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Last Updated on December 28, 2023
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Betta fish, one of the most beautiful aquarium fish precisely because of the fins with a unique color, is a fish native to Southeast Asia and is one of the most ‘beater’ freshwater fish. Precisely for this reason, it is strictly forbidden to introduce two male specimens of Betta fish in the same aquarium, making it better to introduce even the female only when you want these fish to reproduce.

It is a very colorful fish, with shades from red to green, gold, yellow, blue but also bright combinations. The fins are elongated, creating the impression of a veil; having as many fish in an aquarium as possible will create a show of colors. A female is less colorful and has much shorter fins than a male.

How much does a Betta fish cost?

Some people may be surprised to learn that Betta Fish can cost as much as $12. Most big-box retailers sell them for less than this; Petco often has a wide variety at prices between $4 and $20 per fish. For instance, the more common species like Veiltail and Halfmoon sell for anywhere from $5 up to $12, depending on size, while the Koi Betta is more expensive, with a price of $18.

The rare species, usually found at the exotic pet stores, have prices greater than $1,000. For example, rare Betta fish with exotic colors are sold for $1,200. Also, the cost of a White Dragon Crown Betta is anywhere between $60 and $90, and for the Western Blue Devil expect to pay somewhere between $550 and $740.

The cost of a Betta fish can be as low as $5 or as much as $1,200, according to the BetaFact.com website.

You can find a list of beta fish types with prices in the table below:

Types of Betta Fish Price Average
Butterfly Betta $18 to $30
Blue Betta $3 to $6
Dragon Scale Betta $7 to $11
Dragon King Crown Betta $30 to $40
Elephant Ear Betta $5 to $25
Dumbo Betta $15 to $20
King Crowntail Betta $20 to $45
Giant Betta $20 to $80
Paradise Betta $3 to $15
Koi Betta Fish $2 to $15
Rosetail Betta $30 to $45
Rainbow Betta Fis $40 to $75
Super Delta Betta $3 to $15
Spade Tail Betta $30 to $40
White Betta $3 to $6
Veiltail Betta $2 to $5
White Dragon Crown King Betta $45 to $55

What is going to be included?

The maximum size of a Betta fish is two and a half inches. They come in various colors, the most common being orange, red, royal blue, green, and black.

At most pet stores, you can find the following species: Halfmoon Plakat, Veitail, Doubletail, Elephant Ear Halfmoon, Crowntail, Halfmoon King, and Paradise.

A Betta fish lives between 2 and 4 years.

As this type of fish does not get along with other species is always sold individually, and it is recommended to keep these fishes to themselves.

Types of Betta fish

Veil tail

Is the most common type of tail in this fish. It is asymmetrical at the bottom.

  • Halfmoon – It is one of the most popular betta fishes with a tail that looks like a Halfmoon.
  • Double Tail  – Has the tail visibly divided, from the base, into two segments, and the dorsal fin is larger.
  • Sword Tail – Has the tail very similar to a sword, with a very large base and then narrows towards the top.
  • Delta tail – Has a tail narrow at the base and more prominent towards the tip, with a triangular shape.
  • Super Delta Tail – The tail is similar to the Greek letter Delta but has an opening angle of 120-160 degrees.
  • Crown Tail – The tail looks like a crown with spikes. The base is joined and ends with spikes. The size of the base does not exceed more than 2/3 of the tail.
  • Comb Tail – Is similar to the Crown tail, but the proportions between the united base and the spikes are not very large.
  • Crescent Tail – The tail has the appearance of a semicircle, with an opening of 180 degrees.
  • Semi-Sun Tail – Is a combination of the Crescent Tail and the Crown Tail. It has an opening of 180 degrees and has a serrated edge.
  • Pink Tail – The tail is a variation of the Crescent but with several folds, hence the appearance of rose petals.
  • Feathered Tail – The tail is similar to the Pink Tail but much more vaporous because it has many branched ruffles.
  • Plakat tail – The wings are tiny, and the tail is small and round.
  • Dumbo – The pectoral fins are large, resembling elephant ears.

What are the extra costs?

Bettas need a tank that’s at least one gallon in size to live comfortably. If you buy from pet stores, they might send you home with an aquarium that is much too large for your Betta and can lead to stress which could result in illness or worse – death. Starter kits are available starting at around $15 and going up towards $50. Make sure it has everything needed, including a tank, filter, and hood. Besides an aquarium starter kit, it’s also important to purchase a filter for your tank and some plants. It is necessary that you get a thermometer so the temperature can stay at optimum levels. According to a Quora member, the cost for setting up a tank with everything included, from the aquarium kit to the plants, is around $120.

A good filter is essential for maintaining the cleanliness of the water. It can help you avoid any deadly disease, and it only costs about $12.

Heaters are a necessary component for fish tanks because they keep the water as warm as it is needed. A good heater should have an output of 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit, and if your tank doesn’t have one then you may notice your fish get sick or even die. Heater prices vary depending on size but can be bought at most stores for less than $35.

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Betta fish owners should feed their bettas flake or bloodworm food, which costs around $7 for a container and provides sufficient nutrition for a few months.

If you need to get rid of any chlorine that may be present in the water, it’s best to use a conditioner. This will remove the toxins and other unwanted byproducts found within these chemicals so they don’t cause health problems. A typical bottle costs about $6 (though prices vary depending on where someone purchases it from).

The heating rock is a great way to make sure your fish are happy. Some people even go as far as to say that it’s the most important part of keeping them alive, so don’t skimp on this. A $9 to $24 investment will get you one from Walmart or Target, which should last for years before needing a replacement.

Important things to consider

Aquarium Betta FishA Betta fish can live for up to three years, and they only need a tank or bowl that is no more than half-gallon in size. The water temperature should be between 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit (25 – 28 Celsius).

It’s important to change the beta fish water at least once a week. If you have a filter in your tank, then it should be changed every four weeks because of how often these systems need cleaning and maintenance.

One of the most important things when buying betta fish is by looking for healthy ones. Scales that are smooth, a lack of spots, as well as having a straight spine are important factors to take into consideration.

The Betta fish is considered a low-maintenance pet. This makes them great for beginners and people with little time to spend caring for their pets.

Beta males are very aggressive, so only one male and other fish species can be introduced into the aquarium, but they should not have very large fins because the betta fish will pinch them. Several betta males will fight to the death, so it is to be avoided when put together. Betta fish, if it is a minority, is not aggressive.

How can I save money?

If you want an exotic fish, be sure to research your options before purchasing. For example, the Betta Splendens is pretty rare and has cool colors.

You may be surprised to learn that fish tanks are a common item found for a bargain price on Craigslist and garage sales. Check with friends, family members, or neighbors who have extra stuff they’re not using anymore in order to see if any of them has an old aquarium you can use for your fish.


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