Dog Training Cost

dog training costs

Give your dog the chance to become a better one!

A trained dog is a real boon to his owner, but an untrained dog that has it in his own way and listens to anyone is a real problem, being difficult to control. Canine training helps the dog and its owner reach good cooperation and understanding.

If you want to have a good and obedient dog it is important to have some training hours from its first months of life, when its temper is developing. If you want it to have professional training opt for a training school.

1. Make sure you have the necessary budget

Dog training costs are quite high. They differ from one school to another, depending on the area in which it is located, but also on its popularity. Moreover, the prices also differ depending on the type of dog training: training dogs for hunting, training dogs for people with disabilities, or straightening their behavior.

Group training at a community center, a dog motel, or a pet store usually costs between $40 and $125 or even more for 4 to 8 one-hour weekly sessions. Training puppies usually costs less than training an adult dog or one with behavioral problems.

Private sessions with a trainer, which could be at the client’s home or where he gets his work in progress, cost from $30 to $100 for a 1-hour session – which means $240 – $600 for six meetings.

Motel training centers usually cost between $950 and $2,500 or more for 2 to 4 weeks of staying and training, where the dog lives at the trainer’s place and receives daily training hours in particular.

There may be some extra costs for dog treats and clickers, to easily get the dog’s attention, and a short leash, that costs less than $50.

In case a dog has serious behavior problems, like aggression, an evaluation will be required from a veterinary behaviorist, that may charge $135 per hour which means that a standard consulting, which usually lasts 3 hours, may cost $400 or even more.

2. Make sure to choose the right training school

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Before putting your dog into a training school, it is very important to know some important details about it:

Your dog’s health is very important. So make sure that the training school you choose takes it seriously. Normally, the staff should be interested in the animal’s health and if it has all vaccines made, to prevent other dogs from getting ill.

Do your research on the training school and find out if it is accredited. This will be an advantage because only professional training schools, which have trainers with experience, are accredited.

3. Training your dog can save its life

Training hours make the animal obedient so it will follow the owner’s orders. In this way, you can prevent many accidents. For example, if a dog is not kept on a leash, on the street, it can run away from its owner and will not answer when it is called back. Instead, if it is well trained this will not happen.

Also a trained dog that obeys its owner’s commands can always be taken on trips, without problems.

Training is also useful in emergency cases. For example, if the animal must leave urgently a certain place to avoid panic. If the dog is trained you will just have to tell it to come to you. Also, the dog can be trained to accept food only from family members or a single person; thus decreases the risk of it being poisoned.

4. A trained dog, a benefit to everyone

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It is a pleasure to have a trained dog because it will not be a danger for others, including other animals. Not only that the animal will be gentler, but also it will learn more quickly what things are permitted and what aren’t.

A well-behaved dog is also very good if you have guests. If it likes to beg for their attention it will be enough to tell it to sit still.

Also, we must not forget that these animals have hunting instincts and that is why many canines have the habit to track moving objects. Dogs are particularly liable to run after cars, other animals, or children (especially if they run). These situations can be dangerous to children, other animals, or even your dog. To avoid these situations it is important to train your dog from the first months of life, to obey your commands.

Another training advantage is related to children and the fact that a dog can become more tolerant and less aggressive. In addition, the dog can be trained to guard or to attack an aggressor without biting him.

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