Cambria Quartz Countertop Cost

Recognized beauty is a statement we wish to have in our bodies and in our houses. We are drawn to appealing things and desire our homes to be aesthetically appealing both inside and out. Our kitchen area isn’t an exception.

For countertops, we have quartz, a strong and gorgeous natural rock. These are nonporous, which means that food and liquids will not permeate into the quartz and damage it. Quartz’s shine lasts a very long time. They do not stain, will not require a great deal of cleaning, and are also heat-resistant.

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Quartz is a fantastic countertop product, so just how much does Cambria cost?

Cambria Countertops Average Price

Without setup charges, Cambria countertops prices will vary from $28 to $90 per square foot.

When setup expenses are taken into account, its costs can vary from $54 to $175 per square foot.

This cost depends upon the density of the quartz piece.

Dealerships that provide low prices per square foot of setup such as Marble Granite Slabs can easily be found online.

Cambria is the biggest maker of quartz countertops based in the United States. It has a huge track record in regards to quality countertops and their setup.

Cambria typically sells through physical shops and dealerships, and the usual costs depend upon the shop and the geographical area.


For the cost you pay, you get a good quality and premium crafted quartz for your countertop along with the setup that will come with it.

Setup is the more important factor to consider with regards to Cambria quartz cost as you must talk in-depth about your setup contractor or dealership. This discussion is about the things included in the setup.

This cost can differ quite a lot as there are numerous things associated with setting up quartz countertops. This can include the elimination of the old counter, the leveling of cabinets, the cost of handling the countertop edges, in addition to any existing fees.

Other Expenses to Think about

Shipment of the quartz countertop is among the most important things you ought to think about. These are fragile products and great care is needed whenever they’re being handled.

There are also other additions to the standard quartz countertop such as edge type. This is something you might work out with the maker or the shop as countertops will have edge designs included by default.

Do It Yourself Setup of Cambria Countertops

If you have adequate knowledge in setting up the countertops, The RTA Shop provides suggestions on how quartz countertop setup is done. This can cut back on costs and save you quite a lot of money.

Get ready for the installation by switching off the supply of water if you intend on setting up a sink too.
Prior to cutting the quartz, verify the measurements to minimize any wastage. Likewise, cut away enough area for the kitchen sink.
Check out if the quartz pieces are effectively cut and in shape perfectly with your countertop by carrying out a dry lay. This includes putting the cut pieces over the countertop.
Prior to setting up the slabs, you should be sure to first set up the sink and faucet.
If your cooking area tables can’t support the whole countertop, set up ledgers. Cover the edges of these cabinets prior to using adhesive to protect them.
After the setup, hook the sink back and you can turn the supply of water back on.

Cambria Countertops

Purchasing Tips

Cambria countertops costs can differ quite a lot. Try to find Cambria’s official dealerships as they provide the products at the most affordable rate. Cambria provides a convenient dealership locator tool for this.

Be sure to properly measure the space of the countertop in advance before deciding to purchase. This can help you ensure that the quantity you purchase is almost exactly the quantity you require. Reducing waste and cutting down on costs can be as easy as understanding just how much material you will require.

To approximate the costs of the countertop, there are Cambria quartz expense calculators readily available online.

If you can’t pick the quality and the style of the quartz countertop, you can get a totally free sample to try it out.

Likewise, shop for your countertops throughout holidays as professionals and dealerships are most likely to provide discount rates for the material and the setup.

Factors Influencing the Cambria Countertop Costs

There are a number of elements that impact the rate of countertops. How do these aspects impact how much does Cambria cost?

Let’s take a look at the following:

Cambria Mayfair Quartz CountertopQuartz countertops are provided in 2 density sizes: 2 cm and 3 cm. As the material for these countertops is rather costly, the thicker piece is normally more costly.
Area of the Countertop. The bigger the location, the more quartz is required to cover it. This straight out causes a bigger cost both on the product and on the setup.
As discussed previously, there are lots of procedures to be carried out in setting up the quartz countertop. These consist of old quartz elimination and leveling and are normally charged independently by the professional or dealership.
Contractor and Dealership. There are numerous setup contractors and product dealerships available. They offer their material or services at pretty different rates. Check out a minimum of 3 different contractors or dealerships prior to going for what is best for you.
Among the reasons that contractors and dealerships charge in a different way is because of the location. Differences in location and in regional competitors lead to these cost distinctions. Aside from this, when shipment and transport are needed, places that are farther are charged more.

What Else Do You Have to Know

A few of Cambria’s competitors are Caesarstone and Silestone. Let’s compare how the costs of Caesarstone and Silestone match with Cambria’s.

Caesarstone offers quartz countertops at five-level rate tiers. The price levels are determined by density and style.

Price level 0 is for quartz pieces with a 2 cm density. The other levels (Price levels 1 to 4) are for 3 cm quartz pieces. The following are the rates for these levels per square foot of quartz countertop.

  • Price level 0 has quartz pieces at $45.
  • Price level 1 retails at $53.
  • Price level 2 is sold at $61.
  • Price level 3 has a cost point of $69.
  • Price level 4 costs $77.
Silestone, on the other hand, has a less diverse cost distinction. It offers quartz pieces from $65 to $85 per square foot, depending upon the density and style.

In contrast, Cambria’s quartz countertops’ rates start much lower than Caesarstone and Silestone. It’s more widely diverse costs owe to the different locations in the United States.

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