Conch Piercing Cost

Conch Piercing Cost

The conch, or the outer shell of your ear, can be pierced just as easily as any other spot on your ear.

How much does a conch piercing cost?

A conch piercing will usually have a price of anywhere between $35 and $100 for the piercing job and the jewelry that will be placed inside your ear. This cost usually fluctuates depending on where you live, the professional doing the job, and the jewelry you choose to wear.

Pierced Hearts is one of the many piercing studios in Seattle. This piercing salon charges $50 for a conch piercing with a ring or $70 with a straight barbell according to their official pricing sheet.

Conch piercing details

Conch piercings come in two varieties: inner and outer. The inner conch is pierced at the center of your ear cartilage, just below to “bowl” part of your ear, whereas the outer piercing is done on the flat surface outside your ear. These two spots are the exact opposite of one to the other.

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Piercing your ears is a simple process. First, the piercer will clean off any debris from your skin with an antiseptic spray to avoid infection. Next, they’ll place marks on either side of where you want to get pierced so that it’s in just the right spot for you. Once you confirm the location, simply wait while the needle goes through, and then whatever type of earring you choose will be inserted.

If you want to get the most out of your piercing, a dermal option is also available if you’re looking for something larger than 14 gauge. Even if you don’t choose a jewelry piece right after the piercing is made, a standard low-end piece will be inserted to prevent the hole from closing up on its own. Bleeding after getting pierced should not worry anyone as this is something that is usually expected, and experienced piercers are there every step of the way and can help stop it from becoming an issue.

Any additional expenses to prepare for?

Piercers will almost always include a standard piercing. However, if you’re looking for something more interesting and want to upgrade your new body art, this could be an additional $15-45+. Popular options people often consider upgrading to are captive bead rings or labret studs; both of which range from $9-$25 in price depending on the type chosen. There is also another option that’s fairly popular: circular barbells (also known as screwballs). These can cost anywhere between $10-$20.

As for the aftercare products like the disinfectant you will clean your ear with, these shouldn’t cost more than $20.

Important things to remember

Conch Piercing StudGetting a conch piercing isn’t as painful for everyone, but it’s still something you have to be prepared for. A lot of people find the pain tolerable and barely noticeable after the initial day or two; others feel a strong discomfort all throughout the recovery time.

Infections can happen to any piercing if you don’t follow aftercare instructions. Aftercare includes cleaning the area twice a day and avoiding playing with the piercing for 2 weeks. If an infection happens, though unlikely if you follow proper hygiene, this can cause damage that might not be easily fixed naturally.

The healing of the pierced area can take three to eight months, but with the proper care and following aftercare directions, you may heal sooner.

Any way to spend less money?

Although price is important, don’t make your decision purely based on the price. One of the most important aspects when choosing a tattoo studio is quality. However, there are other factors to consider as well such as cleanliness and reviews online. To make your decision easier you should always be looking at three or more studios before coming out with an educated guess on which one seems best for you.

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