How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost With and Without Insurance?

Last Updated on January 26, 2024
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Seeing a chiropractor can provide relief from chronic back and neck pain. But visits add up quickly, especially if you don’t have insurance coverage. This guide breaks down the typical costs of chiropractic care for those paying out-of-pocket and people using their health insurance.

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost?

The initial chiropractor consultation costs anywhere between $100 and $250, while follow-up visits for treatment are usually charged $60 to $250, depending on the chiropractor you’re going to, the needed treatment, your location, and so on.

Based on data from top chiropractic clinics in major cities, initial visits average around $150. Follow-ups average $80. Prices cover the exam, spinal adjustments, and sometimes extras like massages or X-rays.

Compared to other medical treatments, chiropractic care is generally more affordable for common issues like back and neck injuries. Let’s look at sample cash prices charged by chiropractors in different cities.

Cost of chiropractic care without insurance

Name of Facility City, State Treatment Costs Without Coverage
Prestige Health & Wellness New York, NY
  • Initial visit: $125 (includes consultation and treatments)
  • Follow-up visit with massage: $75
  • Follow-up visit without massage: $5
  • Each visit covers consultation, treatments, and tests.
The LA Chiropractor Los Angeles, CA
  • Initial visit: $250 (includes consultation and X-rays)
  • Follow-up visit: $90 to $135 (varies based on treatment, includes complementary X-ray report)
Chicago Chiropractor Chicago, IL
  • Initial visit: $75 (includes consultation and treatment)
  • Follow-up visit: $60 to $75 (varies based on treatment)
  • Includes 10-minute consultation and 30 to 45 minutes of treatment per visit.
Whole Health Chiropractic Boston, MA
  • Initial visit: $145 (includes consultation, test reports, and first treatment session)
  • Follow-up visit: $85 (includes one treatment session)
  • Initial visit lasts 45 minutes; follow-up session is 15 to 25 minutes.
Harbor Wellness Center Seattle, WA
  • Initial visit: $130 (includes consultation and initial treatment)
  • Follow-up visit: $80 (includes ongoing treatment)
  • Each session includes consultation and treatment tailored to patient needs.
Bay Area Spine Care San Francisco, CA
  • Initial visit: $160 (includes consultation and comprehensive evaluation)
  • Follow-up visit: $95 (includes tailored treatment plan)
  • Visits include a detailed assessment and individualized treatment.

As you can see, prices are fairly consistent across major metropolitan areas. Most chiropractors accept cash payments if you do not have insurance coverage.

Chiropractor New Berlin states that the average cost of a chiropractor visit without insurance is between $60 and $200 per session, depending on factors such as location and services provided. Customized treatment plans can help control the cost of chiropractic care without insurance, typically averaging around $95 per appointment.

San Diego NUCCA notes that on average, chiropractic visits can cost anywhere from around $30 to a few hundred dollars per appointment. Typically, expect to pay around $95 per visit. Without having insurance, you can plan on paying between $100-$250 per visit.

Dr. Osland writes that the average cost of a chiropractic visit without insurance typically ranges from $65 to $200 per chiropractic session, but prices can vary based on factors such as location, practitioner experience, type of treatment, additional services, and visit duration.

According to GoodRx, without insurance, the average cost of seeing a chiropractor can range anywhere from around $60 to $200 in most parts of the country. According to the 2022 Chiropractic Economics Annual Fees and Reimbursements Survey, chiropractic visits can cost $61 to $185 depending on the type of provider.

How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost With Insurance?

Insurance coverage varies widely by your specific plan:

  • Many policies offer some chiropractic coverage. This often includes spinal adjustments and exams.
  • Limitations like yearly visit caps or referral requirements are common.
  • Services like X-rays or massages may not be covered.
  • You may owe copays or coinsurance per visit. Deductibles also apply.

Always check your coverage details. Do not assume services will be fully covered. Contact your insurer with questions.

What Does Medicare Cover for Chiropractors?

Medicare Part B covers only:

  • Manual manipulation of the spine to correct misalignments (called subluxations)
  • If deemed medically necessary to alleviate symptoms like back pain

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Other services like X-rays are not covered. You must pay 20% of Medicare’s approved amount after meeting your deductible.

How Do Chiropractors Bill for Services?

Most chiropractors bill per visit. Prepayment discounts may be offered for packages of future visits. Make sure you understand refund policies before prepaying. Do not feel pressured. Ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

What Conditions Can Chiropractors Treat?

Chiropractors mainly treat musculoskeletal conditions. Some examples include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Spinal disc issues

Chiropractors use non-invasive, drug-free techniques like:

  • Spinal manipulation
  • Massage
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise

Over 35 million Americans see a chiropractor annually. Reasons patients choose chiropractic care include:

Chiropractor WorkingIt is 40% more effective for pain than traditional treatments.

Patients reduce medication costs by 85% using chiropractic therapies.

Chiropractic cuts hospital visits by 60% for seniors.

It provides medication-free pain relief.

Why Doesn’t My Health Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

There are a few key reasons your health insurance plan may not cover or fully cover chiropractic services:

  • Chiropractic care is often considered an “alternative” treatment by insurers. Health plans tend to cover conventional medical services over alternative therapies.
  • Insurance may require a referral from your primary care doctor declaring chiropractic treatment is “medically necessary” for reimbursement.
  • Services like massage therapy, acupuncture, or extensive diagnostic testing may be classified differently than spinal adjustments.
  • Annual visit limitations may cap the number of chiropractor visits allowed per year, requiring you to pay out of pocket after.

Always contact your insurance provider to understand exactly what chiropractic services are covered before starting care.

Additional Costs to Consider With Chiropractic Care

Beyond the per visit fees, chiropractic patients may incur additional costs like:

  • X-rays or MRI scans for diagnostic imaging. Plans vary on whether these are covered.
  • Supportive devices like back braces recommended by the chiropractor.
  • Vitamins, supplements, or home exercise equipment prescribed.
  • Massage therapy, acupuncture, or other modalities may be add-on services.
  • Travel costs to and from the chiropractic office for regular visits.

Alternative Treatments to Visiting a Chiropractor

For those with insurance limitations or unable to afford chiropractic care, some alternative approaches include:

  • Physical therapy – Can provide therapeutic exercises, mobilization, and pain relief modalities.
  • Massage therapy – Helps relax muscles, and increase circulation and mobility.
  • Acupuncture – Fine needles stimulate specific body points to reduce pain.
  • Yoga/Pilates – Stretching and core strengthening exercises.
  • OTC medication – Anti-inflammatories like NSAIDs can temporarily relieve pain.
  • Lifestyle changes – Improving posture, diet, and ergonomics reduces back strain.

What Happens During an Initial Chiropractic Visit?

First visits usually involve:

  • Medical history – You will fill out forms about health conditions, medications, and symptoms.
  • Examination – May include vitals like blood pressure and reflex testing.
  • Diagnostic tests – X-rays or MRI scans. Often included in initial visit fee.
  • Treatment – First session of spinal manipulation or other hands-on therapies.

How Can I Save Money on Chiropractic Care?

If you need regular chiropractic treatment, here are ways to reduce costs:

Ask about package deals. Many chiropractors offer discounts for multiple prepaid visits.
Use online coupons. Sites like Groupon often have chiropractic deals.
Inquire about payment plans. Some chiropractors work with patients on custom payment schedules.

Final Words

Visiting a chiropractor for common back and neck problems is often much cheaper than conventional medical treatments. Ensure you understand the costs for examinations, chiropractic adjustments, and other services before starting care. With insurance limitations, explore discounted packages or payment plans to make chiropractic care more affordable.

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