How Much Does BajIT Cost?

Last Updated on March 13, 2024
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For discerning travelers and aviation aficionados seeking the ultimate in luxury, comfort, privacy and exclusivity when journeying to domestic or international destinations, chartering a private jet promises an unparalleled flight experience unmatched by even the most premium first class commercial travel options.

But what specifically does renting a private plane through premier charter provider BAJit entail in terms of detailed cost breakdowns, aircraft offerings, membership benefits, and insider tips for maximizing value when booking?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything potential clients need to know when evaluating if BAJit’s executive jet rental service caters optimally to their lifestyle needs, destination goals, and budget constraints through a full examination of their fleet details, cost structure, amenities, customer loyalty program perks, and guidance for getting the best deals on private air travel arrangements.

After reviewing the information below, readers will be able to determine if this luxury charter service delivers the right blend of quality, flexibility, savings and indulgence to align with their aspirations.

How Much Does BajIT Cost?

While every flight quote requires consultation with sales specialists to hone in on the specifics of your travel plans and preferences before finalizing pricing, BAJit offers substantial value and flexibility across their range of available private luxury aircraft. As a general rule of thumb for early budgeting purposes:

  • BAJit’s overall private flight hourly rates range from approximately $4,000 to $20,000 per hour based heavily on the size of the aircraft and the level of luxury features and amenities specified during booking.
  • For example, chartering a smaller 6-passenger turboprop plane for a regional East Coast trip may start around $4,000 per hour of booked flight time.
  • Moving up to a high-end midsized jet configured to seat 8 passengers would average close to $10,000 per hour.
  • For longer range national or international routes, booking BAJit’s largest and most prestigious 16-passenger jet could run $17,000 to $20,000 per hour depending on current fuel costs and seasonal peak demand pricing influences.

To illustrate these rental rates in context, a hypothetical one-way flight booking from New York City to Miami spanning around 3 hours of air travel time would start at $15,000 for a midsized jet for the journey.

Considering BAJit offers aircraft able to traverse continents nonstop with unbridled luxury, their intercontinental flight bookings enable escapes to remote paradises across the globe while enjoying premium accommodations.

OneFlight International offers a limited $25,000 BAJit membership, allowing new members to book flights without the normal initiation fee or standard membership structure. The program allows members to fly at low hourly rates using the $25,000 in funds, with light jet pricing starting at under $5,000 per hour.

These estimates demonstrate the significant experiential value differences in price structure between purchasing individual first-class seats on crowded commercial airlines versus privately chartering an entire lavishly outfitted cabin and crew through BAJit for the utmost in privacy, productivity, and comfort.

While renting a private luxury jet comes at a premium over conventional flying options, for many discerning travelers, the benefits merit the added expense when priorities involve maximizing convenience and discretion.

BAJit’s Selection of Private Jet Cabin Classes

The BAJit fleet boasts an extensive menu of premium private jets configured in a range of cabin sizes to accommodate any party size and distance needed:

  • Light Jets – Ideal for shorter regional trips in the eastern U.S., seating between 6-7 passengers comfortably in a compact customized leather cabin allowing access to smaller airports.
  • Midsize Jets – Combining the transcontinental U.S. range with ample space for 7 to 8 flyers, midsize jets offer the sweet spot blending comfort, performance and more accessible hourly rates.
  • Super Midsize Jets – Step up to super midsize jet models like the Citation XLS+ with seating for up to 10 passengers in a luxuriously appointed cabin and the capability fly anywhere in North America nonstop.
  • Large Jets – The biggest cabin class jets in the BAJit fleet boast a premier intercontinental range able to connect New York City and London nonstop for example, with plush customizable seating for between 12 to 16 passengers, full stand-up cabins, and the pinnacle of inflight entertainment amenities.

Naturally, renting BAJit’s newer jet models equipped with modern avionics, WiFi connectivity, surround sound entertainment systems, and plush ergonomic seating merits higher hourly charter rates compared to their smaller older aircraft. But the cabin size selections available ensure clients can closely match the right aircraft to their party’s headcount along with regional or global travel aspirations.

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Benefits of BAJit’s Private Jet Membership

Recognizing many of their clients utilize private aviation services frequently for business travel and family vacations, BAJit also offers an exclusive membership program providing significant benefits for regular flyers:

  • Priority Access – Members get preferred scheduling for reserving their favored jet models and ideal flight times ahead of non-members, an invaluable perk for busy itineraries.
  • Pre-Negotiated Hourly Rates – Locking in guaranteed discounted hourly pricing saves substantially over one-off rental bookings. Other regular fees also see reductions.
  • Waived Repositioning Fees – Members avoid expensive aircraft relocation costs between flights worth thousands per trip.
  • Capped Peak Surcharges – BAJit caps peak travel season surcharges at a fixed percentage averaging 10% savings versus non-members.
  • Credit for Each Charter – Members earn 5% credit towards their account on every booking to deduct from future flights. Credits stack rapidly for frequent travelers.

Along with the above monetary benefits, the BAJit loyalty program also includes elite partnership upgrades with luxury brands and comprehensive concierge services handling ground arrangements and catering details end-to-end for a smooth journey. For individuals, families, and business executives chartering private flights at least several times per year, the perks and savings of membership make sense financially and reward loyalty with privileges.

Other Common Cost Factors

Inside a Private JetWhen budgeting for the total expense of a private luxury flight with BAJit, major components involve more than just the upfront hourly aircraft rental rates. Clients should also allocate additional funds to cover:

  • Catering and Amenities – Lavish dining and attendant service easily add $500 or more per flight hour depending on your culinary desires. Custom multi-course menus and premium vintage wines enhance the experience.
  • Landing, Ground Handling and Airport Fees – These costs depend heavily on the specific destination airport, but average $1,500 to $3,000+ per flight leg on top of the rental, and are waived for BAJit loyalty members. International airports incur higher charges.
  • Professional Crew Expenses – Beyond the pilot and copilot hourly flight rates, their accommodations, and per diems if an overnight stay is required also add $800 to $1,500+ per trip. Gratuities are appreciated.
  • Specialized Insurance Coverage – International charter flights require supplementary liability insurance plans averaging around 5% on top of the base aircraft rental quote. This provides essential protection while traveling.

Tips for Getting the Best Value

Follow these insider tips to maximize convenience and savings when renting your luxury private aircraft with BAJit for your upcoming travels:

  • Book at least 2 weeks in advance whenever possible for optimal availability of your preferred aircraft make and model as well as early booking discounted rates. Last-minute deals sometimes occur to fill empty planes but are less common.
  • Inquire with sales staff constantly about empty leg repositioning flights priced up to 75% off standard costs due to one-way routing needs. With flexible timing, these provide huge savings.
  • Book during slower seasonal periods around holidays for additional promotions and discounts worth 5-15% off trip costs depending on demand lulls. Off-peak travel brings substantial savings.
  • Resist overpaying for excess aircraft capacity and amenities above your party’s needs – right-size the cabin and features to your group, timing and trip goals to optimize value.
  • Compare overall convenience benefits of private chartering vs. flying first class on hectic commercial schedules before focusing solely on price differentials. Experiential value matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 1-hour private jet flight?

For a short hop flight of just 1-2 hours in the air aboard one of BAJit’s smallest light jets, usual charter rates span approximately $4,000 to $8,000 per flight hour.

Midsize jets accommodating up to 8 passengers for quick trips average $10,000 to $12,000 per hour. One important note – BAJit requires a minimum booking of 2 paid flight hours even for routes under that duration.

What is the $3 million dollar private jet?

Right within the $3 million total valuation range, a very common private aircraft model found across charter fleets is the Cessna Citation CJ3 light jet, which seats 6-7 passengers comfortably and features a range of close to 1,500 miles and a 450 mph cruise speed making it ideal for private travel throughout North America.

It presents an excellent intermediate price point midrange jet balancing performance and comfort.

Is it cheaper to get a private jet?

Chartering a private luxury jet exclusively for your own party will almost always exceed the costs of purchasing individual first class seats aboard traditional scheduled airline routes.

However, given the sheer convenience, privacy, customization of flight times and schedules, and indulgent experiential benefits, many BAJit clients find the additional costs over commercial flights worthwhile when priorities include maximizing productivity and discretion.

Private jet chartering should be approached as a luxury experience carrying premium pricing.

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