Cost of Chinchillas

Chinchilla Cost

Chinchilla is an ideal pet because it’s one of the cleanest and friendliest small animals. Originally from South America, Chinchilla is a rodent that resembles the squirrel, although, genetically it doesn’t resemble any race.

A chinchilla can cost from $80 up to $350.

As typical features they have very beautiful small and black eyes, average long and rounded ears, all combined with sensitive whiskers.
Its forelegs present five short fingers and the back legs have only four fingers, but longer.
It has thick fur and a bushy tail like a squirrel, but its back and legs resemble those of a kangaroo. It has a wide range of colors, from white to the color of coal.
It is a small animal and it doesn’t measure more than 25-30 cm, weighing an average of 400-600 grams at maturity. The chinchilla males are lighter than the females with about 50-100 grams.
It was domesticated in the early of the last century.

It is recommended to purchase a young chinchilla, aged about 2-4 months so that it can get used to its new owner and home. If you want to buy more than one chinchilla is good to know that males do not get along very well, unless they are raised together. You’ll find the same situation for females as well.

Typical costs:

A standard gray chinchilla costs up to $150 in a pet store and a colored one even more, in case they have one for sale.
If you want to buy one from a breeder you should know that in general, they have the same prices, unless there are too many chinchilla breeders in the area. In this case, the price can reach a low of $80 for a standard chinchilla.

Additional costs

• A new cage can cost from $100 up to $250.
• If you want them to have more fun you could pay for toys/accessories, around $100.
• A bag of food and hay costs around $20.
• A container of dust costs $8.
• Depending on the type of litter, you can pay from $5 to $15.
Depending on your location, your monthly on-going costs for toys, litter, dust, food, and hay could be around $35.

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Chinchilla is very curious by nature and loves to have the necessary freedom to explore. It will get close to you by its own when it needs attention. It’s an animal that does not require complicated care.Cute Chinchilla

Because chinchillas love to jump, a metal cage on at least three levels and with a minimum of 40 x 50 x 60 cm in size is more suitable. The cage should have tubes used as plumbing. The pet will also use them for playing and sleeping.

In order for them to feel more comfortable in the room they live, you must maintain a temperature between 18-25° C, because they don’t tolerate excessive heat nor cold.

It is a nocturnal animal, herbivore, clean, quiet, and pleasant.
The main fodders for the mammal’s food are hay, concentrates, and fresh vegetables and fruits, in moderation. Although it is a small animal, its digestive tube measures 300 mm.

Chinchilla lives on average 10-15 years, but there are exceptions when they reach 20 years. Because of their longevity, chinchillas are suggested especially for people who want to have a pet for a longer period of time.

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It always likes to be in the spotlight, but, usually, at first, it will be withdrawn and shy. With patience and training, it will become, in a short time, the most lovely pet you can have.

Should the average working Joe get a pet like this?

If you want to get a pet and for some reason, you don’t like traditional animals like cats or dogs, then a chinchilla will be a great addition to your family. It is clean, loving, and doesn’t require any special attention or complicated care. If you have $80 to spare and you think about raising a pet, then don’t think any more about it, go to a local pet store and get a cute chinchilla.

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