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MinuteKEY Kiosk Cost

Established in 2008, MinuteKEY, an automatic key copying maker, enables you to copy a home, office, or padlock key in less than a minute.

According to the business behind MinuteKEY, the robotics innovation utilized makes minuteKEY simple to utilize, practical and quick.

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Today, you can see the kiosks in popular retailers such as Lowe’s, Menards, and Walmart.

Just how much does MinuteKEY cost?

While the main site does not give out the rates, the price quotes we were able to find were mostly based upon the kind of key you wish to have copied and the style of the key, given that the kiosk provides a range of styles, such NFL and NBA keys, among others. If you want to make a key at a MinuteKey kiosk then you should prepare to spend about $1.50 to $5 per key you need to have copied, however, the more keys you make at the same time, the more you can possibly save. UberGizmo.com, for example, specifies a trio of keys can cost roughly $3.

The business also features a VIP program, which can reduce the expense of key copying. If you become a member, you will be able to get discount rates and benefits based upon the number of keys that you copy in a set amount of time.

What sort of keys can the kiosk copy?

Minute Key KioskAccording to the business’s official Frequently Asked Questions, the device can copy most office and house keys, consisting of Kwikset, KW1, KW10, Schlage, SC1, Weiser, WR3, WR5, Baldwin, Titan, some padlock keys, and clones of those brand names. The kiosk, at the time of this publishing, is not able to copy vehicle keys, however, it can identify them if you’d want to.

If the key has “Do Not Replicate” or “Do Not Copy” inscribed on it, the kiosk will choose not to copy the key. You can check the business’s terms of usage for more details regarding what you can and can not copy at the kiosks.

How does the device work?

If you’re uncertain if the kiosk can copy the key, the business specifies the maker will be able to immediately determine your key and figure out, at the same time, if it can replicate it or not. If the device will be able to replicate it, then you will follow the instructions on the screen to place your order, choose your key style and let the maker do the rest. The company mentions that the device is more accurate than a retailer as it utilizes computer innovation to make an almost-perfect cut.

By pure chance, if the key isn’t cut to excellence, then the business does provide 100% client fulfillment, meaning that they will fully reimburse you within thirty days of the initial purchase.

The kiosks are able to accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express credit cards and will usually decline checks and/or money payments.

Any tips you should remember?

The kiosk, unlike some competitors, will not keep your key profile upon task completion.

To get to a kiosk near you, you can check the business’s main kiosk search function.

To see the key styles readily available at your regional kiosk, you can do so on the official website as well.

MinuteKEY discount coupons are frequently offered, so it does not do any harm to try to find one before you go to a kiosk. For instance, if you register for the VIP club, the business will offer you $1 off discount coupons.

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