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The Cost of a Bernedoodle

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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For the last twenty years, Bernedoodle’s have actually been extremely popular due to their teddy-bear curls and multi-colored coats. Also, Bernedoodles normally have a more calm and friendlier character when compared to an energic Goldendoodle.

The very best part of a Bernedoodle puppy is that it has genes that make them nonshedding and also hypoallergenic. This makes the Bernedoodle terrific for families that have a hard time with allergic reactions to animals and do not like shedding hair. For these reasons, the demand for Bernedoodles is at the highest level ever, and so are the costs. We have actually had a look at over 10+ of the most known breeders from the United Bernedoodle Registry (UBR) to determine just how much does a Bernedoodle cost in the end.

What is the average price of a Bernedoodle?

Regardless of being a crossbreed pet between a Bernese Mountain Canine and a Poodle, Bernedoodles are among the highest-priced doodle canines due to their multi-colored coats. The expected cost of a Bernedoodle is more than likely going to variety anywhere from $500 to $5,000, depending on whether you buy or adopt this dog.

If you’re acquiring a Bernedoodle pup, here are some quotes we got from real breeders:

  • Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles (Colorado): $3,900
  • Buckeye Ridge Bernedoodles (Ohio): $4,700
  • Highfalutin Furry Infants (Florida): $4,000

The average price of a Bernedoodle pup from a trustworthy canine breeder is going to be somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000+. If you are looking for a more distinctly colored Bernedoodle such a Merle or a micro Bernedoodle you will have to pay a lot more (a minimum of $4,000, if not considerably more). Typically, the smaller sized Bernedoodles such as the mini type will considerably cost more since they are a little harder to breed.

What will be the cost to adopt a Bernedoodle?

Adopting Bernedoodle dogs is going to be perfect for individuals on a very tight spending plan. The expense of adopting a Bernedoodle will be only $100 to $500 in adoption charges. You can learn more about saving or adopting by going to the local rescue centers or adoption clinics.

You may need to get extra shots, spay/neutering, or medications that might add to the cost, however, this is the most inexpensive way to own this type of dog. Seeing that this breed is very sought for, it will be extremely problematic to find a Bernedoodle to rescue or adopt. If you wish to adopt a Bernedoodle you’ll need to usually check your regional humane society, shelters, clinics, along with Facebook pages, marketplaces, and newspaper ads to see if they have any kind of doodles that you can take home.

Purchasing a Bernedoodle pup

If you’re purchasing a Bernedoodle from a reliable pet breeder, the average price will be $2,500 to $5,000+. Nevertheless, the cost of a Bernedoodle can differ substantially based on some factors.

What will influence the cost of a Bernedoodle?

The Coat Color

There are many mixes of Bernedoodle coat colors and the price is also going to differ based upon the number of distinct colors the dog has. For instance, a tri-colored Bernedoodle, Parti Bernedoodle, Phantom Bernedoodle, or Merle Bernedoodle is going to cost significantly more than a single or two-colored one. Be ready to pay an extra $1,000+ depending upon what colors the puppy’s coat has.

Market demand

Today, the Bernedoodle is the 3rd most popular crossbred doodle just below the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle. Canine breeders can’t simply make more puppies since this might endanger their kennel’s reputation and also the health of their puppies. They will increase the final price of a Bernedoodle pup instead. This is a significant variable that drives the rate of a Bernedoodle up or down in a noticeable way.

You can also read our articles about the cost of breeds like the Maltipoo, Shih Tzu, and the Blue Heeler.

Breeder Professionalism and Credibility

The performance history of a Bernedoodle breeder increases the rate of a pup. If you get a Bernedoodle from a great, well-known breeder, there are a number of health checks they will have done to the pups to keep the quality as high as possible. Each professional breeder will do health tests on their adult dogs to ensure healthy hips, joints, hearts, patellas, and also the eyes of their pets.

If you wish to purchase a Bernedoodle pup, it’s a 10 to 15-year financial investment so you have to be sure that you are purchasing one from a reliable pet breeder. There are great deals of at-home canine breeders, low-cost breeders, and also some puppy farms that have lower-priced Bernedoodles. You should try to avoid these breeders or you could have considerable health expenses later on in the pup’s life.

Breeder Geographical location

Geographical location affects the cost of a Bernedoodle by around $300 or so. Bernedoodles in California or the state of New York will normally cost you considerably more when compared to a breeder in the midwest. This basically represents a correlation with the cost of living in a particular area. You will be able to purchase a lower-priced Bernedoodle from a breeder in the midwest, nevertheless, you’ll also need to pay shipping fees for the puppy to reach you. Besides, it may be challenging for you to see their facilities, check the parents of the puppy, and see the pups when you have to choose a puppy from far away.

Size of a Bernedoodle

The 3 sizes of this breed are the mini Bernedoodle, medium Bernedoodle, and standard Bernedoodle. Within the mini Bernedoodle size group, there are teacup and micro mini sizes. These smaller sized Bernedoodle measurements are going to cost around $1,000+ more than the normal price of a dog from this breed. It’s not uncommon to see a tri-colored, micro mini Bernedoodle cost considerably more than $5,000.

Bernedoodle Coat Type

Bernedoodles can have 3 very different coats: straight, wavy, or curly. Coat type will depend mainly on the generation of the pet. Usually, Bernedoodles with more wavy or curly coats (i.e. F1B) will be priced more than Bernedoodles with straight coats (i.e. F1). This is due to the fact that wavy and curly coats are more nonshedding and hypoallergenic. For that reason, you will generally pay more cash for F1B, F1BB, F2B, or F2BB Bernedoodles seeing that they have a considerable amount of Poodle genes.

Just how much does a mini Bernedoodle cost?

A mini Bernedoodle (less than 35 pounds) usually will cost around $4,000. This is when the mini Bernedoodle isn’t a micro mini Bernedoodle (less than 20 pounds). The micro mini Bernedoodles are technically mini Bernedoodles, however, they will cost even more money. Micro mini Bernedoodles are harder to breed since you continually have to reproduce “runt” pet dogs together to get smaller sized ones.

What should be included in the final cost of a Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodle expenses vary depending upon what the canine breeders will include when you get the pup. Normally, the cost of a Bernedoodle pup will have to include any preliminary vaccinations, deworming, a blanket, along with some puppy food that the dog is already familiar with and enjoys. In addition, when you purchase from a trustworthy canine breeder you will usually get health insurance of 1 or 2 years.

Life-long expenses of a Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle PuppyThe initial money you spend for an adopted Bernedoodle adult or puppy is really small compared to the overall expense you will invest throughout your pet’s life. You going to be spending on health examinations, food, toys, and so on. You need to prepare for costs of at least $1,000+ every year on your Bernedoodle. You can find below a breakdown of a few of the most typical expenses:

Dog Food ($300+ annually)
Food rates will definitely vary based upon the size of your Bernedoodle. Nevertheless, you’re most likely feeding your dog quality food so be ready to pay a minimum of $500 in dog food alone. If you feed your pet more affordable food with included fillers, you can budget should be at around $300.

Grooming ($300 yearly)
Bernedoodles do not shed hair, so you’re going to need to groom them frequently. The expense to have your Bernedoodle groomed is around $100 every four months or so. You’re going to need to do this a minimum of 3 to 4 times a year. Grooming Bernedoodle will include many things like a bath with hair shampoo, haircut, nail cutting, and ear care.

Healthcare ($700 to $2,000+ yearly)
The price of a Bernedoodle is rather considerable when you think about health care expenses. You’ll need to take your pet to get health tests and possible surgical treatments. Among the most costly degenerative illnesses with a Bernedoodle is hip dysplasia. Older dogs will generally require surgical treatment to fix this problem.

Canine Training/Boarding ($700+ yearly)
Training classes, boarding, and dog daycare are extremely pricey. If you’re going on a lot of vacations or journeys you’ll have to board your pet. The expense is typically around $100 every day to board a small pet, so this cost might be significantly higher if you take many journeys a year. You’ll also wish to do standard training for your pet dog every year which can go for about $100 per class.

Pup Accessory Expenses

  1. Pet Dog Crates ($50): Cages are helpful to keep your pet away when you’re doing other things around your house. Also, you likely wish to crate train your dog during the night.
  2. Pet bed ($60): Many of us have actually invested well over this amount of cash due to the fact that a Bernedoodle chews at his bed and scratches the zipper apart. Pet beds aren’t necessarily cheap.
  3. Toys and Treats ($200): You’ll have to get a pet dog collar, pet dog harness, treats, and even a wood dog house.


The total Bernedoodle expense is considerable over the lifetime of your dog. If you purchase a Bernedoodle pup for $2,000 and it lives to be 13 years old, you will be investing at least $20,000 overall. You’ll have to budget and take these expenses into consideration before you decide whether a pet dog is something you can handle, or not.

You can in some cases find a Bernedoodle at a substantially lowered cost if you adopt or rescue. Nevertheless, this is generally pretty challenging because the majority of people will not put their Bernedoodle up for adoption.

Do breeders need a put in a deposit for a Bernedoodle puppy?

Yes. When you wish to purchase a Bernedoodle young puppy, you will generally pay between $300 and $600 as a deposit for the pup. This reserves your place in line so you can get one of the better puppies.

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