How Much Does Hermes Scarf Cost?

Last Updated on March 5, 2024
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Hermès scarves are synonymous with timeless elegance and French luxury. But what exactly goes into determining the price of these iconic silk accessories?

This extensive article will analyze the many factors affecting the cost of Hermès scarves, which typically range from $300 for a basic silk twill design to $1500 or more for rare limited editions.


  • An authentic Hermès silk scarf ranges from $300 for a basic silk twill to over $1000 for rare hand-finished or limited editions.
  • The high-end materials, bespoke designs, and meticulous French craftsmanship used in each scarf command these premium retail prices.
  • With proper care and styling, a Hermès scarf will last for decades as a worthwhile wardrobe investment and heirloom accessory.

How Much Does Hermes Scarf Cost?

For a classic 90cm silk twill Carré scarf sold at the Hermès boutique, expect to pay $300 to $500. The famous toucans and horse carriage designs fall into this category.

Add a hand-stitched rolled hem and the price jumps to $600 to $800. This meticulous finishing technique requires expert artisans and pushes the price higher.

Cashmere and cashmere-silk blend scarves range from $900 to $1200 thanks to the expensive raw materials. Hermès calls these luxe styles the Brides de Gala collection.

Special edition scarves with unique artists or exotic materials like ostrich feathers can cost $1000 to $1500 and beyond. These exclusive scarves have limited production runs, which boosts the resale value too.

Hermès scarves are priced on the official website between $220 and $690, offering a wide range of options for women. The Maison’s silk scarves come in various styles and sizes, allowing for versatile styling with scarf rings or creative knotting.

The collection includes small scarves like Twilly’s, Gavroches, and Bandanas, providing colorful and elegant options to enhance your style.

Carre de Paris offers a selection of Hermès scarves at varying prices. For example, the Astrologie Hermes Scarf by Francoise Faconnet is priced at $549, while the Ballet Equestre Hermes Scarf by Hubert de Watrigant costs $549 as well. The website features a range of Hermès scarves in different designs and styles for collectors and enthusiasts.

Another example from the Hermès collection is the Les Petits Papiers d’Hermès scarf 70 in orange, priced at $415.

The Allure of the Hermès Brand

To fully appreciate the value of Hermès scarves, understanding the prestige and legacy of Hermès in fashion history is important.

The first Hermès scarf was born in 1937 when Robert Dumas, son of founder Thierry Hermès, designed a printed silk square inspired by the horse riding origins of the Hermès saddle and equestrian equipment business.

This launched the now-iconic Carré scarf that has graced the necks of Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and generations of elegant women ever since. Grace Kelly famously wore Hermès scarves to shield from paparazzi.

Today, Hermès remains family-run and proudly headquartered in France. The dedication to quality, innovation, and craftsmanship established in 1837 lives on in every luxurious Hermès product from bags to fragrances to silk accessories.

The Art and Craftsmanship of Hermès Scarves

Several features define the Hermès scarf and make it a premium fashion investment.

Unsurpassed MaterialsThe silk used in Hermès scarves is of the highest grade, woven exclusively in the Lyon region of France. Alternate versions use cashmere/silk blends, merino wool, or fine cotton. But the silk twill Carré scarf remains the most popular style.

Original DesignsEach year, Hermès commissions about 2,000 new scarf designs from contemporary artists and designers. This keeps the collections feeling fresh and modern while paying homage to Hermès tradition.

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Meticulous Technique – It takes 15 hours for just two artisans to hand-roll the edges of each scarf to create a flawless hem. The screen printing process requires 32 woodblock frames and 43,200 brush strokes per motif. This handmade quality results in variations that make each scarf unique.

Limited Availability – After the long design process, the scarves are produced in limited quantities at the Hermès workshop in Lyon. Scarves that sell out fast become more rare and coveted.

Factors Impacting Cost

Many variables influence the final retail price of a Hermès scarf, from materials to exclusivity.

Premium Materials = Higher Prices

The silk fabric alone accounts for much of the price premium compared to a typical polyester scarf. Hermès uses the most luxurious silk twills, cashmere blended yarns, and soft wools that cost more to source and weave.

Unique Design Needs Compensation

It takes over 2 years and significant costs for a scarf design to come to life from the initial artist commission to the final printed product. Hermès must appropriately compensate the guest artists who provide exclusive rights to bold new prints.

Skilled Craftsmanship Is Valuable

Every step in creating an Hermès scarf is done by hand, like the delicate hemming that takes 15 hours across two artisans. This level of skill and attention to detail comes at a cost but results in fabulous quality.

More Limited = More Expensive

The scarves are produced in limited quantities in the Lyon atelier. Lower supply but high demand increases the market value of sold-out Hermès styles, especially rare special editions.

Buying Authentic Hermès Scarves

Hermes Scarf DesignDue to the brand’s prestige, counterfeit Hermès products abound. Follow these tips to locate authentic new or vintage scarves.

Hermès Boutiques

The widest selection of new collections will always be found at official Hermès boutiques in major cities. Boutique sales associates are experts at spotting and preventing fakes.

Vetted Retailers

Reputable retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter and Farfetch have experience dealing in luxury brands to source real Hermès merchandise. Use caution when buying resold items.

Authentication Services

For pre-owned items, consult paid authentication services like AuthenticateFirst to validate any signature Hermès details before purchasing vintage or used scarves.

Financial Considerations for Shoppers

Despite the high prices, Hermès scarves deliver lasting value and investment potential.

Potential Appreciation Over Time

Some limited edition Hermès scarves can double in resale value over the years. Well-kept examples of the most coveted designs from past seasons gain value in vintage collector markets.

Cost Per Wear Makes It Worthwhile

When considered as a lifetime luxury wardrobe investment, the high cost-per-wear over 5, 10, or 20 years makes the purchase a wise investment. A Hermès scarf can last decades with proper care.

Resale Value Reduction

If reselling a Hermès scarf, expect to get 50-70% back of the original retail price through sites like TheRealReal or Vestiaire Collective. This still makes the initial splurge less painful down the road.

Caring Over the Years for Your Scarf

To maintain the value and longevity of Hermès silk scarves:

  • Store in acid-free tissue inside closet drawers away from direct light.
  • Professionally steam clean and hand press at Hermès every 2-3 years.
  • Spot clean stains with cold water and mild soap then air dry flat.

Alternatives to Buying Brand New

Those lacking thousands to spend can still partake in Hermès luxury in affordable ways.

  • Vintage or pre-owned at sites like 1stDibs and eBay provide quality at discounted prices.
  • Rentals through Bag Borrow or Steal allow temporary use of an iconic Carré for ~10% of the retail cost.
  • Scarf storage services like Cocoon offer protection between wearings starting at $12 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Hermès shawl?

The price range for a new Hermès shawl starts around $1000 and goes up to $1500 or more. Made of fine wool and silk blend fabrics, Hermès shawls with unique limited edition designs or hand embellishments will be at the highest end of that spectrum. Vintage or pre-owned shawls can be found for $500 to $800.

What is the most expensive scarf in the world?

The current record for most expensive scarf sold at auction is over £100,000 for an early 1900s Hermès prototype design. The intricately embroidered silk scarf from 1923 displays the heritage artistry of Hermès.

Rare vintage scarves from the brand’s beginnings now fetch extremely high prices among fashion collectors and museums.

Why are Hermes scarves so special?

Hermès scarves are globally iconic for their rich legacy, unparalleled craftsmanship, and timeless style. Made for generations in Lyon, France workshops, each Hermès silk scarf undergoes over two years of design and production.

They are woven from the world’s finest silks and printed with bold original artwork. Their versatility, luxury material, enduring designs, and appreciation in value make Hermès scarves a coveted lifelong treasure.

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