Golf Club Fitting Cost

Golf Club Fitting Cost

The golf club fitting is a crucial step in the process of buying new clubs. The perfect combination for you will be found through thorough measurements and tests, depending on your personal preference or performance goals.

The best golf clubs are those that were made specifically for you. However, if a set is what fits your budget and style then it will still do the job just fine.

A custom golf club fitting is a great way for every golfer to get the right equipment. You will be able to find clubs that fit your body and personality, so you can finally hit those perfect shots.

How Much Does a Golf Club Fitting Cost?

The golf club fitting cost is influenced by some factors including the number of necessary clubs and the company that does this job. If you already have the golf clubs, the average cost of fitting is anywhere between $18 and more than $50 per club. Though, the majority of the companies will have packages that contain a full bag fitting, long game driver, wedges only, irons only, just the putter or driver fitting.

Be prepared to spend anywhere between $180 and more than $450 when fitting the golf clubs because the majority of golfers will have all of their clubs fitted at once and not just a few at a time.

The costs might start at around $550 and go up to more than $2,200 if you don’t have the golf clubs and want to buy them from a well-known brand like Ping or Callaway.

Usually, pro shops will offer this service for free if you buy the golf clubs from them. So, if you are planning to buy a new set of golf clubs, look for companies that will not charge for fitting.

According to its official website price, the cost of fitting an iron set at Dick’s Sporting Goods would be around $60 or you might even get the service for free if you buy from them. Also, the price of a full set is $90, while a driver fitting costs $35 and a putter fitting costs $25.

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Another well-known golf retailer, Golf Galaxy, will offer golf club fitting for free to those who buy the clubs from their store.

On the other hand, the Golfsmith retailer charges around $320 for fitting a full bag of golf clubs.

According to the members of the TheSandTrap.com forum, the expenses for fitting their golf clubs were anywhere between $35 and $90.

In the table below you will find the price estimates for fitting different types of golf clubs.

Type of Clubs Average Price (if you already have the clubs)
Full Bag $100 to $400
Wedge $40 to $75
Putter $35 to $125
Fairway wood/hybrid fitting $60 to $110
Irons $50 to $225
Drivers $45 to $175
Driver, fairways, hybrids only $125 to $250

Golf club fitting details

Golf Club on GrassAccording to GolfExchange.com, the first step in golf club fitting is to have your height measured by a fitter. They will also measure your hand’s length, the distance from wrist to floor, the length of your longest finger in order to find out the starting point for the length, the shaft, the grip for your clubs and the lie angle.

After all of these, with the help of the measurements, the fitter will observe and analyze your swings to determine the perfect length needed to hit the ball right in the center. Once this analysis is done, using a lie board, the fitter will measure the lie angle that will help you achieve the desired shot shape and direction. The last step is to determine the grip’s size by measuring your longest finger and your hand, plus other measurements that are needed for the swing analysis.

At a pro shop, you can fit different types of golf clubs such as putters, hybrids, irons, and/or drivers.

The time needed for fitting depends on the number of golf clubs. A full set of irons might take around two hours, while a full bag would take almost four hours.

What are the extra costs?

If you think that by fitting your golf clubs your swing will improve considerably, you should know that this is not the case. Often, it is recommended by the pro shops to take golf lessons if they feel like it is necessary. Usually, these come in packages and the price of one is around $110. In case you are looking for more complex lessons, that include trips to the driving race and swing videos be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars.

Important things to consider

It might not be always a good business to buy the clubs from a shop the offers fitting for free as the price for a set of clubs at the shop that has fitting included would be around $520 while buying from another store you may pay around $320. Add another $60 for fitting and you will still get to a better final cost.

How can I save money?

It is recommended to ask for price offers from more pro shops as they are willing to give you the exact cost.

Golf club fittings tend to be much more expensive at the franchise golf shops. If you are charged more than $85 it means that you are overspending and you should shop around.

Try talking with the retailer from whom you bought the clubs in the first place as some of them usually offer discounts on their professional services to the existing customers.

You can reduce the costs by paying for your fitting and your other golf clubs at the same time.

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