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Last Updated on September 10, 2021
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American football is a completely different sport from European soccer, with rules that, to some extent, are closer to rugby, but there are many elements that differentiate it from what is played in Europe.

Players are provided with protective equipment, totally different from that of rugby, due to the fact that there are frequent violent clashes between them during the game.

The football helmet is the most important piece of equipment worn by a player in any given game or practice, as it protects them from serious head and brain injuries that can occur when they collide with another player.

Football helmets come in various designs and sizes. They usually have leather padding, bars to protect the face from direct impact, as well as visors that help to avoid any risk of glare during playtime.

How much does a football helmet cost?

A football helmet’s price is determined by the type of helmet, brand name, and where you buy it from.

If you are looking for a cheaper football helmet, it is best to start with used ones. They go from about $55 and reach as much as $420 brand new. Varsity helmets will cost more than youth helmets by 30 percent on average though.

New helmets typically range between $120 and $450, but the average price of a varsity level helmet is around 2.5 times more expensive than that for youth helmets.

College football helmets cost $650 to $800 at Baylor University and around $620 at Mississippi State, according to a CBS Sports article.

Business Insider reports that the University of Nebraska pays about $350 on its helmets. Into this price, the decals are also included.

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To give an example, a simple football helmet with only the basic features retails for $55 to $60. On the other hand, The Shutt Youth ION has different types of cushioning than most other ones and it retails at about $270 – $330.

Professional helmets that are not original are often bought for autographs and can range from $60 to $250 depending on the team logo. For example, a New England Patriots helmet costs around $100 while the price for mini helmets starts at $20 and goes up to $55. A popular replica design is about $35 – $170 with prices varying by brand.

Below, you will find our list of the most popular football helmet brands along with their average price.

Type Average Price
Basic Helmet w/ Matte Finish $120 to $240
Basic Helmet w/ Metallic Finish $120 to $360
Basic Helmet w/ Standard Finish $140 to $360
Rawlings Football Helmet $45 to $580+
Revo Speed Helmet $220 to $355
Riddell Revolution Speed $220 (youth) to $330 (adult)
Riddell SpeedFlex $345 (youth) to $525 (adult)
Schutt Air XP Football Helmet $90 to $240
Schutt Helmets $95 to $240

What are the extra costs?

Football Playing ChildA customized paint job for a football helmet can cost an additional $40 to $80 on top of the base price, depending on what colors are selected.

There is an additional charge of $45 to $75 if you want a customized facemask design.

Some additional costs may be associated with the purchase of a helmet. For instance, visors can cost an extra $50 to $85 depending on name brand and chin straps are another potential financial outlay for around $7 up to $30.

The cost of helmet decals and stickers can range from $8 to $35, depending on what they are made out of.

If you want your helmet to keep looking like new, consider reconditioning it. This typically costs $25 – $35 per helmet and can be done about once every three years.

Important things to consider

Football helmets are available in a range of colors and finishes, with most schools having them painted or customized to match their colors. They either come plain white or black if they’re not custom-painted.

There are many different brands of football helmets. Some popular ones include GameBreaker, Riddell, Schutt, and Xenith.

Who cares if your helmet is too loose or uncomfortable? Well, it turns out you do. To make sure that your football helmet not only looks good on the sidelines but also protects you properly during playtime, use this size chart to find what fits best for you.

How can I save money?

Inexpensive used football helmets can be purchased online or from retailers like Play it Again Sports.

You should always look for coupons before making a purchase to save money. If you’re doing it through the official retailer’s website, make sure that they are having an online promotion if there isn’t one already advertised on their store site or social media pages.

If you purchase in bulk, some manufacturers will offer discounts on the full amount up to a specific percentage.

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