Yale Club Wedding Cost

Yale Club Wedding Cost

The Yale Club of New York City is the largest private college club in world history. Located just blocks from Wall Street, this historic institution provides its members with a prestigious place to stay and be social while they are on business ventures or vacationing here in Manhattan. To become a member of this club, you must either be part of alumni, or a faculty member of Yale University.

How much does a Yale Club of New York City wedding cost?

The club has a site fee that ranges from $500-$800 and the catering costs anywhere between $170-$240+ depending on how many people will attend your event. The rental fee is an additional expense to consider and will be about $10,000 but it’s worth every penny for what they offer, at least according to members who had the wedding at this location in the past. These prices, as with any other location, are subjected to change.

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According to the website nymag.com, it seems that there is a huge range of prices for this venue depending on what time you book them and how many people are at your party. One forum member on WeddingBee said she was quoted $180-$195 per person but another had been given an estimate at around $170-200 per person.

The minimum rental fee for a wedding is $10,000 according to Project Wedding. The event rental isn’t included in this amount and the company states it costs about $1,000 per day of use.

Yale Club of New York City wedding details

Yale Club Wedding VenueThe club offers nine event room options, including the Branford Suite, Council Room, Grand Ballroom, Library, Main Lounge, Roof Dining Room, Saybrook, Trumbull, and the Tap Room. Download this brochure to see what each event room can offer for your occasion. Seated dinners can set up to 300 guests. You can check out this brochure for the newest prices published by the official Yale Club Website.

A variety of food choices will be available to guests at the wedding. The cake, chairs, tables, glassware, chinaware flatware, and linens will usually be included in the rental fee. You’ll have access to an on-site bride suite too with ample space for changing clothes before the ceremony begins.

Any extra costs to consider?

Having a wedding is expensive. Flowers, music, photographers, and additional vendors needed for your big day need to be budgeted for. The taxes and fees are not part of the package either – the admin fee was said to be $2,300. You will also have to pay New York’s imposed sales tax.

Couples often choose to have their reception at the Yale Club, but not the wedding ceremony. If you’re planning on hosting your wedding elsewhere be prepared to budget accordingly.

Important tips to remember

In order to get married at the Yale Club, you will need a sponsor who is an alum of the university to vouch for you. They have a list of vendors published on their official website and they ask that your florist be one of the seven they work with as well. Other than those rules though, you can work with whatever vendor you want.

Ways to save money

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to consider the time of year and day. Doing so can make all the difference in what your budget will end up being. This is especially true for weddings at exclusive clubs because event spaces are often priced by the hour or small increments of hours. Being aware ahead of time about this variable cost will help save money on the final expense. Talking with an event planner ahead of time could help you stay within budget and still get the venue on your preferred date.

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