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Cost to Become a Pilot

cost to become a pilot

Learning to fly is not hard. People that used to have some of the most different jobs from all over the world have already become pilots. Although there are some exceptions, generally speaking, everyone who can drive a car can aviate. The most important thing (which depends on personality) for a man who wants to become a pilot is to have responsibility for other people’s lives, to be a prudent pilot. The most common obstacle in becoming a pilot and realization of this dream is the fact that people tend to believe that they won’t be able to learn how to fly and that the ideal pilot has magical qualities. Surely it is not the case, so if you decide to become a pilot, you have great chances to go home with a license, in less than a year!

People, who have both physical and mental wellness, have some physics and mathematics knowledge and, in addition, dispose of a nice bank account can attend flight school to obtain a patent.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. The minimum age to start courses is 17 years old. To get a private pilot license (PPL) one must have at least 17 years old, for the commercial pilot license (CPL) the limit is 18 years old, and for ATPL (airline transport pilot license – large airplanes) one must be minimum 23 years old. There is no maximum age limit, but one must have a valid medical certificate for the specific course.

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What kind of medical examination is required?

Before being authorized to fly a plane, you will need a medical examination given by an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner).

Vision must be normal if you wear glasses or contact lenses; they must correct your vision, and you must distinguish the colors red and green. You cannot have nasal or throat problems that can get worse during the flight. If you have asthma or allergy it does not, necessarily, mean you cannot fly. To be sure ask your doctor if you can. You must have good balance and hear whispers from a meter away. You cannot have mental or neurological problems like psychosis, alcoholism, epilepsy, or any other disease that causes loss of consciousness or serious medical conditions, for example, heart attack or chronic heart diseases, diabetes, and diseases of this kind.

How much does it cost?

Becoming a pilot

The average cost for the Private Pilot License is somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000, while the average cost to be a qualified Commercial Pilot can reach around $35000. In this case, ground training means hard work, but inexpensive and air training can be fun and easy, but really expensive at the same time.

People are different; we all have different skills and knowledge capabilities, which leads to different training costs.

It is very important to have constant training, so you have to be careful about your budget plan and stick to it. A pilot’s skills are built up in time therefore you must have currency in the flight learning process. If by any chance you have to interrupt your flight training, do it after your first solo flight.

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There are two forms of flight training: dual and solo. The dual training is the one in which a Flight Instructor shows you different maneuvers in the plane and you practice them, under the supervision of your Instructor. The solo form is a constant training, where you can practice all you have been taught.

The dual form of Instruction is the most expensive because you pay around $2,75 per minute the operating cost of the aircraft, meaning fuel, maintenance, insurance, and also the Instructor’s fee. Solo flying is less expensive, it gets around $2 per minute. If you want to reduce the costs you should be well-prepared and also read attentively all your training manuals because it doesn’t cost you a thing.

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