Dog Dewclaw Removal Cost

Dog Dewclaw Removal Cost

If you have a dog, you’re possibly aware of what resembles a “little thumb.”

Described as the dewclaw, this part, comparable to that of a thumb, typically expands on the canine’s leg, full with a nail, inside of the dog’s front paw and occasionally on the back paw, and will never touch the ground when standing.

While entirely optional, some dog breeders, as well as pet owners, choose to get rid of the dewclaws when the dogs are young as they serve no function and also some owners do it as they do not need the danger of it getting swindled in the future.

The pet dog dewclaw removal costs

The costs to entirely remove the dewclaws can vary anywhere from $10 to $35 per young puppy, but this typically won’t include the veterinarian checkup charge, which can be another $50 or even more.

Puppy dewclaws will usually be removed within days after the pups were birthed, typically when they are three to four days old, and the expenses, from what we researched, will really depend on your veterinarian, location, and what may be included at the time in the dewclaw removal process as many veterinarians will also include the vaccinations and a full examination. Considering that most people bring in a bunch of puppies, a lot of vets will offer a discount after the first puppy, usually around 10 to 30 percent off.

If the pup is older than 3 to 5 days, after that the veterinarian will usually advise you to wait until you spay/neuter your pet, and the procedures will be done at the same time.

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We di call a few veterinarians around the United States asking what it would cost to have our puppy’s dew claws removed and here’s what we found:

  • One veterinarian in Seattle, WA charges $35 for the checkup and another $25 per puppy. 25% discount for 2+ puppies.
  • Another vet in Columbus, OH will charge $15 for the first pup and then $8 for each additional pup.
  • Another one in Orlando, FL is charging $9 for the first puppy and $5 after that.
  • A vet in Toledo, OH will charge $15 for a 3 weeks old puppy or $35 if 12 weeks old or younger.
  • The last veterinarian we talked to, in Tulsa, OK has a package of $780 to have all dewclaws removed on a 3-year-old pet.

Now, if we are talking about a puppy/dog older than a couple of weeks, the procedure can still be done, although many veterinarians will discourage it unless an injury happens. The reason it can be much cheaper when the pet is smaller is due to the fact the dewclaw hasn’t ended up being connected to the bone yet, and also as the pet grows old and it connects to the bone, an anesthetic will be required, leading to a more complex procedure. This also means the prices will increase. The expenses, in this situation, will certainly rely on the age of the pet dog, your vet as well as the approach your veterinarian chooses when getting rid of the dewclaws. In this circumstance, the price of a dewclaw elimination, usually done using a laser, consisting of all products and labor, can cost $500 to $850+.

The dewclaw removal procedure.

Dewclaw On DogWith an adult dog, basic anesthesia is needed to avoid the pet from moving during the procedure. However, if the puppy is younger than 5 days old, a local anesthetic will be enough, so a general anesthetic will not be used.

The skin around the dewclaw is decontaminated and also cleaned to stop infection during the operation.

Using medical scissors, the veterinarian will cut through the skin, muscle mass, and bone in order to remove the entire toe.

As soon as removed, the location is sewn with sutures, and medication is put to shield the injury.

Lastly, with older dogs, an Elizabethan collar will be utilized in order to make sure the pet won’t lick its injury.

The entire treatment will take around 45 minutes, and then, some vets might want to check the pet’s progress for a few hours after the anesthetic wears off.

Tips to know

While dewclaws can be removed at any time, veterinarians will usually advise you to have them removed when your dog is less than a few weeks old. As stated, this is due to the fact that the bones are not completely established, and eliminating them will be a lot easier. As the pet dog grows older, anesthesia will be required and the surgery can be more difficult. The veterinarian will need to work around the bones and muscles, increasing the time they need to spend on the procedure.

Dewclaws, most of the time, will be removed when the puppy is between 2 and 5 days old. In this situation, albeit controversial, it is often done for cosmetic factors and is done as it can possibly trigger discomfort in the future if it were to get snagged on something. In many cases, however, it can be left unharmed.

Most dogs will have dewclaws on their front paws, however, a few pets will have them on their back claws a well, which is typically described as double dewclaws. While rare on the back paws, it can be common with certain types such as back labs as well as the Great Pyrenees, for instance.

Dogs with dewclaws will be fine if left harmed and a veterinarian will never advise you to remove them if they remain in good form. Nevertheless, if the dewclaws get caught in things, then this might lead to a possible issue, which can be very painful for your dog. If this is a concern of yours, talk with your veterinarian about the procedure.

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