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How Much Does a Fursuit Cost?

Last Updated on March 5, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

In the past few years, The Geek Convention has experienced a lot of changes. Nowadays it accepts not only video games or comic books, but many more different things, and moreover, it is more colorful.

The Furry Convention has been a great attraction that brought together a lot of people and caught the media’s attention.

People are gathering here to present and wear their fursuits. They share the same hobby and fantasies. Women and men from all over the United States meet in one place to celebrate the culture of fur.

They are wearing fully customized fursuits for which they have spent a lot of money.

A lot of work is needed to create a fur suit and the price of fur-related accessories is pretty high, but people who are into this culture are more than happy to pay almost any sum of money.

How Much Does a Fursuit Cost?

The fursuit cost greatly depends on the amount of work needed to create it. However, the average cost of a fur suit will be anywhere between $1,550 and $3,100. Expect to pay more for a fursuit made by a professional maker, compared to how much an amateur would charge. People prefer to choose the services offered by a professional because they always know which are the trends in the fur community. Nobody wants to wear an outdated suit at the Furry Convention.

How much does a fur suit made by a professional cost?

It will take more than six weeks for any professional fursuit maker to create a suit from scratch. You will have to pay more than $3,100 and every new accessory will add to the final bill. There are whole teams behind the websites that allow the user to add custom information for their fursuits. Professionals pay attention to every detail so you wear the fursuit you wish.

You may think that the fursuits or fur-related accessories industry has a minimal structure or is limited, but in fact, there is a high demand for fursuits on the market, and the companies that make these kinds of suits had to refuse additional submissions because of it.

More and more people are interested in learning about the furry culture and how to be part of it. One of the main reasons that the fursuits are so expensive compared to other suits is their design.

When customizing their fursuits people come up with a lot of ideas and this is very important for the fur culture. This is not just a piece of clothing for them and they want to look their best when wearing this suit.

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People express their personalities through this suit and show how would they like to be seen in society. All of these ideas are added to the suit design. Many aspects are considered, like the color, the mule, any exotic details, and the type of tail.

From the paws to the end of the tail, every detail is important to fursuit lovers. The fur community is not represented just by a small group of people, but it has thousands of members from all over the world.

Detailed Fursuit Pricing

Fursuit Component Starting Price (USD) Average Price Range (USD) Features/Customization
Fursuit Heads $2,165 $2,265 – $3,065 Custom foam carving, vibrant follow-me eyes, comfortable fit for glasses wearers.
Hand Paws
  • Regular: $400
  • Puffy: $500
  • Bappy/Feral: $600
  • Regular: $500
  • Puffy: $600
  • Bappy/Feral: $700
Various styles and materials available.
Bodysuits Plantigrade: $1,950 $2,150 Customizable based on complexity and style.
Arm Sleeves $215 $240 Tailored to the wearer’s measurements.
Leg Sleeves $235 $275 Tailored to the wearer’s measurements.

Customization Options

  • Eye Styles: 3D toony eyes, realistic glass eyes with moving jaws.
  • Foot Paw Types: Standard with rubber soles, sockpaws, outdoor soles for digitigrade paws.
  • Handpaw Types: Standard handpaws, puffy handpaws.
  • Claws: Available for hands and feet.
  • Character Elements: Wings, antlers, horns, extra-long tails, extra belly padding.

Material and Construction Details

High-quality furs and materials ensure durability and a professional look. Techniques include minor airbrushing, gradients, and expression variation with removable eyelids for unique and lifelike appearances.

Style Variations

Options include plantigrade and digitigrade suits, catering to various aesthetic preferences. Toonie and realistic styles are also offered, ranging from cartoonish to lifelike designs.

Fursuit Maintenance and Upgrades

Guidance on suit maintenance, such as cleaning and storage, is crucial. Information on upgrades for aging suits or component remakes ensures long-term care and customization.

DIY Options and Resources

For DIY enthusiasts, a guide on materials, patterns, and essential tools is provided. Resources like online tutorials and community forums support DIY fursuit makers.

Why does the fursuit cost so much?

Making a Fursuit CostA fursuit is suitable to be worn at the Convention because of a few different aspects. The buyer pays attention to every small detail before purchasing. Here are some reasons why a fursuit costs so much.


The artist has to be very skillful in order to create a fur suit in a short period of time. There are artists who have many hours of experience in making outstanding fursuits. Plus, they have a lot of knowledge about this industry and always know what it is in the trend.

On the other hand, an amateur has to make a lot of effort to fit into the crowd.

It is more than obvious that a cheap fursuit is made by an amateur, as a professional will pay attention to every small detail and stitch.


Making a suit is not such a big business and a custom fursuit can be made by some artists or by only one person. Compared to the big clothing companies, an artist workshop has a limited workforce which makes creating the suit in a short period of time very challenging.

In order to meet the standards of the buyer, the artists have to spend many hours creating the perfect fursuit. For these people, how they look in the fursuit is very important and the artist’s job is to turn the customer’s fantasy into reality through this suit.


You will need high-quality faux fur for a good fursuit and the costs are anywhere between $17 and $55 per yard. In general, you will need more than 8 to 10 yards of material for a fur suit and this will result in a final cost within the triple-digit mark. The fursuit maker will also need resin, thread, foam, hot glue, and other tools to create a quality suit. For example, only for the tail of a fur suit straps, Poly Fill stuffing, elastic nylon, and faux fur will be needed.

Extra costs: dummy to make a fursuit

Fur Suit FaceIf you are thinking about purchasing a fursuit then you should consider the cost of a dummy as well. A dummy of your body will be required by the professional fursuit creator. In general, it is made of duct tape.

This dummy will help the artists to determine the width and height of the person and how the suit will fit the owner. The suit should be comfortable, so the dummy must be human-sized.

Every fursuit maker has their own way to create a suit. Some prefer to start from the bottom, while others start from the top. In order to create a good quality fur suit, some components such as spandex, resin, hot glue, expanding foam, spray adhesive, mesh, ball caps, helmets, and many more will be necessary.

The design should always be the most important element. It has to be based on the current trend and these days it changes very quickly. For example, there was a time when removal jaws were in trend, and immediately after that the fixed jaw on the head was the most required.

Making the fursuit yourself will reduce the cost

In case you want to save money on the fursuit you can make it on your own. It will bring down the costs to anywhere between $320 and $430.

You will have to pay more than $5,000 for a fursuit made by a professional, but you may be able to create it yourself as there is a lot of useful information on the Internet about how to make a fur suit. All you have to do is gather all the necessary information and follow the guidelines.

Market Trends and Popularity Insights

Insights into current market trends, popular themes, and evolving preferences among fursuit enthusiasts give a broader understanding of the fursuit landscape.

Here are the key points:

Year Popular Styles Emerging Trends Average Price Range Community Growth Notable Events/Influences
2018 Toonie, Realistic LED lighting in suits, 3D printing for parts $2,000 – $5,000 Moderate increase Fandom conventions growth, social media influence
2019 Plantigrade Eco-friendly materials, VR integration $2,200 – $5,500 Steady growth Rising awareness of fursuit artistry
2020 Digitigrade DIY fursuit kits, remote fursuit workshops $2,500 – $6,000 Slight increase Impact of COVID-19, online communities’ growth
2021 Hybrid (Toonie/Realistic) Advanced cooling systems, app-controlled features $3,000 – $6,500 Significant increase Expansion of online marketplaces
2022 Fantasy creatures Augmented reality features, smart textiles $3,500 – $7,000 Rapid growth Technological advancements, global fandom events
2023 Anime inspired Sustainable practices, modular design $4,000 – $7,500 Continued growth Increased mainstream acceptance, eco-conscious movements


The cost of a fur suit may be high for most of us, but those who join the fur community think it is worth the price and are more than willing to invest in the perfect suit.

You can choose to hire a professional to transform your ideas into reality regarding the fursuit or you can choose to create it on your own. It all depends on your skills and on how much would you like to spend on this suit.

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    The prices here are waaaaaay of! Fursuit markers have basically became a cartel and are fixing prices! Your choices today are either you find someone who has no experience or deal with lottery driven outrageous prices from standard builders! Generally speaking you can look to pay 4K to 20k+ now for something that was just just a few thousand less than a decade ago!


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