Holland Lop Bunnies Cost

Holland Lop Bunny Cost

Holland Lop bunnies are not your common bunnies. They supposedly have the sweetest character and the very best personalities, according to their owners. Truthfully speaking, they are so lovable and adorable that they even take pleasure in getting belly rubs like a pet dog or a cat.

Just how much do Holland Lop bunnies cost?

The expense of a Holland Lop bunny will depend upon the age, pedigree, quality, coat colors, gender, and who you’re buying it from. From the majority of the ads we could find online, the costs for a bunny that isn’t ready for shows is somewhere in the $35 to $100 range. Leading show-prepared Holland Lops, however, can cost closer to $250 or even more.

On Hoobly, currently, there are around 90 active classified advertisements from professional breeders, with costs varying anywhere from $55 to $160.

What will you get for the adoption fee?

Many trusted breeders will include along with the pet itself, updated vaccinations, medical records, a health warranty, and a new cage. Some might also add a start-up bundle consisting of things such as food samples and toys.

What are the additional expenses to expect?

Holland Lop BunnyIf you never owned a Holland Lop bunny in the past, then you have to take into consideration the start-up expenses such as the cage, bed linen, food/water recipients, grooming materials, cleaning materials, and toys. The cage, at a minimum, ought to be 24 inches by 24 inches in size, with bed linen, such as straw, on the bottom. The cage must be made from a plastic wire and will have to be big enough for the bunny to be able to stretch out and exercise.

The repeated expenses, just like with any family pets, will have to be factored in such as the food, hay, veterinarian consultations, and bed linen. Be prepared for costs of about $30 monthly if your bunny is healthy. When it comes to feeding, a diet plan of pellets and timothy hay ought to be enough, and the online website PetGuide advises a 70 percent great-quality hay and the rest as a mix of veggies, pellets, leafy greens, and fruits. You can also include green veggies to its diet plan; nevertheless, try to avoid doing it too often as this might lead to diarrhea. You should also try not to overfeed your bunny. It might cause major health issues. Ask your veterinarian to aid you in figuring out just how much and how frequently your bunny needs to eat each day.

If by any chance, you will need to have your bunny delivered by plane, then this might cost another $200 to $350, depending upon the distance that needs to be traveled.

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Neutering or spaying is extremely suggested at a very young age. If your breeder does not include this as part of the adoption expense, then you will need to think about doing so at your local veterinarian’s clinic.

Tips to keep in mind

A Holland Lop is very small, stopping in growth at around 4 pounds, however, their bone structure makes them seem much bigger. They are known for their large, long floppy ears, which droop down close to their cheeks.

The life expectancy, when healthy, will be 8 to 12 years.

Holland Lops will be available in a range of colors; nevertheless, the most typical color you will see can be fawn, white, black and white, fawn and white, or tortoise.

Its coat is medium in size, is thick, and will need a brushing two times a week to reduce its shedding.

What should you ask the breeder:

  • What is its illness history?
  • Do you also provide an included cage?
  • What is the history of the parents and grandparents?
  • What is going to be included in the sale package?
  • Do you provide any sort of health assurance?

How can I save some money?

Look around. The internet is a great place to look for different breeders from all around the world. Considering that these kinds of bunnies are fairly common and easy to find, it won’t be difficult to get one from a breeder around you. Finding one closeby will aid you to save money on shipment charges.

Bunnies can usually be found at regional rescue groups or at the Humane Society. Think about taking a look at a location like this to see if you can offer a bunny home and a family.

Take a look at Craigslist listings as you might find an owner who is looking to give their bunny away, together with the materials used to take care of it. This is an excellent way to get a rabbit with all the needed starter products.

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