What is the Aston Martin DB9 Price?

Last Updated on March 5, 2024
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With a sonorous motor with twelve cylinders, a bespoke interior, and its supremely elegant styling, the Aston Martin DB9 is the ultimate four-seat grand tourer. The timeless lines and well-appointed cabin will set apart the DB9, although you can find other, more powerful, and a lot better-driving exotic coupes available for sale.

First launched in 2004, the DB9 is also available in drop-top Volante form.

The Price of Aston Martin DB9

You can get a 2022 Aston Martin DB9 for a base price of around $319,800. If you want the full option model of the vehicle, you will spend somewhere around $488,000.

Price of older models of the Aston Martin DB9

Year Price From Price To
2021 $318,200 $479,300
2020 $312,500 $460,200
2019 $309,100 $449,300
2018 $307,900 $396,200
2017 $306,800 $387,860
2016 $233,900 $295,790
2015 $214,100 $270,710
2014 $199,800 $252,560
2013 $127,600 $235,730
2012 $111,700 $157,960
2011 $101,400 $143,330
2010 $94,600 $136,730
2009 $85,400 $127,380
2008 $75,900 $123,420
2007 $72,600 $110,220
2006 $69,300 $106,370
2005 $66,000 $103,840

Recent Changes

The 2022 newer model of the DB9 was greatly improved, with updates that include a more powerful engine, a slightly revised interior, and freshened styling.


There are a few new details that make the latest DB9 look a lot better than its predecessor, although the basic exterior remains within its classic proportions with its well-known graceful look. The streamlined single-intake design from the lower front fascia and the headlights that are more angular and swept-back than in previous models, are just some of the changes you will notice.

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This DB9 model keeps the same profile as all other modern Aston Martins, but it features a more aerodynamic look. One of the components that will improve aerodynamics is the integrated spoiler from the rear. This model also received some design details from the company’s One 77 flagship, one of them being the five-vane front grille. 2013-aston-martin-db9-2_1035

If you look under the hood, you will notice the latest version of Aston Martin DB9’s well-known 5.9-liter V12 engine. This DB9 will serve up 510 horsepower and 457 lb-ft torque, being essentially a detuned version of the Vanquish supercar. The zero-to-sixty mph start is roughly a second behind the speed of other competitor models and is being achieved in the mid-four-second range.

Many of the DB9’s rivals use dual-clutch boxes, which are way worse than the six-speed automatic transmission with smooth shifts that are featured by Aston Martin. If you want a sporting manual transmission option with three pedals, you will have to settle for the V8 or V12 Vantage model, as Aston Martin just recently eliminated this option.

The DB9 is constructed from aluminum and utilizes the same Aston Martin flexible architecture. The suspension has an active damping system with Sport and Comfort modes, an option that was recently optimized for improved handling. Overall the handling is more responsive, in a pleasant way. There is also the convertible model.

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The interior of the DB9 is sumptuous, with alloy trim, soft leather, and some other high-end materials that cover almost all surfaces. The entertainment system controls and the climate were redesigned for easier use, although the well-known and very tasteful dashboard look hasn’t changed all that much from older models.

Passenger Safety

Along with the traction and stability control systems and the electronic distribution of the brakeforce, all of the DB9 models made by Aston Martin will have integrated standard dual front, dual side, and full-length side curtain-type airbags.

Known Competitors

The DB9 faces competition from powerful yet luxury-oriented grand tourers like the Maserati GranTurismo S, Bentley Continental GT, and Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG. Each of the models has its own features that derive from the country of their origin, so people that can afford the luxury tend to get all four vehicles.

Aston Martin DB9 FAQs

Where is the Aston Martin car made?

The headquarters as well as the main production side for the Aston Martin brand are in Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, where the former RAF V Bomber airbase site is situated.

What is the most expensive Aston Martin?

The ultra-rare and ultra-exotic Valkyrie is the most expensive Aston Martin currently available for sale, with a price starting at $3,000,000.

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