How Much Do Blue Lacy Puppies Cost?

Last Updated on January 19, 2024
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The Blue Lacy is Texas’s beloved official state dog breed, prized by ranchers, hunters, and families alike for their intelligence and loyal temperament. These active pups descend from dogs originally brought to the Lone Star state by settlers in the mid-1800s.

For those considering adding one of these unique canines to your home, it’s helpful to understand Blue Lacy puppy costs and ownership responsibilities. This article will cover factors impacting pricing, provide typical price ranges, outline extra expenses to budget for, and share tips for choosing an ethical breeder.

We’ll also explore Blue Lacy characteristics and adoption possibilities if purchasing from a breeder isn’t the right fit. Let’s dive in to dispel myths about these admirable dogs still making history across Texas ranches today

How Much Does a Blue Lacy Pup Cost?

On average, a Blue Lacy pup costs between $800 and $1,500 based on some variables. Champion show/working dog litters with specialized breeder support may charge up to $2,000 per pup.

Finding a quality Blue Lacy pup takes some research. Contact regional breed clubs for breeder referrals. Schedule meet-and-greets to evaluate facilities, meet parents, and confirm health testing.

A caring, ethical breeder will gladly share lineage info and offer continued support. Be wary of sellers who can’t provide this background.

Given their Texas roots, adopting a Blue Lacy within the state offers the best availability and value. Here’s what to budget in different areas:

  • Texas Breeders: $400 – $1,200 Average Puppy Price
  • West Coast Breeders: $1,500+ Average Price
  • East Coast Breeders: $,1800+ Average Price
  • Midwest Breeders: $1,200-$1,600 Typical Price

Ranch World Ads lists Blue Lacy Pups for $400, with an indication that they will most likely be around 35 pounds when full grown.

DogBreedsList.info states that a Blue Lacy puppy can range from $400 to $600, with the price fluctuating depending on the breeder.

AdoptaPet.com mentions that the cost to adopt a Blue Lacy is around $300 in order to cover the expenses of caring for the dog before adoption.

For those set on a Blue Lacy, expanding your search radius beyond Texas saves money on travel but often increases the pup cost itself.

The Beloved Blue Lacy Breed

The Blue Lacy breed gets its name from founding breeders the Lacy family, who worked to establish the breed’s signature features in the 1950s. Often called Lacy Dogs, they’re mid-sized, short haired dogs who generally:

  • Weigh 30-50 lbs. as adults
  • Flaunt a signature grey-blue coat with white markings
  • Boast pointy, intelligent faces and upright ears
  • Excel at ranch work but thrive as family companions
  • Form intensely loyal bonds with owners

Smart and athletic with seemingly unlimited energy, Blue Lacy dogs still herd livestock today using their natural hand-eye coordination. They learn quickly and aim to please, also enjoying brisk hikes, jogs, and any activity with their beloved owner.

The Blue Lacy is a very versatile breed, able to adapt to different situations and environments. As herding dogs, they show tremendous focus and self-control while working with all kinds of livestock.

Yet they become playful and affectionate pets at home, eager to bond with family members through cuddling, playing fetch, or learning tricks. This dual-purpose ability is part of what makes a Blue Lacy so special.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Blue Lacy Puppies

Being rare outside of Texas, factors like breeder location, litter bloodline quality, and health testing result in price variation for Blue Lacy pups:

  • Location — Texas-based breeders generally charge $800-$1200 for Blue Lacy puppies. Prices can double from East/West Coast breeders due to rarity.
  • Lineage — Well-documented pedigrees from proven working/show dog lines cost more.
  • Health Screens — Reputable breeders test breeding dogs and puppies for common issues like hip dysplasia, costing $400+ per litter.

Additional First Year Expenses

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Alongside purchase price, new Blue Lacy owners should anticipate:

  • Supplies: $150+ for crate, bed, bowls, collar, leash, toys
  • Vet Visits & Preventatives: $200+ for checkups, shots, flea & tick meds
  • Training: $100+ for basic obedience classes
  • License: $25+ annual dog license fees
  • Food: $15+ per bag every 2-4 weeks

Spay/neuter, pet insurance, boarding, and unexpected medical costs add more. Budget $500 minimum beyond the puppy for first-year essentials. Remember, owning a dog is a long-term commitment. Ensure you can cover these basic care costs before bringing an energetic Blue Lacy home.

Choosing an Ethical, Trusted Breeder

Adult Blue LacyAvoid buying Blue Lacy puppies from retailers or unverified online sellers. Identify area breeders through Blue Lacy breed clubs and:

  • Tour breeder facilities to verify health/cleanliness.
  • Meet parent dogs to evaluate temperament.
  • Ask for multigenerational pedigree information.
  • Require all health test documentation.
  • Get guidance/support contact info from breeder.

Established breeders proudly show Bloodline verification and health backgrounds for all litters. Don’t compromise here as it ensures your puppy’s best future.

Responsible breeding is the most important for continuing the Blue Lacy breed. An ethical breeder focuses on health, temperament, and lineage. They fully screen buyers to confirm pet suitability over profits. If something feels off, keep searching for the right match.

Consider Blue Lacy Rescue Adoption

Pet adoption often costs less than purchasing. Rescue groups like Texas Lacy Game Dog Association and Blue Lacy Rescue Alliance save abandoned Lacys and match them to screened homes for $200-$400 adoption fees including:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Microchip ID
  • Basic vetting
  • Temperament testing

Rescuing isn’t for first-time owners. But offering an at-risk Lacy a second chance rewards patient, and active families. Reach out to specialized Lacy rescues if you have the experience. Give an older dog a new life in your capable home.

Welcome a Blue Lacy into your Life

Hailing from ranch roots, Blue Lacy dogs thrive with plenty of exercise and devotion from their special person. While upfront and annual costs vary based on breeder location and lineage, plan for $1,500+ in year one expenses caring for these companions.

Whether running ranch errands or neighborhood walks, a Blue Lacy dog’s loyalty enriches every outing. Research breeders thoroughly, budget wisely, and enjoy the perks of owning this Texas legend known to steal hearts wherever they roam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find reputable breeders of Blue Lacy puppies?

Contact Blue Lacy dog clubs like the Blue Lacy Game Dog Association and Texas Blue Lacy Association which keep breeder directories following a strict code of ethics. Avoid puppy mills and retailers — visit breeder facilities in person whenever possible.

What are the typical characteristics and temperament of Blue Lacy puppies?

From a young age, Blue Lacy pups display high intelligence, energy, and athletic ability paired with an eagerness to please their owners. They’re quick learners but need patient training and plenty of activity. Their loyalty blooms fast and they form intensely devoted bonds.

Are Blue Lacy pups good family pets, and do they get along with other animals?

Thanks to their people-focused nature, Blue Lacy dogs excel as family companions provided they get adequate activity and training. Early socialization allows them to live harmoniously with other pets.

Supervision is still required due to high prey drive. As herders, they may try nipping at young kids’ feet so training is a must.

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