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How Much Does Brightocular Surgery Cost?

Last Updated on March 14, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Brightocular surgery is an elective, specialized cosmetic procedure that aims to permanently transform an individual’s natural eye color through surgical implantation of an artificial, custom-designed colored iris.

As an emerging niche area of ophthalmology spanning the intersection of medicine and aesthetics, the overall costs involved can vary considerably based on numerous factors like the specific surgeon’s expertise and experience, geographic region, surgical facility used, complexity of the case, and the quality of implanted materials.

We’ll take a deeper dive into the many variables that influence the pricing for Brightocular procedures, typical estimated cost ranges patients can anticipate, considerations for selecting a highly qualified surgeon, payment options and insurance coverage specifics, and alternative nonsurgical options to weigh.

We’ll also outline the step-by-step process involved and potential risks to fully understand this permanent eye color modification treatment.

Understanding the nuances around Brightocular surgery allows individuals to make a fully informed decision about undertaking this permanent eye color modification.

How Much Does Brightocular Surgery Cost?

While the exact cost for Brightocular surgery differs for each unique patient and situation, most individuals can expect to invest between $5,000 to $12,000 out-of-pocket for this specialized procedure when performed by a top-tier cosmetic oculofacial surgeon.

While the final exact cost for Brightocular surgery will differ from patient to patient based on the criteria above, the average estimated costs typically fall within these general ranges:

  • For relatively straightforward, routine cases with a qualified and experienced cosmetic eye surgeon, between $5,000 – $9,000 total.
  • For highly complex cases involving the most specialized, seasoned expert oculofacial surgeons, between $8000 – $12,000 total.

These cost ranges represent the surgical procedure cost alone, excluding initial consultations, custom artificial iris expenses, or any required post-operative follow-up vision care. Some clinics may also offer in-house financing plans for qualified patients, which spread payments over 1-3 years.

According to WTSP, BrightOcular implant surgeries can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000, with the procedure involving the insertion of colored silicone implants to change eye color. The surgery is not approved in the U.S., leading individuals to seek this procedure overseas.

CBS News writes that Bright Ocular implant surgery costs between $5,000 and $7,000. This procedure involves placing a silicone implant inside the eye to change eye color permanently. The surgery is not FDA-approved in the U.S., prompting individuals to travel abroad for the operation.

What is Brightocular Surgery?

Brightocular surgery, also known as Artificial Iris Implant surgery or NewColorIris surgery, is a cosmetic ophthalmological procedure that involves surgically implanting a customized, handcrafted artificial iris overtop of the patient’s natural iris in order to permanently modify and enhance their natural eye color.

This proprietary artificial iris is precision-manufactured from an ultra-thin, biocompatible, medical-grade purified silicone material designed to seamlessly integrate within the delicate eye environment. When surgically placed, this silicone iris implant permanently overrides and blocks the natural iris pigmentation and coloring.

Unlike medications or laser vision corrections, this procedure is considered an elective cosmetic enhancement, as its sole purpose is to alter eye appearance and coloration rather than correct any underlying visual acuity impairment or medical condition.

Factors That Influence Brightocular Surgery Cost

Several important variables affect the total pricing for Brightocular surgery:

  • The specific surgeon’s expertise and extensive experience performing specialized ocular implants and working delicately within ocular anatomy. The top surgeons command higher fees.
  • Geographic location where the surgery is performed and related cost of living considerations. Major metro areas are generally the most expensive.
  • The surgical facility used (hospital vs. private plastic surgery center) and the associated operating room costs, staffing, anesthesia fees, and overnight stay charges if required.
  • The specific artificial iris chosen by the patient and the extent of customization involved to match the new desired eye color. More vibrant irises cost more.
  • The complexity of the case, any pre-existing conditions, and anticipated time investment – straightforward cases are quicker than complicated ones.
  • Any pre-operative or post-operative medical visits, vision exams, medications, tests, and care costs beyond the surgery itself.

Naturally, more complex procedures performed by leading cosmetic oculofacial surgeons located in major metropolitan markets will sit at the higher end of the overall pricing spectrum for Brightocular surgery.

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What Does the Brightocular Procedure Involve?

he Brightocular surgery process performed under general anesthesia will typically involve:

  • Complete pre-operative health assessment and medical approval that the patient is a suitable candidate for elective implant eye surgery
  • Administration of IV sedation or general anesthesia to keep the patient fully comfortable throughout the delicate procedure
  • Making a tiny incision of around 5mm on the surface of the eye in order to access the interior iris structures
  • Carefully placing and positioning the custom-designed artificial iris implant over the top of the natural iris tissue using specialized micro surgical tools
  • Closing and intricately bandaging the eye to allow optimal post-operative healing
  • Scheduling a series of post-operative follow-up appointments to closely check healing progress and eye health

For most patients, the recovery process takes approximately 2-4 weeks until the eye has fully stabilized from the invasive surgery. Proper rest and care is crucial during the healing period.

Are There Less Invasive Alternatives?

For those seeking to modify their natural eye color but wary of surgery risks, less invasive options like prescription colored contact lenses can temporarily override and alter eye color very convincingly while still allowing easy reversal, requiring no permanent body modification. However, such contacts must be consistently worn daily and do not produce an authentic permanent color change.

Additionally, newer experimental injectable iris color-altering treatments are also being developed which may offer more affordable and non-surgical options for safe eye color enhancement in the future after rigorous clinical testing. Consult with trusted ophthalmologists to learn about emerging or investigational alternatives.

How to Choose a Qualified Brightocular Surgeon

Given the permanent ramifications of eye color surgery, seeking out an intensively trained, board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes specifically in ocular implants, prosthetics, and cosmetic enhancements is perhaps the most critical decision in undergoing Brightocular surgery safely. Be certain to:

  • Verify their medical credentials, years of specific cosmetic oculofacial surgery expertise, and specialized ophthalmology residency training focused on delicate eye procedures.
  • Thoroughly review a large portfolio of before and after images and consistently positive patient reviews related to their previous Brightocular work.
  • Have an extensive in-person consultation to fully understand every aspect of the procedure, custom artificial iris design options, potential risks and complications, expected recovery, and complete costs with financing options.

Taking great care to select a top caliber eye surgery specialist with proven artistic talents will help minimize both surgical risks and disappointing aesthetic outcomes. Do diligent research before choosing your surgeon.

Payment Options and the Role of Insurance

Bright Ocular ColorSince Brightocular surgery is considered an optional, cosmetic elective procedure, private medical insurance plans will not cover any of the associated costs. Potential payment options patients may utilize include:

  • Upfront cash payment or financing with credit cards if personal funds allow
  • Extended multi-year financing plans specifically offered by some Brightocular providers and oculoplastic surgery centers
  • Opting for full medical travel packages to have surgery performed affordably abroad

When budgeting total costs, be certain to account for all pre-operative and post-operative ancillary costs for vision exams, medications, tests, transportation, and follow-up care in addition to the surgery itself.

Final Words

Brightocular surgery costs roughly $5,000-$12,000+ on average when performed by a qualified cosmetic ophthalmology specialist. This transformative but complex elective procedure requires thorough consideration of risks versus benefits and alternative options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dangers of BrightOcular?

While major complications are uncommon under expert care, possible side effects include eye infection, bleeding, inflamed tissue, dangerously elevated eye pressure, implant rejection or shifting, vision impairment, and additional surgery needs. Discussing risks thoroughly with your surgeon is imperative.

Does BrightOcular permanently change eye color?

Yes, the purpose of Brightocular surgery is to permanently override and alter the natural eye color by surgically embedding a meticulously designed and colored silicone iris implant that will indefinitely block normal iris pigment.

Can the artificial iris used in Brightocular surgery shift or get dislodged?

In very rare instances after surgery, the implant may rotate slightly out of ideal position or detach from iris tissue, especially if post-operative complications like significant inflammation or rejection occur. Additional revision surgery may be required to reposition or replace a disrupted implant.

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