How Much Does a Trip to Paris Cost?

Last Updated on May 19, 2024
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A trip to Paris can be a magical experience, but also a costly one if not properly budgeted. With apt planning, you can make Paris an affordable destination. This comprehensive guide examines the many factors influencing the price of a Paris vacation.

Paris draws over 30 million visitors every year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. As the capital of France, it offers world-famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, haute cuisine, high fashion, and an unmistakable romantic ambiance.

However, Paris has a reputation for being an expensive city. By researching costs and budgeting wisely, you can stretch your travel dollars and avoid sticker shock. Read on to learn insider tips for enjoying Paris on any budget.

How Much Does a Trip to Paris Cost?

A trip to Paris costs somewhere between $70 and $500 per day depending mostly on your way of traveling and the level of comfort and luxury you’re aiming for.

Here are estimated daily costs per person for different types of travelers:

Backpacker – $70/day

Shoestring travelers stay in hostels, rely heavily on free activities and public transit, and limit meals out and splurges.

Mid-range – $150-$200+/day

Mid-range visitors split nicer hotel rooms, mix free and paid activities, use some taxis, and dine out regularly including Michelin-starred restaurants.

Luxury – $500+/day

Luxury travelers stay at high-end hotels, eat at the best restaurants, take private tours and transportation, and indulge in shopping and experiences.

Our Escape Clause provides a breakdown of trip costs to Paris based on different budget levels:

  • Budget Trip: $50-$80/day
  • Mid-range Trip: $120-$150/day
  • Luxury Trip: $350/day and up

World Wide Honeymoon offers insights into the cost of a trip to Paris for various travel styles:

  • Budget: $1,000-$1,500 per person for a 5-day trip
  • Mid-range: $2,326 per person for a 5-day trip
  • Luxury: $5,000+ per person for a 5-day trip

Never Ending Footsteps provides a detailed breakdown of daily expenses in Paris:

  • Accommodation: $245 per day
  • Transportation: $17 per day
  • Food: $45 per day
  • Activities: $62 per day

Transportation Expenses

Airfare and getting around the city make up a significant portion of any Paris trip cost. Here’s what to expect:

Airfare – Flight prices to Paris generally range from $500-$1,200+ roundtrip from major U.S. cities, with summer being the priciest time to fly. Searching for deals and traveling during shoulder seasons can lower costs.

Public Transportation – Paris has an excellent public transportation system. The metro, buses, and RER trains are affordable options. Fares start at around $2 for a single ride ticket. Purchasing a multi-day pass like the Paris Visite can save money if using transit frequently.

Taxis vs Rideshares – While convenient, taxis and services like Uber add up quickly. Expect to pay $50 or more from the airport to central Paris. The metro is vastly cheaper.

Best Transportation Deals – Book flights early, use public transit, and walk as much as possible. Consider budget airlines, trains from nearby countries, and rideshares for airport transfers to save.

Lodging Expenses

Accommodation will likely be your biggest cost in Paris. Here’s what to budget:

  • Hostel dorm bed – $30-$60/night
  • Basic hotel room – $100-$250/night
  • Luxury hotel – $500-$1000+/night

Neighborhood and season impact rates significantly. Try budget-friendly areas like Montmartre and booking during shoulder seasons for deals. Consider rentals like Airbnb to save on multi-night stays.

Dining Costs

Experiencing Parisian cuisine is a must, but dining out adds up. Here are the average per-person costs:

  • Bakeries, cafes – $5-$15 for coffee, sandwiches, pastries
  • Bistros, brasseries – $15-$30 for lunch, $20-$50 for dinner
  • Fine dining – $50-$200+

Save by sticking to set menus at lunch, sharing starters and desserts, and limiting alcohol. Search out pockets with budget eats like the Marais and 10th arrondissement. Grocery shopping can also stretch your budget.

Sightseeing & Attractions

Entry fees for attractions like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and more range from $5-$25+. Buying multi-site passes can offer savings if you plan to visit several places. Expect to pay:

  • Louvre Museum – $17, free under 18
  • Eiffel Tower – $13-$25
  • River Seine Cruise – $15+
  • Paris Museum Pass – $45-$75 for 2-6 days of entry to 50+ sites

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Additional Cost Considerations

Beyond the basics, you may need to budget for:

  • Shopping – from thrift stores to haute couture
  • Nightlife – concerts, clubs, theater, and more
  • Entertainment – museums, shows, amusement parks
  • Tipping – around 10% is standard
  • Travel insurance – for trip cancellation, medical emergencies

And don’t forget souvenir and gift purchases! Having a misc. expenses fund prevents surprises.

Saving Money in Paris

Triumph Arch in ParisYou can experience the magic of Paris on nearly any budget with some savvy planning:

  • Visit in shoulder season – late spring or fall for fewer crowds and lower prices
  • Buy discount passes like the Paris Pass and Paris Museum Pass
  • Book “skip the line” tickets for major sites like the Eiffel Tower
  • Eat lunch out and picnic or cook dinner in
  • Take free walking tours
  • Ride public transit and walk as much as possible
  • Stay in budget accommodation outside the city center
  • Buy groceries and limit expensive dinners out

With some effort, you can craft an affordable Parisian getaway.

Sample 7-Day Paris Itinerary & Costs

Here is an estimated per-person price breakdown for a one-week Paris trip:

  • Flights – $800
  • Accommodation – $700 (7 nights at $100/night hotel)
  • Transportation – $70 (metro pass + some taxis)
  • Food – $500 ($15/meal x 2 meals x 7 days)
  • Sightseeing – $350 (Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Seine cruise, etc)
  • Misc. Expenses – $200
  • Total: $2,620 for 7 days in Paris

This mid-range itinerary clocks in at around $375/day per person. With budget lodging and dining, costs could dip closer to $250/day. The sky’s the limit for luxury!

Is Paris Worth the Price?

In short – yes! While it may require careful budgeting, with some smart planning Paris can be accessible on nearly any budget. Few cities in the world compare for sights, food, romance, and je ne sais quoi charm. The City of Light awaits. Just leave room in your budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paris expensive for food?

Yes, Paris can be expensive for food and dining if you are not careful. There are plenty of ways to eat well on a budget though. Opting for set menus at lunch can net meals under $20 at nice sit-down restaurants.

Bakeries and cafes also offer affordable quick bites like crepes, sandwiches, and pastries for under $10. Grocery shopping and preparing picnics can save as well. But enjoying at least a few nice dinners out is essential for experiencing true Parisian cuisine.

With planning, you can mix high-end and budget-friendly dining experiences.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Paris?

The cheapest time to visit Paris is typically during the late fall, winter, and early spring months from November to March. The exception is around Christmas and New Year’s when rates are high.

Airfare, hotel prices, and crowds are generally at their lowest from January through March. The weather is chillier but you’ll find fewer tourists and often discounted hotel rates under $150/night.

Late April and October are also great shoulder season months with mild weather and fewer crowds than summer.

Is 100 euro a day enough in Paris?

It is possible to enjoy Paris on a budget of around 100 euros ($110 USD) per day or less. The key is choosing budget accommodation like a shared hostel dorm for around $30/night and making the most of free attractions and experiences.

Eat inexpensive bakery items or grocery shop for breakfast and lunch. Have fun picnic dinners with French wine and cheese from the market. Stick to cheap metro passes and walking as transportation.

You can enjoy world-class art and culture in Paris museums using discounted passes. It requires effort and compromise but 100 euro a day is doable for budget travelers.

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