Fog Light Installation Cost

Fog Light Installation Cost

Fog lights are considered part of the vehicle’s auxiliary light system and are needed to give lighting that is targeted at the roadway instead of straight ahead. These lights are housed inside the fog light lamp assemblies and will offer better visibility throughout foggy weather.

These lights normally give off a yellow-tinted light and will not only offer extra light for you to see the roadway, but they will also work as a cautioning device to other drivers because they will be able to see the yellow beams way before they can even see the vehicle itself.

Just how much does fog light installation cost?

Usually, setting up brand-new fog lights at a mechanic or shop will cost anywhere from $125 to as much as $500.

On an online forum thread, members noted that fog light installation might cost around $150 to $295.

Another forum thread featured members that were saying it might cost anywhere from $190 to $350 to have fog lights set up at a Honda dealership.

One website had an article that stated what people were quoted prices varying anywhere from $149 to nearly $560.

Now, if you’re only discussing changing the fog lights, then expenses might be much lower. The majority of the time, the full price will be $90 to $180.

The quotes above will only include the fog light package and expert installation. The labor itself might take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

Elements that impact the cost

The make/model of the vehicle

The electrical system of each vehicle can differ considerably. For instance, you might be charged more for a high-end vehicle when compared to a very common one. Like a lot of automobile parts, the brand name you select will impact the rate, given that every automobile will have its own distinct setup.

Geographical location

Suburban areas tend to charge a lower installation cost given that the expense of living is much lower, however, the same can be said about areas with extremely low competition.


The mechanic you go for can also affect the final cost of the job. If they are among the most known ones or have many positive reviews, then the expenses might be far more than for someone that is only starting. The prices will greatly differ from one professional to another, regardless of who you choose to work with, so we can’t give you a price range. You should expect to spend around 50 percent more if you go to a dealership than if you work with a starting mechanic.

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Tips to keep in mind

Led Fog LightsLook over your service warranty on your vehicle. Using third-party parts can generally void your guarantee.

Ensure that you have the color tint required for your fog lights. Fog lights can be found in numerous colors like yellow, blue, white, and orange, but some state laws might require you to have a certain color for your fog lights.

The majority of the more recent vehicles come with normal fog lights. On a lot of makes and models, the fog lights are automated and switch on right when the vehicle starts to run and might even stay on when your headlights are off. This will also offer additional safety throughout the day considering that the fog lights are dim but offer adequate light to make other drivers aware of you while driving.

Things to ask your mechanic

  • If they have accreditation on their training as a mechanic
  • The time span of the task
  • The final cost of the job with or without the parts included
  • If you were to get the fog lights from them, would the installation be free
  • What is their experience with fog lights installation

How can you save some money?

Think about setting up these lights on your own if you have the tools and do not mind fixing your car by yourself. If you have some experience with changing or installing car lights, it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours. There are a lot of guides online and clips on YouTube that can aid you with the procedure.

Always opt for a flat rate over a per hour charge, if you have the possibility. On a per-hour charge, the mechanic might stagger the job and you might end up paying more.

To make sure you get the best price, talk to at least 5 mechanics in person or on the phone. Getting rates on the phone or even by mail is easier than ever now and you will get answers faster than going from one shop to another.

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