve repair professionals are able to offer a quote over the phone. Also, they can offer you an idea about how much you should budget if you know for sure that the problem is a valve.

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