How Much Does a Dozen Roses Cost on Valentine’s Day?

Last Updated on February 4, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and expressing love to your significant other. And what better way to do that than with a beautiful bouquet of red roses?

Roses have become the quintessential flower gift for Valentine’s Day, representing passion and desire for your beloved. But a dozen red roses do not come cheap, especially around February 14.

In this article, we’ll look at the average cost of a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day. We’ll explore what factors affect the pricing, where you can find the best deals, and offer tips on choosing the perfect rose bouquet for your Valentine’s Day gift.

Read on to get the insider’s scoop on Valentine’s Day rose pricing so you can impress your sweetheart without breaking the bank!

How Much Does a Dozen Roses Cost on Valentine’s Day?

The average cost of a dozen red roses delivered on Valentine’s Day ranges from $60-$90. But prices can vary depending on location, flower quality, and retailer:

  • Local florists – Expect to pay $70-$90+ from a flower shop in your area. Brick-and-mortar florists have higher overhead and supply costs.
  • Online flower retailers – Ordering online cuts out the middleman so prices range from $60-$85 for a dozen roses delivered. Look for special promo deals.
  • Supermarkets – Grocery store florists offer a budget option at $40-$65 per dozen. But selection and quality are limited.
  • Wholesale clubs – Warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club sell dozen rose boxes for as low as $40-$50 for self-pick-up. A bargain choice!

Throughout the year, a dozen roses typically costs between $30 and $60 from most florists. So, expect to pay 100% or more in peak Valentine’s Day pricing. Shop around for the best bouquet at the price you want to pay.

The The Petal Patch website offers a Valentine’s Day Special – Dozen Roses for $89.99 USD.

At FromYouFlowers, the cost of a dozen long-stem red roses with chocolates and a bear for Valentine’s Day is $59.99.

According to FinanceBuzz, the average price for a dozen roses in the U.S. is $80.16. The state where a dozen roses cost the most is Hawaii at $108.33. The state where roses are the least expensive is Pennsylvania, where a bouquet of a dozen roses costs just $66.15 on average.

What Drives Up the Cost of Roses for Valentine’s Day?

The cost of a dozen roses spikes around Valentine’s Day for several reasons:

  • High demand – Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest flower-buying holidays. Florists need extra staff and extended hours to meet the rush of rose orders. This strains supply and drives up costs.
  • Premium varieties – Many opt for more expensive luxury roses like Freedom, Venus, and Miranda rights to make a bolder romantic statement. These cost more than regular roses.
  • Special handling – Roses require special care like refrigeration and preservation techniques to stay fresh for the holiday. This also increases costs for florists.
  • Delivery charges – To handle the high volume of deliveries, florists charge extra for Valentine’s Day rose delivery to offset logistics costs.
  • Holiday upcharges – Florists often increase rose prices around Valentine’s Day knowing people will pay a premium for gifts for their sweetheart.

So, between the high volume, specialty varieties, extra handling and delivery, and holiday markups, a dozen roses easily doubles in cost leading up to Valentine’s Day compared to regular pricing.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Valentine’s Roses

The key to saving money on Valentine’s Day roses is shopping early and comparing retailers:

  • Order 1-2 weeks in advance – Place orders early before inflation hits highest peak. Lock in better pricing.
  • Check floral sales – Watch for promotions at grocery stores or wholesale clubs. But act fast – supplies are limited.
  • Compare online deals – Order from an online florist offering free shipping or discounts on early Valentine’s orders.
  • Reputable local florists – Build a relationship with a shop known for fresh, quality blooms and fair pricing.
  • DIY roses – Buy roses yourself from a wholesale source and create your own bouquet. But time and skill are required.

Shopping around and knowing when rose prices hit their zenith can help find the best value. Just be sure to order by February 10-12 so your bouquet arrives looking lovely on Valentine’s Day!

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Roses

To select a stunning bouquet that perfectly expresses your romantic feelings:

  • Focus on quality – Look for roses with full, lush blooms and straight, sturdy stems. Avoid droopy or browning flowers.
  • Know rose meanings – Red roses say “I love you”, lavender roses convey enchantment, and coral roses express desire.
  • Choose variety – A dozen single-color roses is classic. But a mixed bouquet adds extra meaning and visual pop.
  • Consider preservation – Opt for roses preserved up to a year for lasting enjoyment. Or find a florist that offers plantable roses.
  • Add special touches – Choose a vase in their favorite color. Or add candle, chocolates or a sweet card for an extra personal gift.
  • Express your passion – Select two dozen or three dozen roses for an over-the-top romantic gesture and to make a bold loving statement.

With a little thoughtfulness and planning, you can find the perfect romantic bouquet of roses to make Valentine’s Day special without going over your budget.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Alternatives to Roses

Heart of Roses for Valentine's DayIf dozens of roses are out of your budget, get creative with these thoughtful gift ideas that still say “I love you”:

  • Make a personalized mixtape or playlist of songs with special meaning in your relationship.
  • Plan an indoor picnic complete with romantic candlelight dinner and sweet treats.
  • Create customized coupons they can redeem, like for a home-cooked meal, massage, or romantic getaway.
  • Make them a memory scrapbook filled with printed photos, ticket stubs, love notes, and memorabilia from your times together.
  • Surprise them by planting flower seeds together in a pot to represent your growing love.
  • Frame a meaningful printed text or email from when you first connected or fell in love.
  • Cook a romantic dinner together while enjoying quality time talking, laughing and bonding.

With a little creativity, you can craft a heartfelt gift to make Valentine’s Day memorable without breaking the bank on dozen roses.

Plan Ahead to Stay Within Your Valentine’s Day Budget

Valentine’s Day is meant to be a joyful celebration of your love. With some advance planning, you can avoid overspending and keep the holiday lighthearted, meaningful and stress-free:

  • Set a budget – Determine how much you want to spend on gifts, flowers, dining, and Valentine’s activities. And stick to it.
  • Make reservations early – Plan your special Valentine’s dinner out or weekend getaway well in advance to get the best options at the price you want.
  • Shop early for deals – Buy gifts, roses, and other Valentine’s items early to get the widest selection and the lowest pricing.
  • DIY gifts – Make your own personalized, heartfelt gift which can be more meaningful than a store-bought item.
  • Focus on quality time – Spending meaningful time together focusing on your relationship is the best gift of all.

With some savvy planning and cost-cutting tips, you can enjoy a romantic, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day filled with love, laughter, and celebration of your relationship.


Valentine’s Day puts pressure on finding the perfect dozen red roses to express your love. But don’t let worry over high floral costs drown out the true spirit of the day.

Instead, focus on thoughtful gestures, quality time together, heartfelt gifts, and savoring your romantic bond. With savvy shopping, creativity, and advance planning, you can enjoy a meaningful, budget-friendly Valentine’s Day while still treating your sweetheart to beautiful roses.

Remember, it’s not about extravagant flowers or gifts. It’s about celebrating your love. So, make Valentine’s Day special in ways that matter – not just with roses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are a dozen roses so expensive?

A dozen roses are more expensive around Valentine’s Day due to high demand, premium varieties, special handling and delivery, and holiday upcharges from florists. The combination of high sales volume and efforts to preserve and deliver fresh roses drives up costs.

Is a dozen roses enough?

One dozen red roses is considered the standard Valentine’s Day bouquet. But if you want to really make a bold romantic statement, upgrade to two or three dozen roses for an over-the-top gesture. Just be sure it fits your budget. The number matters less than the meaning behind them.

When should I buy roses for Valentine’s Day?

To get the best selection and pricing, order roses for delivery 1-2 weeks before Valentine’s Day. This avoids the rush when supply is limited and prices hit their peak. Shop early online or at wholesale clubs for the lowest prices.

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