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Price of Hermes Scarf

Ballpark Quote: $30 to $375 for a brand-new silk scarf.

If you follow fashion and style and value great clothing, you’re most likely extremely familiar with the widely known Hermès brand. This distinguished design house can be found in Paris and is popular for its vast array of high-end accessories and clothing. Among its most popular products is its elegant silk scarfs (also called carrè). Each one of them is a real artwork, with vibrant and unusual designs that are quickly recognized and in high demand. When you put on a Hermès scarf, you immediately change any normal attire into something amazing.

What It Costs

If you purchase a scarf from a Hermès store, you will be sure you are getting the genuine thing. You can also expect to get the top-notch attention and service that is a standard in such a high-end setting.

The professionals note that the expense per-pound of a Hermès scarf comes out to $1,965 which is rather a noticeable investment. The bright side, however, is that a scarf is really way less than a quarter of a pound. The cost differs depending upon the size and the material.

Here’s what some current U.S. Hermès costs are:

  • Smaller sized silk twill scarf (28 ″ x 28″) – $210
  • Bigger silk twill scarf (36 ″ x 36 ″) – $375
  • Cashmere and silk shawl (56 ″ x56 ″) – $1,000
  • Silk twilly or Ribbon (33 ″ x 2 ″) – $135
  • Silk twill pocket square (16″ x16″) – $135
  • Silk crepe losanges (or diamond-shaped scarf) – $340
  • Silk fringed scarf (7 ″ x 83 ″) – $700
  • Colored scarf ring – $145
  • Gold-plated scarf ring – $190

If these market prices are too high for your blood, there are a couple of other methods to get a Hermès scarf for less. You can frequent the New York or Paris shops’ semi-annual sales, where you might get a sample for 25 or 30 percent off, or possibly even more. You should remember that the headscarves are stacked on tables and looked through thoroughly, so anything you discover there most likely will not remain in the exact same pristine condition you would expect to get for the full rate.

Discount rate designer shops also periodically carry Hermès pieces, however, this is extremely hit or miss. But for example, Bluefly periodically has cashmere Hermès scarves for 10 percent off the routine market price. You can also find samples and old-style scarves on eBay and in thrift shops if you know what you are searching for. It is necessary to keep in mind, however, that a few of the limited edition vintage scarves can in fact cost MORE if already used than purchasing a brand-new release scarf in a Hermès shop. For example, one Hermès silk scarf on eBay just recently sold for $967 in an online auction, which was around 3 times the initial market price.

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For men that value the finer things in life, Hermès offers neckties out of the very same silk as the ladies’ scarves that are also hand-folded.

Here is what the guys’ ties retail for:

Silk twill tie – $160
Basketweave silk tie – $180
Silk twill pocket square (16 ″ x16 ″) – $135

For Hermès Collectors

Some ladies gather Hermès scarves like others may collect coins or baseball cards. In reality, an American is known to keep the record number of scarves today, with around 800 in her collection.

Where to Purchase Them From

You can find Hermès headscarves on the official Hermès site or inside its many shops available all over the world. You can also get them from high-end vintage shops and from eBay or other online marketplaces. You should be careful if you purchase from an unknown source, as numerous counterfeit headscarves are out there.

A “genuine” Hermès typically has a white maker’s tag if it is a light-colored print or a dark tag on a darker print. In addition, according to a Hermès representative, a few of the headscarves are soft and some are stiff, depending upon the processing time utilized for the production of each of them.

A few of the authentic Hermès headscarves you will find at an affordable cost might be from the business’s semi-annual sale, which is held in Paris and also periodically in New york city. These scarves are marked with an “S” stamp on the backside of the fabric.

A Symbol of Status

The very first Hermès scarf, which was printed with the names of various models of vehicles, was produced in 1928 and was based upon the scarf design that Napoleon’s soldiers used. Another early Hermès style included a group of girls wearing white wigs. The production of these headscarves right from the start was rather comprehensive, from spinning raw Chinese silk into yarn and weaving it into a material, which would then have a customized style screen-printed utilizing vegetable color.

What was especially unique about this procedure was the level of detail that they aimed for. In reality, each color of the style would be individually printed and would require a month or more to dry before the next one would be added. (Bear in mind that among the most complex Hermès scarf designs is one that was printed in 2006 and had 46 colors and for that reason needed 46 different screens.) A testimony to the great work that these headscarves feature is that the hem of each and every one of them is hand-rolled and hand-stitched. This procedure alone takes about 40 minutes for one scarf. To accommodate this prolonged and extensive type of art, in 1937 Hermès developed a factory in Lyon, France especially devoted to scarf production.

The Production Process

Right from the start, when the Lyons’ scarf factory started production in 1937, as many as 25,000 scarf designs have actually been developed by Hermès. In addition, the design house continues to use a long and complex procedure to produce each scarf, and as many as 50 designers are utilized at a time to transform designs and manual drawings into material prints. The business invests a considerable amount of money in training its workers. To this end, a few of the artisans are sent out to places around the globe to discover unique techniques.

Hermes Scarf DesignEvery year, Hermès launches 2 silk scarf collections including around a dozen different designs in each. While a few of the styles are brand-new ones, there are a number of older prints that are produced with a brand-new selection of colors. Furthermore, limited edition prints are launched from time to time. A few of the styles that have actually been featured for many years consist of equestrian illustrations, banners, coats of arms, French food and plants, and animals, amongst numerous others. The business also launches 2 collections of headscarves made from a silk and cashmere mix, every year.

It is worth to mention that style experts estimate that the whole scarf production procedure can take up to 2 years from the preliminary design work to the last finishing touch. Hermes designers have more than 200,000 colors to pick from for each scarf print. And only hand rolling and hemming each scarf takes about 40 minutes, so the production of the scarf is time killer, but the outcomes undoubtedly reveal the efforts involved, and purchasers appear to value this aspect.

In fact, throughout the years, Hermès headscarves have actually continued to draw a big audience of fans. In the 1980s, the business set a record with 1.123 million headscarves sold. This equated to one scarf being sold every 20 seconds.

In addition, the most popular Hermès silk scarf print to date is called Brides de gala. Around one hundred thousand headscarves depicting this style alone have actually been sold.

The basic sizes of Hermes headscarves differ, however, the smaller sized design is about 28 inches in square form, while a bigger one is 36 inches in square form.

Famous Clients

Throughout its long history, the Hermès scarf has actually drawn in many well-known and rich individuals. For example, Queen Elizabeth II wore this scarf when she appeared on a British postage stamp in 1956, as did Grace Kelly on the cover of Life Magazine that very same year. In addition, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor, and Maria Callas are amongst the widely known Hermès scarf fans. More modern celebs seen wearing a Hermès scarf recently include Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey, Elle McPherson, and Madonna.

How to Wear Them

While the majority of contemporary women value the beauty and handwork of a Hermès scarf, a lot of them have a problem with how to actually use this accessory and make it work with their wardrobe and way of life. In reality, the possibilities are unlimited, however, they do take some imagination and persistence to determine the very best approach. Some ladies wear it on the head, around the neck, draped over the shoulders, locked around the waist, and even hanging from the strap of a bag. In addition, Grace Kelly utilized a Hermès scarf as a sling for a broken arm, and Madonna once used one as a halter top in a video. Hermès has a guide with a few of these and other tips and even provides illustrations to show how to use their scarves. No matter what technique you choose, the scarf has to be fixed in some way, either with a knot, loop, brooch, or scarf ring. (Hermès offers scarf rings meant for this exact function).

If you choose to spend lavishly on one (or more!) of these yourself, simply make sure to take proper care of your financial investment. Some collectors wrongly frame their scarves and put them on the wall, however, in reality, the colors can quickly fade from the sun. The very best method to keep these valuable scarfs is thoroughly folded inside their package.

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