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Finding yourself locked out or in need of a spare key is never convenient. Hiring a professional locksmith on short notice to help can also be extremely costly – easily $80, $150, even $200 or more just for a simple key copy or lockout service. That’s where KeyMe aims to provide a better self-service solution with transparent, affordable pricing.

This in-depth guide covers everything you need to know about KeyMe’s pricing structure. We’ll look at standard costs for key copies, locksmith services, mobile app access, and more. We’ll also compare KeyMe’s rates to traditional locksmiths and other key kiosks, along with tips to save money.

Whether you’re looking to cut spare keys or handle lockout emergencies, understanding KeyMe’s cost factors will ensure you get the services you need at the best value.

How Much Does KeyMe Cost?

One of KeyMe’s primary offerings is convenient self-service key duplication through their physical kiosks located in retail stores. Here is an overview of standard key copying costs:

  • $3.99 per copy for simple, common key types like home door keys, deadbolts, storage locks, padlocks, etc. This covers duplicating most typical house keys or apartment keys.
  • $5.99 per copy for more complex key types like high-security keys, mailbox keys, transponder keys, BMW style keys, back blade keys, and others. These specialty keys cost a bit more due to extra cutting precision required.
  • No limit on number of copies – you can duplicate 100 keys at once if needed, with quantity discounts sometimes available.
  • No added fees – the per-key copy cost covers the full service. No hidden charges.

As you can see, the starting rate of $3.99 per key copy is very reasonable, especially for immediate on-demand access. Keys that require more intricacy like luxury car transponders will hit the higher end of the range around $5.99 per copy. mentions that the author printed 3 standard keys using KeyMe, and each key cost about $7.

How does this compare to a locksmith? A local locksmith may charge anywhere from $5 to $20 per key copy, depending on urgency, time of day, travel fees, and minimum service charges. And you have to schedule an appointment for them to come to you, which may take days or weeks. KeyMe’s flat per-key pricing with 24/7 self-service access brings much needed convenience and cost transparency to key duplication compared to locksmiths.

Overview of KeyMe Services

Let’s start with a quick rundown of KeyMe’s offerings:

Physical Key Copy Kiosks – KeyMe operates thousands of self-service key copying kiosks located inside partner retailers like 7-Eleven, Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other convenient locations across the US. These kiosks are available 24/7 and allow you to duplicate house keys, apartment keys, mailbox keys, office keys, and more in about 2 minutes.

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Locksmith Dispatch – Through the KeyMe mobile app, you can request locksmith dispatch to your location for emergencies like lockouts, or to help with lock repairs, installations, and other issues. You pay a small $15 dispatch fee upfront, then pay the locksmith directly for services once onsite.

Automotive Key Replacement – KeyMe can replace your lost car or motorcycle keys for models from major brands. Simply input your VIN in the app to order a replacement, with prices starting at around $89.

Digital Key Storage – Keys can be digitized and stored securely on the KeyMe mobile app, creating shareable backups or replacements if your physical keys are lost.

With this range of options, KeyMe aims to deliver convenience and savings versus using a traditional full-service locksmith. But are the cost savings significant? Let’s break it down.

Automotive Key Replacement Pricing

Need a replacement car key? Many locksmiths and dealerships charge $200 or more just for basic car key copies, with luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche running $400+. KeyMe offers significant savings here as well.

KeyMe’s automotive key replacement costs start at:

  • $89 for domestic/Asian brands like Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and more. Covers basic keys and key fobs.
  • $129 for European brands like VW, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, Fiat, etc. More precision required.
  • $159 for luxury brands like BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, etc. Due to specialized keys.

You simply input your vehicle’s VIN number on the KeyMe app to begin the replacement process. Automotive experts will create a replacement key using manufacturer codes and mail it directly to you within 3-7 business days on average. This is much faster and cheaper than alternatives.

For example, a local Mercedes dealership may charge $350+ just for a new basic key fob. Through KeyMe, the same key would be $129 – less than half the cost. For mass market brands like Ford or Toyota, you can save even more. KeyMe significantly beats the time and expense of alternatives for car key copies.

Locksmith Service Pricing

Beyond just key copies, KeyMe also provides integrated mobile locksmithing:

  • Lockout service – $15 dispatch fee covers sending a locksmith to your location to help get you back into a locked house, locked apartment, locked car, etc. You then pay additional fees directly to the locksmith for actual unlocking services rendered. Much cheaper than calling a locksmith directly.
  • Lock repairs/replacements – You pay the $15 dispatch fee, then normal hourly rates to the locksmith for any labor and repairs needed. KeyMe partners aim to offer reasonable prices.
  • General locksmithing – Any other miscellaneous services like new lock installation or rekeying fall under the standard $15 dispatch fee plus locksmith hourly rates.

This model provides assurance that a mobile locksmith will arrive quickly when you need emergency assistance, without the huge upfront fees some locksmiths charge just to show up. For minor locksmithing needs, you can request quotes upfront so there are no surprises.

Overall, KeyMe focuses on convenience and transparency – you know what you’ll pay upfront, with on-demand access.

Digital Key Copy Storage Pricing

Here are the costs associated with KeyMe’s digital key storage and access capabilities:

  • Basic Access – The KeyMe mobile app itself is free to download and use for basic functions.
  • Key Storage – You can store up to 5 digital key copies for free. To expand storage to unlimited keys, it costs $10/month.
  • Key Sharing – Digitized keys can be shared securely via text or email at no added cost.
  • Backups – Lost phone? You can restore your digital keys on a new device through KeyMe’s cloud backups for free. Don’t lose keys again!

This ability to digitize and store keys provides added convenience and peace of mind. And the monthly cost is reasonable if you need expanded cloud storage space and capabilities.

KeyMe vs Traditional Locksmiths

To fully evaluate KeyMe’s value, it helps to directly compare costs against local locksmith services:

  • A simple house key copy may cost $4 at a KeyMe kiosk but could be $8 – $15 from a locksmith.
  • Getting a spare car key through KeyMe starts at $89. Most locksmiths charge $200+ minimum for basic automotive key copies.
  • Lockout service is $15 + locksmith fees with KeyMe vs $100+ minimum for emergency locksmith visits.
  • Digital key storage has free and $10/month options. Storing keys with a locksmith may not even be possible.

As you can see, KeyMe offers significant savings for common key duplication needs and lockout emergencies compared to full-service locksmiths. But locksmiths have some advantages in expertise and range:

  • KeyMe focuses on basic key copying. Locksmiths can handle complex keying like master key systems.
  • KeyMe handles basic lockouts. Locksmiths can repair locks and handle advanced security.
  • KeyMe has self-service kiosks. Locksmiths will come to your location for convenience.

In summary – for basic keys and emergencies that fit KeyMe’s capabilities, you will likely save money. But for advanced security work, an experienced local locksmith may be the better option despite higher prices.

KeyMe vs Other Key Kiosks

Copy KeyMe KiosKKeyMe isn’t the only automated key copying kiosk option. Competitors like KeyKraze, Keyosk, and others also exist across the US. How does KeyMe stack up on cost?

  • KeyMe’s standard key copy price is $3.99. KeyKraze charges $2.99 and Keyosk $2.50 – $3.50 per copy.
  • KeyMe has wider inventory coverage for less common specialty keys. Others may be limited to basic keys.
  • KeyMe offers integrated mobile app and locksmithing. Most kiosks are stand-alone copy machines.

While KeyMe is pricier per copy on average, the convenience and capabilities justify the slight premium over other retail kiosks for many users.

Tips for Saving Money at KeyMe

KeyMe does offer several options for discounts and savings:

  • The KeyMe Club Membership provides unlimited free standard key copies for $9.99/month. A great value if you duplicate keys regularly.
  • Accessing kiosks at select retailer locations like 7-Eleven and Bed Bath & Beyond provides member-level discounts even without the paid KeyMe Club.
  • Limited time app promotions or coupons for discounts like 20% off purchases or buy one get one free key copies may be available.
  • Storing keys digitally in the KeyMe app for $10/month removes the need to repeatedly copy physical keys over time for a low fixed cost.

Taking advantage of these savings helps lower costs for frequent KeyMe users. Occasional users may be better off without the membership, using the kiosks only as-needed.


In summary, KeyMe provides an innovative self-service solution focused on simplicity, transparency, and affordability compared to old-fashioned locksmith services. With standard copy prices starting at just $3.99 and convenient kiosk locations in retail stores nationwide, plus digital app features for $10/month, KeyMe beats the high minimums, hidden fees, and lack of transparency that has plagued professional locksmiths for decades.

However, KeyMe focuses mainly on basic key duplication – advanced security work like installations, rekeying, and master key systems still require the expertise of a professional locksmith, despite their higher costs. But for spare copies and the occasional emergency lockout, KeyMe’s self-service kiosks and mobile app offer a wallet-friendly way to handle your basic lock and key needs around the clock. Understanding the pricing allows you to take advantage of KeyMe’s convenience and cost-effectiveness for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do KeyMe kiosks work to copy keys?

KeyMe uses proprietary computer vision and mechanical cutting technology to duplicate keys. You simply insert an existing key into the kiosk scanner where cameras capture key shapes and dimensions. It then uses precision cutting devices to carve a new duplicate key with the same pattern of ridges and grooves. The kiosk cuts and dispenses the finished key in about 2 minutes.

Does KeyMe store and save digital copies of your keys?

Yes, through the KeyMe mobile app you can securely upload and store digital backups of your keys for access anywhere. You get free space for 5 keys – upgrade to a paid membership for unlimited online key storage. So you can retrieve lost key copies through the app if needed.

Can KeyMe copy mailbox keys and keys for cluster mailboxes?

Yes, KeyMe kiosks are able to duplicate most common mailbox keys, including keys for townhouse or apartment-style cluster mailboxes. Simply insert your existing mailbox key and KeyMe will copy it. However, any special access needed for more complex multi-unit mailboxes may still require contacting your landlord or post office.


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