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The EMDR Therapy was created by Francine Shapiro who used it as an alternative method for treating trauma-related anxiety disorders after traditional talk therapies failed time and again with her patients. This technique uses left/right eye movement prompts designed specifically to help people break up negative thought loops associated with their memory or experience so they can process more clearly what happened without feeling overwhelmed.

Studies behind it show that it can help treat types of trauma that were induced by powerful life events like stress, PTSD, phobias, depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, and so forth.

Eye movement can actually be used as a form of therapy to help those with anxiety. Research has shown that after successful treatment, negative beliefs have been reformulated and reduced in severity for many people, while for many others, symptoms disappear entirely.

How much does EMDR therapy cost?

EMDR therapy, on average, will cost you anywhere between $100 and $300 per session, and each session, usually, shouldn’t last more than a couple of hours. Most of the time sessions will be around one hour long.

To have an idea of what it will cost you to go through this therapy, you will have to factor in the fee of the professional doing the therapy, your location, and the number of sessions you will need.

It takes multiple sessions, and each session is an individual charge. In general, the total costs will range from $800 to $2,500 for desirable results; however, it all depends on you as a person because some people may see improvement in one or two sessions while others might need more than that.

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If one is having trouble resolving a long-standing issue, it can take months or even years for progress to be seen. Some therapists charge by the session while others charge per hour of service, so you may want to consider this before deciding on your preferred therapist.

Dr. Marskren from Texas states that she charges anywhere from $150 to $250 for an hour of therapy, while another doctor, Dr. John Heldig from New York is considerably more expensive, at about $350 per session.

EMDR therapy details

While focusing on an external stimulus such as hand tapping or audio stimulation, you will also be exposed to brief doses of disturbing material during the average session. This protocol is hypothesized by Dr. Faith Cohen and includes three main components: First, past events often set patterns for continued dysfunction because they continue making new assertions with adaptive information; Secondly, understanding your current circumstances helps therapists target what is causing you pain or discomfort; that’s why they bring out any kind of conflict during therapy sessions. Lastly, when imagining new events for your future, you can gather skills that would make fighting and adapting easier.

EMDR therapy can be used for a wide variety of situations, ranging anywhere from three to more than 10 sessions. The trick is that the number of sessions depends on how complex your situation is – childhood trauma or neglect might require many consecutive EMDR treatments before you see results. Of course, this isn’t a one-time cure but it will help with some things and there’s no harm in giving it an honest try.

EMDR therapy can be split into 8 different parts

EMDR TherapyThe first session will consist of the therapist learning about your history, assessing and recording information regarding what you remember. They’ll also go over details on how future phases will work.

The second part of this therapy shows you how to reduce stress by teaching methods and techniques that can be used both in sessions at home.

When a target is first identified, the EMDR process begins. This process usually goes on through phases 3 to 8 of the therapy. It includes identifying strong emotions and thoughts made by negative visual images related to that memory and with the help of your therapist, finding techniques to overcome them. One way they do this is through positive beliefs about yourself which will help reduce distress.

During the seventh phase, your therapist will ask you to keep a journal throughout the week, as this can be helpful in documenting any problems that may arise. This way, it also serves as a reminder of all the activities and skills learned during therapy sessions.

Phase eight is all about taking a look at how far you’ve come. The treatment plan will process your past, current, and future events to try and find any possible triggers that might elicit stress in the form of anxiety or depression so that the therapist can address them before they become serious problems.

Any additional expenses to consider?

If you’re going to cancel on short notice, many therapists charge a cancellation fee.

Important things to consider

EMDR therapy is not a necessary step for everyone. This type of psychotherapy would be best suited to those who have experienced traumatic events in their lives and are feeling the effects on them. If you think that this might apply to you, please talk with a professional, to understand if this therapy is a solution for you.

Finding a certified EMDR practitioner is essential and should be the first step. Certified practitioners are often deeply invested in their work, have extensive training, understand new techniques, and can use them regularly; Experts say that they are also likely to have more real-time experiences because of this advanced therapy technique.

In some people, memories or emotions may resurface following EMDR therapy. This can be distressing and might cause an increase in emotional intensity for periods of time afterward depending on the person’s individual experiences with trauma.

Any way to spend less?

If you’re on the fence about therapy sessions, know that many therapists offer bulk discounts when purchasing multiple appointments at once. This is especially helpful if you purchase more than 10 appointments because it can save up to 20 percent, or even more in some cases.

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