How Much Does a Flight With BAJit Cost?

BAJit Private Jet Cost

You can use a private jet whenever you want, without having to own it. BAJit offers a wide range of aircraft and services to suit your needs.

How much does a BAJit flight cost?

The average cost of a BAJit flight is anywhere between $6,500 and $13,000. This price range includes heavy jets, mid jets, super jets, and light jets. However, you can easily spend much more than these estimates if you spend more time flying. Also, the cost is much higher for luxurious jets.

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The cost of a BAJit flight is influenced by two main factors: the number of hours you are going to spend on the flight and the type of jet you choose.

BAJit offers five different types of private jets such as:

  1. Heavy jets which carry 10 to 16 people;
  2. Turboprops that carry 6 to 8 people;
  3. Mid jets which carry 6 to 8 people;
  4. Super mid jets that carry 8 o 9 people;
  5. Light jets which carry 6 to 8 people.

The larger a jet is, the more people it can carry. Also, the costs will be higher for a large jet compared to a smaller jet. Moreover, we already mentioned above that the cost will be highly influenced by the amount of time you spend on a jet.

So, if you spend two or three hours in the jet, the flight will be double or triple in price. In the table below you will find the costs per hour for different types of private jets offered by BAJit.

Jet types Flight time (Average) Hourly Rate
Heavy jets 9 to 10 hours $11,000 to $15,000
Super mid jets 7 to 8 hours $8,000 to $10,000
Mid jets 5 to 6 hours $6,500 to $8,000
Little jets 3 to 4 hours $4,300 to $7,000
Turboprops 1 to 2 hours $3,500 to $5,500

Regardless of how many hours you spend on the jet, heavy jets will always be the most expensive because they can carry more passengers.

How much does membership in the BAJit program cost?

You need to become a legal member of the program in order to benefit from the services offered by BAJit. Plan on spending around $15,000 for the one-time initiation fee if you want to become a member of the BAJit program.

However, the membership cost is influenced by the flight hour access. You will need to pay more as a member if the number of hours is higher. In the table below you will find the membership fees for different hourly access possibilities.

Hourly access Membership fee
100 flight hour access $160k
50 flight hour access $95k
25 flight hour access $50k

What is BAJit?

Inside a Private JetBAJit is the acronym for Book a Jet. This is a membership program that allows you to easily rent a private plane at a cost per hour. You will have to become a member of the program in order to get reliable services from BAJit.

Once you become a member of this program you will have the possibility to charter a private jet listed in their services, any time you want. Though, the cost of these jets is influenced by the number of hours you are flying and the type of jet you choose.

BAJit is one of the trusted membership-based companies which allows you to get the best possible deal in chartering a private flight.

Which are the extra costs?

There are some extra costs you may need to be prepared for when you want to fly on a private jet from BAJit. Some of these additional charges include a passenger fee if the weather is not suitable for the flight and the fees applied for the damage done to the jet due to the passenger’s negligence.

Also, there are segment fees, international handling fees, and federal fees, which a passenger has to pay.

The advantages of having a BAJit membership

When you are a member of the BAJit program you don’t need to search for private jets somewhere else or even purchase a private jet of your own. Thanks to this membership you can always get door-to-door service.

There are some other advantages of being a member of this flight program such as:

  • There isn’t a maximum number of flights you can book.
  • You will have to pay for the service as you go.
  • The jets are locked on an annual basis.
  • The costs are charged only depending on time.
  • Every passenger on the flight is offered meals.
  • There are different charges for different jets.

What are Bajit Complimentary Flights?

BAJit complimentary flights are flights offered for free by an airline to a certain customer. These types of flights are pretty common in the aviation world and are usually reserved for customers that for some reason or another, have been inconvenienced by an airline. This can happen due to a canceled flight, a delayed one, or something similar.

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