How Much Does a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Cost?

Last Updated on February 6, 2024
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The Netherland Dwarf is one of the most popular small rabbit breeds kept as pets. Weighing only about 2-2.5 lbs as adults, these tiny rabbits are known for their sweet, gentle personalities. Their compact size, cute rounded features, and variety of color options make them an adorable pet for many.

When considering adding a Netherland Dwarf bunny to your home, an important factor is determining the potential price range and costs of properly caring for your new pet. Proper financial planning and understanding of expenses will ensure your bunny lives a healthy, enriched life.

How Much Does a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Cost?

The price of a Netherland Dwarf rabbit can range quite a bit depending on factors like pedigree, age, health, color, show quality, and where you obtain your bunny. On average, a pet quality Netherland Dwarf Rabbit from a breeder may cost $25-$75, while show-quality dwarf bunnies often range from $75-$300.

Adoption fees are usually $50-$100. Read on to learn what impacts the cost of this popular dwarf rabbit breed and how to budget for your new pet.

On Revival Bloom, for example, Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are listed for sale at a regular price of $50.00.

According to Hepper the initial cost to purchase a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit can range from $25 to over $100, depending on the quality, age, and color of the rabbit.

Pet Keen notes that the initial setup fees typically start at around $340 and can go up to $650. The monthly costs for rabbit ownership can be as low as $65 or as high as $220. The cost of a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit can range between absolutely nothing and $400+, with the higher end for “show-quality” pets.

On Adorabunny the price of Netherland Dwarf rabbits is listed as $250 – $500, based on parents, individual characteristics, and potential show quality.

Factors That Influence Netherland Dwarf Costs

Several key factors impact how much you can expect to budget for your Netherland Dwarf rabbit.

Pedigree and Lineage

A rabbit’s pedigree and lineage play a major role in determining price for show and breeder rabbits. Rabbits with an extensive pedigree from award-winning bloodlines can cost $200-300+. Pet quality dwarfs with less impressive lineage go for $50-100 typically.

Age and Health

Younger rabbits generally cost more than older rabbits, as baby bunnies require more hands-on care. A healthy, veterinarian-checked rabbit from a responsible breeder will also command a higher price than an untested rabbit.

Color and Show Quality

Rarer colors and markings can increase a rabbit’s price, especially for show bunnies. The closer to the breed standard for body shape, type, and markings, the higher the price for show potential rabbits. Expect to pay $100-300 for show quality.

Source of Purchase

Where you obtain your Netherland Dwarf also impacts the price. On average, breeders charge $50-300 depending on factors mentioned above. Pet store dwarfs range from $25-100. Adopting from a shelter or rescue generally costs $50-100.

Additional Ownership Costs

The purchase price of your Netherland Dwarf is just the beginning. Proper care and housing for your bunny will require some additional investments.

Housing and Setup

You’ll need an appropriately sized cage or enclosure, averaging $80-150 for dwarfs. Expect to pay $30-60 for bedding, hides, toys, food dishes and other essentials. Bunny-proofing any rabbit exercise areas is also advised.

Food and Diet

Quality pellets, hay, fresh veggies, and bunny treats add up! Budget $10-20 per month for feeding. Provide unlimited fresh timothy or other grass hay.

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Health Care and Grooming

Annual vet checkups average $75-150. Spaying/neutering costs $150-300. Nail trims every 6-8 weeks are around $10-15. Rabbits require regular grooming supplies like brushes, shedding combs, and litterbox cleaning tools. Budget $50-100 for initial setup.

Ongoing Supplies

Items like litter, toys, hay, and pellets need regular replenishing. Also factor in replacement costs for items like water bottles, dishes, beds, etc. Expect to budget $30-50 monthly.

Tips for Buying a Netherland Dwarf

Dwarf Rabbit CostWhen ready to bring home your Netherland Dwarf rabbit, keep these tips in mind:

  • Research breeders thoroughly and ask questions to ensure healthy, pedigreed bunnies. Meet any parents if possible.
  • Work with shelters/rescues to find an adult rabbit needing a home. Ask about health and background.
  • Before purchasing, ensure you have housing, supplies, and funds for proper care. Rabbits are a long commitment.
  • Handle the rabbit and watch interactions with humans. Affectionate, socialized personalities make the best pets.
  • Schedule a vet visit and exam within the first few days for health clearance.

Budgeting approximately $200-500 for the first year is recommended to cover the purchase price and initial setup, medical needs, and ongoing care expenses. With proper preparation, your new Netherland Dwarf will be a wonderful companion!


While variable based on many factors, buyers can expect an average price of $50-200 for a pet quality Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Show quality dwarfs range $100-300+. Shelter adoption fees are usually $50-100.

But the purchase price is just the beginning – proper housing, nutrition, medical care and supplies will likely cost $500-1000+ in the first year. With informed financial planning, these sweet petite rabbits make fabulous pets!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Netherland Dwarfs live?

The average lifespan of a healthy Netherland Dwarf rabbit is around 5-8 years. With excellent care and nutrition, some may even reach 10-12 years! As one of the longer-lived rabbit breeds, Netherland Dwarfs can provide many years of companionship when given proper housing, diet, exercise and veterinary care.

Their relatively small size also contributes to an often lengthier lifespan compared to larger rabbit breeds. Providing your Netherland Dwarf with a balanced diet, enriched environment, annual checkups and attentive care will help ensure your petite bunny friend stays happy and healthy well into the senior years!

Can I leave my rabbit alone for 2 days?

Leaving your rabbit alone for 1-2 days can be manageable with proper preparation and planning. Begin by ensuring your rabbit has a safe, well-constructed enclosure or rabbit-proofed room with ample space to stretch and move. Provide a heavy food and water dish that cannot be tipped over. Fill litter boxes with ample litter.

Give access to hay in a hay feeder, and provide cardboard, willow balls or pinecones to chew. Leave out several hard plastic interactive toys containing treats to keep your rabbit engaged while you are away.

Have a trusted friend, neighbor or pet sitter stop in once daily to feed fresh veggies and replenish water. Your rabbit may seem a bit lonelier than usual when you return, but will bounce back quickly with love and attention.

Any longer than 2 days alone does require a sitter visit at least once daily. With proper setup, Netherland Dwarfs and other rabbits can tolerate a day or two alone, but do best with daily human interaction.

Do Netherland Dwarf rabbits make good pets?

Yes, Netherland Dwarf rabbits can make wonderful pets for the right owners! Their tiny size, sweet personalities, minimal grooming needs and lively antics endear them to many. Some key advantages of Netherland Dwarfs include:

  • Small size perfect for urban living
  • Friendly, gentle temperaments ideal for handling
  • Minimal shedding and odor compared to some breeds
  • Entertaining to watch and interact with
  • Longer lifespan than many rabbits
  • Adaptable to living indoors as house rabbits

As with any pet, there are also responsibilities to consider. Netherland Dwarfs need plenty of space to run and play daily, a balanced diet, enrichment activities, training and substantial time for interaction and supervision. The costs of proper housing, care and medical needs should also be budgeted for in advance.

While not great pets for very young children due to their small size, Netherland Dwarf rabbits can be wonderful additions to families and households with older, gentle kids and adults who have time to care for their needs. If you can provide an ideal home environment and commit to their care, Netherland Dwarfs make fabulous house pets!

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