Cost of Landscape Boulders
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How Much Do Landscape Boulders Cost?

The use of stones in landscaping presents the advantage that they give volume, bringing a strong decorative contribution while not needing a lot of maintenance. We’re talking especially about boulders and slabs of natural stone.

A garden can take on a spectacular appearance by simply “seasoning” the lawn and ornamental shrubs with a few strategically placed boulders, from place to place. Such a garden can be completely devoid of flowers, which, although beautiful, require a lot of care and patience on the part of the owners.

How Much Do Landscape Boulders Cost?

The cost of a typical stone boulder would start at around $110 per ton and go up to $620 per ton. The main factors that affect the cost of landscape boulders include the rock style you choose for your property and the size of the rock. Also, you should budget for transportation and labor, if you select something large for your business or home.

If you want to place a sandstone boulder on your property, it would weigh around 150 pounds for every cubic foot. This means that the weight of a 28 cubic feet stone would be more than 2 tons.

Types of landscape boulders

There are different types of landscape boulders, depending on their size, shape, color, and the rock they come from. Depending on your personal preferences and garden needs, you can opt for marble. They look very good, although they have a lot of weight and traces of white powder. There are also smaller alternatives, ideal for decorating ponds and aquariums.

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The placement is very simple. It is enough to remove the grass and level the ground.

It is recommended to check the weather forecast and make sure there is no rain coming, as water can move the stones before they settle. For greater adhesion, apply a layer of cement before placing the landscape boulders.

The advantages of landscape boulders

In outdoor spaces, these stones have multiple benefits. They range from the organization and delimitation of spaces to the care of the land, as they protect the substrate of the plants, avoiding drought and the growth of weeds.

Aesthetic role

Landscape boulders are used on terraces, gardens, and green spaces for beautification. They can be placed in different places, such as paths or around plants, to improve the aesthetic appearance.

Building paths

Boulders are a suitable material for the formation of paths in the garden. If you have a large space, paths mean functionality and decoration. Boulders and gravel for the garden go well with cacti or succulent plants.

Protecting the earth

Being placed on top, the boulders maintain the temperature of the soil, especially when the sun’s rays are strong. The gravel reduces the impact of the sun, allowing the moisture of the substrate to be maintained for a longer time.

Delimitation of spaces

If there are fountains, pools, ponds, or a watercourse in the garden, they are ideal for delimiting the surrounding spaces. Many landscapers apply them in public places, generating a striking combination of the passage of water and the texture of stones. They can also be placed inside fountains to decorate the background.

How can I use landscape boulders in arranging my own garden?

Landscape Boulders in gardenAlthough the eyes and experience of a landscape architect can help you arrange the most beautiful and pleasant garden or yard, you can also manage this without help. When it comes to the use of stone in the arrangement of outdoor spaces, it is good to consider the surface of the area you want to arrange, what utility it will have (if it includes at least a relaxation area, an area with flowers and ornamental shrubs or it will only be a green space), what style of arrangement you want it to have and how much time you can afford to spend maintaining the garden.

If you want to use boulders, columns, or blocks of natural stone, try to get some with a shape as natural as possible, and as mildly processed as possible. They can be placed from place to place in the garden, in an area with a well-maintained lawn, or they can be used to create borders and build rock walls or embankments, in the company of smaller stones.

Choose landscape boulders and gravel for the garden according to color. The stones vary greatly in size and color. Therefore, there are options such as granite, limestone, basalt, or marble. Choose shades of grey, white, black, brown, or pink, perfect for any sector of the garden.

Is the Cost of Landscape Boulders Worth Considering?

A great way to create a different and stunning appearance for your property is to install landscape boulders. You can choose to use many small boulders for everything from a fire pit to a retaining wall or you can install a central, large boulder to get a unique focal point.

The landscape boulders require low maintenance and will make your property look more beautiful.

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