Dialysis Machine Cost

Hemodialysis performed at home was developed in the early 1960s and was large and hard to use at first. However, things have changed over time.

Thanks to the new technology advances, dialysis machines designed for home usage, have become easier to use and more reliable. These machines offer a comfortable experience for patients, are easier to disinfect and clean, and are similar to those you can find at a local dialysis center.

Just like a dialysis machine you can find at a local hospital, a home dialysis machine has the role to remove fluids and waste from the kidneys when these are no longer working well enough to keep you in good health condition.

How Much Does a Dialysis Machine Cost?

There are some factors that affect the cost of a dialysis machine, such as the place you buy it from and the model. During our research online, we found that the price of a dialysis machine, designed for home usage, would be around $3,200, while for a brand new high-tech at-home portable unit you will have to pay more than $45,500. These costs are available in case you don’t have a health insurance policy. It is important to mention that, at the time this article is written, FDA approved only two dialysis machines: NxStage Medical’s portable System One and Aksys Ltd.’s PHD System.

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According to CTV News Montreal, the cost of a dialysis machine is around $30,000. Though, a teenager from Montreal, Canada, designed a dialysis machine that costs $560 to build.

A member of the Home Dialysis online forum said that the costs of the portable dialysis machine designed for home usage, the NxStage System One, would be anywhere between $15,500 and $43,000 without the necessary supplies.

Which are the additional costs?

Dialysis MachineIn order to run a dialysis machine effectively, you will need to also buy the necessary supplies such as a home scale, catheters, tubing, bandages, and syringes.

In case you may need help to assist you with the process, you will have to pay anywhere between $40 and $55 per session for a trained individual to help run the machine.

In some situations, in order to accommodate a dialysis machine for home usage, you may have to modify your electrical and/or plumbing setup.

The incoming water line which is connected to the dialysis machine must have a back-flow preventer installed in order to protect the water supply coming into the home. Also, you will need to connect a waste line. According to the American Association of Kidney Patients, the cost of this line would be anywhere between $780 and $1,550.

Also, the majority of at-home dialysis machines will need a dedicated 20 ampere GFI circuit. Expect to pay anywhere between $550 and $1,100 for an electrician to install such a circuit.

Your electricity and water bills will come at a higher cost.

Important things to consider

At this moment FDA has approved two dialysis machines for home use: NxStage Medical’s portable System One and Aksys Ltd.’s PHD System.

Depending on the type of dialysis someone is undergoing, they can be connected to a larger dialysis machine or a portable machine. Even if dialysis will not cure kidney failure, it is a method that will prolong the patient’s life if they go through treatment sessions regularly, as they are recommended.

Hemodialysis treatments usually last between 3 and 5 hours and are performed three times a week. Even so, hemodialysis treatment can be performed in shorter and more frequent sessions. The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the patient’s body, the amount of waste products in the body, and the patient’s state of health.

How can I save money?

In order to save up to 40% off a brand-new dialysis machine, check with a medical wholesaler.

Even though you are receiving treatment at home, check with your health insurance provider because the supplies are covered in general.

No matter the age of the patient, Medicare will always pay for dialysis.

Make sure you talk with your utility company and tell them about your situation. They offer reduced rates to dialysis patients.

Take into consideration purchasing a used dialysis machine. You can find a large variety of such machines on eBay at costs starting at only $450 and going up to more than $6,100, depending on the condition, the model, the hours, and the software.

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