Dog Broken Nail at the Vet Cost

Broken Nail Cost

The smallest tear on your pet’s nail can be extremely painful for your pup, bringing also the bravest dog to its knees.

Any kind of dog, despite the type, will almost always hold up a foot, limp around, and/or gripe in discomfort when a torn nail exists.

How much does it set you back to have a veterinarian take care of a broken pet dog nail?
If you were to take your pet to the veterinarian due to a broken/infected/split nail, the prices will almost always remain in the $80 to $150 array at your neighborhood veterinarian and this would certainly include the vet checkup, the prescription antibiotics required to stop the infection and also the bandaging procedure. If you were to take your pet dog to an emergency vet during after hrs, the cost could be double or perhaps triple this, depending on the location as well as the veterinarian you choose.

In extreme cases, although uncommon, the toe might need to be removed if a big portion of the nail needs to be removed. If this were the case, the expenses can skyrocket to $300 to $550+ as a result of the anesthetic required for the procedure to remove a section or the toe.

Puppy Broken NailWhile it might seem like a good idea to fix the issue at home, it is highly recommended you bring your pet dog into the vet if there’s too much blood loss, swelling of the toe, indicators of discomfort and/or regularly licking or scratching the location. Refusing to do so can cause an infection, particularly if the area under the nail is exposed.

A well-known vet, for example, claimed in most cases, if the toenail is broken, then the broken part can be removed and the dog will only be put on pain medicine; however, if the toe needs to be gotten rid of, then the prices might run anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on where it’s done.

The treatment

Your vet will initially apply an antibiotic cream or pressure on the nail bed, followed by covering the foot with a bandage to stop any type of contamination in the future as well as minimize the blood loss. Depending on the damage, an antibiotic might be recommended too to avoid an infection. Also after this therapy, the vet will certainly want you to come back in the following week to very closely monitor the damaged nail as well as remove the bandage to guarantee it’s healing according to plan. If all goes according to plan, the swelling as well as the discomfort ought to subside within a couple of days, and the nail will usually grow back within the following few weeks.

But how do the nails break?

A pet dog’s nail can break in many ways, like getting stuck on the carpet, inflammation, jumping off of a bigger plane such as a patio, or in some cases, the nails of older animals could end up being so fragile that they break with ease. Longer nails, for the most part, will certainly break much easier than nails that are constantly cut.

What can I do if my dog’s nail is broken?

Calm your pet – If your pet is all of a sudden yelping in pain and starting to limp while holding their paw up, then there’s a good chance it has a broken nail. The very first action is just to calm your dog while you tend to the nail. This can include having somebody hold the dog down while you tend to the nail or positioning a muzzle on, to avoid any type of injuries.

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Limit the blood loss – Cover the damaged nail with either a cloth or a towel while applying pressure to regulate the bleeding. If the blood loss does not stop after 10 to 15 minutes, then you will have to apply either a styptic pencil or cauterizing powder, which can be found at a local animal supply store, to fix the issue. If you don’t have these items inside the house, you can try covering the nail with flour or try sticking the nail in a bar of soap.

Eliminate the damaged part of the nail – If you see a loosely attached part of the nail, silver in shade, and you feel it can be trimmed easily in your home, then you can do so with a pair of clippers. Nonetheless, if you do not really feel comfortable with the situation, then it’s better to take your dog to the neighborhood vet.

How to stop a pet dog’s nail from bleeding

To prevent broken nails, it’s always best to keep your dog’s nails cut as nails, as said before, are much less likely to get snagged. Whether you trim it in the house or hire a groomer, the objective is to keep these nails as short as possible. If you do feel uncomfortable, you can either ask a vet to show the nail trimming process or again, hire a professional dog groomer to aid with the procedure.

Tips to know

If your pet loses its nail repeatedly, it could be due to underlying conditions, according to Accept Pet Insurance Policy. This could consist of symmetrical lupoid onychodystrophy, which is an inflammatory condition that involves the nail bed or vasculitis, which is a sort of swelling inside the tiny blood vessels, that can lead to a low blood supply.

Call your vet quickly as they should have the ability to give advice over the phone. In some cases, they might ask you to clean it and wrap it to keep an eye on the development for the next 24-hour. If it doesn’t worsen during this period, then they will most likely ask you in for a checkup.

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