Dog Training Cost at Petco

Training is of particular importance because it supports the social integration of the dog in family life, but also in relationships with other animals and other people.

Petco offers a range of dog training classes to help you train your puppy or prepare them for the AKC CGC certification. From beginner’s courses to preparation, Petco has it all.

How much do Petco dog training classes cost?

To get a better idea of how much dog training classes at Petco will cost, we called the local Petco and found that each level has its own price. The table below shows our findings from this research.

Type of Class Price Quoted
Private Lessons $70/hr or $200 for a 4-hour package
Wait and Leave It workshop $120
Crate Training workshop $120
Behavioral Substitution workshop $120
Potty Training workshop $120
Greeting People Politely workshop $120
Stay workshop $120
AKC Canine Good Citizen $120
AKC Canine Good Citizen Test $15
Dog Essentials Package $220
Dog Complete Package $330
Leash Manners workshop $120
Sit and Down workshop $120
Adult Level 2 $120
Adult Level 1 $120
AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Test $15
Puppy Complete Package $330
Puppy Essentials Package $220
Puppy Level 2 $120
Puppy Level 1 $120

Note: If you’re interested in taking a group class, the following prices are estimates only and will vary depending on which type of private lesson or membership plan you choose. Refer to each description for more information about what will be included in your purchase.

Dog TrainingA Reddit.com member says he was quoted $119 for a six-week program and asks if it is worth the money. Top responses say that classes can be valuable, but talk to your trainer beforehand as some will follow Petco’s training book while others may have their own techniques/styles you should know about before joining in on the class.

Petco obedience class options

Puppy Level 1 – In this introductory group, puppies from two to four months old will learn the basics such as sit, come, and walking loosely while on a leash. This six-week class will also cover ways to solve common problems like chewing, potty training, and digging.

Puppy Level 2 – In this six-week class, puppies will learn how to be rewarded using treats and activities. The course is designed for puppies between four and six months old with a goal of phasing out into other phases in the future.

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Puppy Essentials Package – Level 1 and 2 classes plus the AKC S.T.A.R puppy test are combined into this two-class package.

Puppy Complete Package – This package includes everything from the Essentials package, plus another adult dog class that may be helpful.

Adult Dog Level 1 – An older dog can be trained using many of the same techniques as a young puppy. This six-week training class will guide owners on how to communicate and train their canine companions while also covering challenges like digging and barking.

Adult Dog Level 2 – Dogs who have graduated from the level 1 class, which teaches basic skills such as sit, stay, rollover, etc., are allowed into this higher-level course where they get an opportunity to play with other dogs.

Canine Good Citizen Class – This class is designed for dogs who have completed the level 2 course and are ready to further their behavior skills with AKC CGC testing preparation. The AKC CGC certification is one of the highest standards in canine conduct, so it’s a great starting point if you want your dog trained as a therapy animal.

Adult Dog Essentials Package – This starter package will include both level 1 and 2 or good citizen class, as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Adult Dog Complete Package – This premium package includes all three classes mentioned before, as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and a private lesson.

Leash Manners Workshop – All the dogs in your life will love you more if they have a good leash-walking experience. In this one-hour-long workshop, canines will learn to walk on loose leashes from point A to B without any tension or pulling.

Sit and Down Workshop – In a one-hour workshop, your dog will learn popular commands like sit and lay down. Both are done using positive reinforcement, so no harsh words or punishments should be involved, but rather treats.

Stay Workshop – This workshop will focus on keeping your dog safe when not wearing a leash.

Greeting People Politely Workshop – The dog will learn how to make a great first impression with strangers in this workshop.

Potty Training Workshop – This workshop is all about teaching your dog the most efficient route to their potty spot.

Behavioral Substitution Workshop – This class teaches you the techniques to help your dog with their chewing, barking, and/or digging behaviors. This can reduce stress at home because now everyone knows how to handle these issues if they happen.

Crate Training Workshop – This class was created to help your pup cope with being crated when you’re gone, encouraging them to see it as a positive space.

Wait and Leave Workshop – This workshop is an opportunity to help your dog learn the important commands of “wait” and “leave.” These are different than other common words like “no” or “stay.”

Important things to consider

To get your dog enrolled in the classes mentioned above, make sure they are up-to-date on vaccinations. Check with local and state authorities to find out what requirements there may be for vaccination depending on where you live.

We would recommend signing up for classes on the official website because they have a lot of promotions. For example, at this point, you can get $50 if you buy one level 1, 2, or package.

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