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Butterfield Country Club Membership Cost

Butterfield Country Club Cost

Reverend John Code and a group of his friends were the idea-makers behind one of Chicago’s most beloved clubs. It was in 1920 they opened the Butterfield Country Club Membership, which would be home to more than 700 members for decades after its opening day.

How much does it cost to join the Butterfield Country Club?

The price for joining this club is a hefty one, with initiation fees averaging more than $100k and monthly dues rising to over $750. But it’s well worth the cost if you want access to their unparalleled facilities. Membership costs at this private club are based on the numbers we found online and may not be accurate so talk with them about it first.

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The Chicago Tribune article noted this country club offers a high-end resort experience. Memberships require sponsorship, and new members must gain approval from the Board of Governors who are all current members of this private equity club.

The membership options

Regular membership – Regular members are given the opportunity to use all of our facilities, such as golfing, tennis and swimming. They also receive an invitation to social activities exclusive to them. Once you pay your initiation fees and equity is paid in full then you’ll be considered a club owner with voting rights! You’ll get back some of your equity when deciding it’s time to leave the club because someone new will take over membership in your place.

Social membership – A Social Member will not have ownership, no voting rights, and no access to the golf course or its amenities. However, a Social member does have access to all of the tennis courts, swimming pool, and dining options as well as social activities for their family members.

Butterfield Country Club details

Butterfield Country Club FieldThe club’s golf course was designed by William Langford and opened in 1922. The three 9-hole courses are the Red, Blue, and White Courses. You can find a detailed hole-by-hole description on their official website.

With a full-size indoor virtual golf simulator, driving range, putting green, and practice chipping greens – the club has everything you need to improve your game. The pro shop is stocked with all of your favorite gear and apparel. Plus they host tournaments so that members can enjoy their favorite game while competing.

The club has a main pool with three diving boards and a small toddler pool for the little ones. The facility also includes an all-new fitness center, complete with weights and cardio equipment, to keep you in shape.

The tennis club has four private courts for members to enjoy. Members can also play paddle games inside the special hut when it’s too cold outside, or partake in lessons and programs that teach them how to be even better at their game.

Dining amenities at the Butterfield Club include fine dining in the Butterfield Room and casual dining in either of two other rooms, one called The Grill Room and another called The Pub Patio. Moreover, members are allowed to host special celebrations such as weddings or meetings on behalf of their friends while using club facilities for themselves.

Any extra costs to consider?

This club has a food and beverage minimum, but the fees are unknown at this time. When upgrading from regular to social membership status, one has to pay full initiation and equity dues.

Members and guests are responsible for paying green fees, cart rentals, club storage costs. Private lessons, clinics as well as tournaments may also come with an additional price.

Important tips to consider

An article from ClubHub.com emphasizes the notable members of their club, including former Dallas Cowboys player and Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka who is one of its most prominent members.

Social Members may be able to apply for Regular Membership upon application to the Board of Governors.

This exclusive club also has one of the best caddy programs you can find around the US.

Cell phones must be silenced or on vibrate mode and are not allowed at dinners in the Grill Room, Butterfield Rooms. Those receiving an incoming call during dinner should go to the lobby or beverage areas of your club where they may take their call. Since most cell phone cameras have video capabilities, rules prohibit/restrict the use of a cellphone while swimming as well as inside locker rooms with showers (men’s & women’s).

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