How Much Do Cavachon Puppies Cost?

Last Updated on March 4, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The Cavachon is a fairly new hybrid dog breed that has become quite popular in recent years. A cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise, Cavachons are small, friendly, lively and loyal companion dogs.

Their cute looks and sweet, affectionate nature make them an appealing choice for many families looking to add a furry friend to their home.

However, Cavachon puppies don’t come cheap. If you’re considering getting one of these adorable pups, it’s important to understand the costs involved so you can properly budget. This guide provides an overview of Cavachon puppy prices and the expenses associated with raising them.

Cavachons make wonderful furry companions for individuals, couples and families. Their affectionate nature and lively personality are unmatched. But providing for their ongoing needs is also a financial commitment.

How Much Do Cavachon Puppies Cost?

Cavachon puppy purchase price ranges from $500 for adoptions to over $6,000 from top breeders.

The upfront cost to buy a Cavachon puppy can vary quite a bit depending on factors like the breeder’s reputation, puppy pedigree, location, supply/demand, special coat colors or markings, and more. In general, you can expect to spend:

  • $1,200 to $4,000 for a pet quality Cavachon from a reputable breeder.
  • $4,000 to $6,000 for a show/breeding quality Cavachon from a top breeder.
  • $500 to $1,000 for a Cavachon from a rescue or shelter adoption.

Some considerations regarding initial Cavachon puppy prices include:

  • Breeder reputation and experience – More established breeders with great reputations and breeding programs tend to charge higher prices. But they also often provide health clearances for parent dogs, guarantees, and support.
  • Supply and demand – Cavachon popularity in some regions results in long waitlists and higher prices. Less availability means breeders can charge more.
  • Lineage – Cavachon puppies from champion bloodlines or rare colors can go for thousands more.
  • Gender – Male Cavachon puppies tend to cost a bit more than females, by a few hundred dollars usually.
  • Adoption – Shelters/rescues offer big savings, but may have less background info on parent dogs.
  • Location – Prices are often higher in urban areas and for breeders on the coasts.
  • Individual puppy qualities – Markings, color patterns, temperament, and early signs of show potential can increase price.

On the NextDayPets.com website, the average cost for all Cavachons for sale is $900, with prices varying based on factors like breeder location, reputation, lineage, and breed popularity. Premium Cavachon puppies can range from $2,800 to $6,900 or more.

According to Designer Dog World, Cavachon puppies can cost between $400 and $2,000, with top-quality puppies from show-quality bloodlines potentially reaching up to $6,500. It is advised to be cautious of puppies priced below $600 as they may come from unethical breeders.

First Year Expenses

Once you’ve purchased your Cavachon pup, there are a number of expenses required in the first year for vaccinations, supplies, preventatives, training and medical needs. Here are some estimated costs:

  • Vaccinations and Preventatives: $300-500 for core puppy shots, deworming, flea/tick prevention
  • Spay or Neuter: $200-500 to have your Cavachon fixed by 6 months old
  • Microchip: $50-100 for ID microchip and registration
  • Training: $100-500+ for group obedience classes and/or private lessons
  • Supplies: $400-600 for crate, leashes, collars, bowls, toys, beds, etc.
  • Grooming: $400-800 for regular brushing, bathing, nail trims, haircuts
  • Food: $300-500 for quality puppy food the first year
  • Medical: $400-800 for vet exams, initial checks and emergencies

So, in total, you’re looking at around $2,000 to $4,000 for the first year with a Cavachon puppy. Proper early socialization and training will start your Cavachon puppy off on the right paw for a happy, well-adjusted life. Make sure you are financially prepared to cover these initial costs.

Ongoing Annual Expenses

Cavachon PuppyThe annual costs of owning a Cavachon don’t end after year one. Here are the normal recurring expenses you can expect with Cavachon care and ownership.

  • Food: $300-600 per year
  • Grooming: $400-1,000 for bathing, brushing, and haircuts every 6-8 weeks
  • Vet visits: $200-400 for annual check-ups, vaccinations
  • Toys/supplies: $100-300 for replenishing worn-out beds, collars, leashes, toys
  • Medical insurance: $300-600 per year for coverage
  • Routine preventatives: $150-300 for flea, tick and heartworm prevention
  • Boarding fees: $200-500 per year for any time away

In total, plan to budget around $1,500 – $3,000 per year for recurring Cavachon costs, assuming there are no major medical expenses. Proper preventative care and insurance can help keep your overall charges lower. Treats, grooming tools, pet sitters or dog walkers will be extra.

Potential Hidden Costs

When determining your total Cavachon budget, keep in mind some hidden or unexpected costs that can come up:

  • Emergency vet visits – Accidents or illnesses requiring urgent care or procedures can run $500 – $5,000+.
  • Damage repairs – Replacing chewed up shoes, sofas, carpets, etc. Damage prevention training helps.
  • Special diet food – If your Cavachon needs prescription food it will cost more.
  • Medications or supplements – For any chronic conditions diagnosed down the road.
  • Pet travel fees – For transporting your dog on planes or accommodating them in pet-friendly hotels.
  • Behavioral training – If your Cavachon develops difficult behaviors requiring professional intervention.
  • End of life care – Providing humane hospice care and burial or cremation services once your companion passes.

Not every Cavachon owner will incur all these expenses. But they illustrate some possibilities to keep in mind. Having an emergency fund of $1,000 – $5,000 can be prudent when including a pet in your family.

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Tips for Saving Money on Your Cavachon

Here are some ways to keep Cavachon costs affordable without compromising good nutrition and care:

  • Adopt don’t shop – Shelters/rescues offer major savings on purchase price. Just ensure health screening is done.
  • Take advantage of preventatives – Flea/tick/heartworm prevention is much cheaper than treating diseases after the fact.
  • Buy in bulk online – Stock up on food and supplies online to get volume discounts. Set up auto-shipments for extra savings.
  • Learn DIY grooming – Invest in clippers and brushes and learn to handle basic grooming at home between salon visits.
  • Get pet insurance – Plans can save thousands if an accident or major illness occurs. Compare options carefully.
  • Use vaccination clinics – Low-cost clinics provide vaccines and preventatives at discounted rates.
  • Set up a doggy daycare swap – Trade-free pet sitting instead of paying for boarding.
  • Take training classes – Well-trained dogs have fewer behavior issues that lead to destruction and expensive fixes.

Final Words

With smart planning and budgeting, a Cavachon can be a wonderful companion without breaking the bank. Be realistic about the costs and you’ll be prepared for responsible pet ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before getting a Cavachon?

Here are some things to know before getting a Cavachon puppy:

  • Cavachons have high energy levels and need daily exercise and playtime. Be ready to commit to regular walks, play sessions, or dog sports.
  • They require frequent grooming and brushing to prevent mats and tangles. Expect to invest time and money into professional grooming every 6-8 weeks.
  • Cavachons thrive on human interaction and can develop separation anxiety. If left alone for long periods they may become destructive.
  • Cavachons are intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement training. Be prepared to attend puppy classes for socialization and obedience.
  • While generally healthy, Cavachons can inherit certain conditions like heart disease, eye issues and ear infections from their parent breeds.
  • Cavachons can live 12-15 years. Make sure you are ready for this long-term commitment to a dog’s care.

Doing thorough research on the breed’s needs, temperament, and health conditions is a must before making the decision to get a Cavachon.

What do I need for a Cavachon puppy?

Here are some must-have supplies to prepare for bringing a Cavachon puppy home:

  • High quality puppy food and treats
  • Stainless steel bowls for food and water
  • Collar, leash, harness, ID tag
  • Dog crate and pads or bedding
  • Potty training aids like pee pads or spray attractants
  • Dog gates, exercise pens or puppy-proofing supplies
  • Variety of interactive chew toys
  • Grooming tools like slicker brush, comb, nail clippers
  • Puppy shampoo, wipes and toothpaste
  • Dog car seat, carrier or restraint
  • Puppy proof locking trash can
  • Nature’s Miracle enzyme cleaner for accidents
  • Veterinarian details and pet insurance information

Having all needed supplies prepared in advance will help your new Cavachon puppy feel comfortable and settled when they arrive at their new home.

Are Cavachons good for first time owners?

Cavachons can make great companions for first time dog owners because of their affectionate, people-pleasing nature. However, there are some important things to consider:

  • Their exercise needs may be more than some first timers bargained for. Cavachons have lively energy levels.
  • Separation anxiety and destructive chewing are potential issues requiring patience and training.
  • Cavachons thrive on companionship and don’t do well when frequently left alone all day.
  • Training is a must for any new dog owner. Cavachons need obedience basics like leash manners, potty training, etc.
  • Health issues like ear infections must be promptly addressed to prevent serious complications.

While they make great family dogs, Cavachons do require time, effort, and financial commitment, especially for someone new to dog ownership. Doing thorough research ahead of time on the breed’s needs is advised.

Consider adult rescue Cavachons as an option for new owners as well since the puppy stage can be very demanding. With preparation and commitment, Cavachons can make wonderful additions even for dedicated first-time dog owners.

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    I just read the article about Cavachons. The article nailed the personality description of these little sweethearts. It states top price range is $2,000. We paid $5500 for our little boy Scooch 4 years ago. We found him in southern Massachusetts just above Connecticut line


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