Horse and Carriage Rental Cost

Horse and Carriage Rental Cost

Horse carriages are not a very popular mode of transportation and neither a very efficient way, but we can all agree that they are one of the poshest modes for road travel on special occasions. On many of these occasions, horse carriages are even preferred over limousines or sports cars. Such is the royalty carried by this odd mode of transport from the past. They are often hired by people on several important occasions such as on Valentine’s Day for a romantic ride, at funerals as a horse-drawn hearse, and to arrive at proms. They are the most abundantly used at weddings. Other than special occasions, horse and carriage rides are often given at public places for tours.

How much does horse and carriage rental cost, excluding weddings?

Horse and carriage rental charges differ for every occasion and weddings are dealt on an entirely different level. Therefore, weddings will be discussed later.

Horse and carriage rides are available at several historic locations and they have a set of charges for different lengths of time and for different age groups. For instance, Charlotte Center City Carriage Tours charge $12 per adult and $6 per child of ages 4 to 10 for a 20-minute ride around the city, while the charges double for each age group for a 40-minute ride. Moreover, the price surges shockingly for private reservations of 50 minutes, which will cost around $125 for two adults.

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On festivals like Valentine’s Day, reservations can be made from a range of $150-$200 for a 50-minute ride.

On the other hand, renting a horse-drawn hearse for a funeral can cost around $500 easily and it can rise up to $1,000, depending on the location and traveling distance.

Some people even hire a horse and carriage for proms. This can simply cost from $250 to $1,000 and, with special requests and additions, it can go up to $1,200.

How much does horse and carriage rental cost for weddings?

Weddings are a crucial part of one’s life. They are steps of the groom and bride towards establishing a family and signify their endless love and commitment for each other that is reflected in their vows. Many people dream of this momentous day from their childhood and hence, carry a lot of expectations for their wedding day.

Thanks to the Disney princesses, the culture of horse and carriage at weddings has been revived through their notion of relating princesses with this type of vehicle, and every bride wants to feel nothing less than a princess on her wedding day. So, arriving in front of the guests in a stunning horse-drawn carriage forms the basis of a true fairy tale wedding for many.

However, a few factors need to be taken into consideration before renting a horse and carriage, one of which is the cost.Horse and Carriage for a Wedding

The cost of a horse and carriage service for a wedding depends on the length of time the carriage is needed, the type of carriage, the number of horses required, and the distance the horses and carriage must travel to the event. Depending on these factors, the cost of renting can vary from less than $250 for a one-hour ride locally to as high as $1500 or more for an elaborate carriage with multiple horses for three to four hours.

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In cities where carriage rides are local, many companies will also charge over mileage – a general $1 or $2 for each mile until the ceremony location. For keeping the carriage for extra time, companies can also charge from $50 to $100 per hour.

An additional cost can be the tip of the carriage driver, which is assumed to be around 15% to 20% of the bill.

Should an average working Jane and Joe rent a horse and carriage?

If a couple is really fond of an elegant wedding that they will remember forever, there is no harm in going for a horse and carriage, but all important factors must be considered beforehand to avoid disappointments. For instance, is renting the vehicle in the budget? Are the roads on the route passable or not? Further inspection of the carriage and horses should be done personally and reservations should be made far in advance to be sure you won’t be overspending.

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