How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost?

Last Updated on November 30, 2023
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The Siamese cat also called the Thai or Wichian Mat, is the most popular breed to originate from Thailand and has grown in popularity in America and Europe throughout the years.

Siamese cats have an intelligent, affectionate, and loving nature, with a very unique and beautiful appearance. Their distinctive and attractive looks with long and slim legs, muscular bodies, blue almond-shaped eyes, and various point colorations, make them a highly desirable breed among feline lovers.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that affect the cost of Siamese cats and provide insights into their pricing.

How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost?

The average cost of a Siamese cat in the United States varies anywhere from $250 to $2,500. However, depending on your location, the age of the cat, the breeder from where you purchase it, and the quality of the breed, the costs may vary.

Siamese cats with limited registration, usually bred to be raised as pets, not being allowed to breed eventually, can cost between $250 to $600.

Fully registered Siamese cats will be allowed to breed, and the cost will vary based on their origins and features. For example, a Siamese cat with normal origins can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000. These cats usually come from a lesser-known breeder, and their appearance is in no way unique.

However, this breed with premium origins can cost $2,500 and even more. These cats will have a high pure pedigree, with purebred parents, beautiful colors, and well-proportioned bodies. Typically, these premium cats are rated as show cat quality, which will definitely increase the cost.

The coloring of a Siamese cat can also determine its cost. In the United States, a Siamese cat is recognized as a pure breed only if it features one of the four colorings, known as points which mark the face, ears, tail, and feet. In the table below we listed the four types of points accepted for a pure-breed Siamese cat, and related costs:

Cat Age Cat Color Average Cost
Kitten Seal Point $250 to $600
Adult Seal Point $250 to $800
Kitten Chocolate Point $250 to $600
Adult Chocolate Point $250 to $1,000
Kitten Blue Point $250 to $600
Adult Blue Point $250 to $1,000
Kitten Lilac Point $250 to $600
Adult Lilac Point $250 to $1,000

The costs of a Siamese cat can greatly vary, as mentioned above. Factors that influence the cost are the breeder, the age, as well as the quality of the cat.

Also, based on the type and quality of the breeder, the average cost of a Siamese cat can be ranked as:

Kitty Mills $50 to $300
Backyard Breeders $250 to $1,200
True Breeders Typically over $1,000

On the website, GoKitty.com there are several Siamese kittens listed for sale. For instance, one breeder from Missouri sells two 8-month-old male kittens for $1,100. The breeder states that the kittens are household pet quality, with conditional breeding possibility, champion bloodlines, and registered.

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Another reputable breeder from Florida has listed several 1-year-old Siamese kittens for the cost of $2,500 each. These kittens are not allowed to be bred, have champion bloodlines, and pedigree, are registered, all the vaccinations are up to date, they are microchipped and additionally, the breeder provides a 2-year warranty on genetics.

However, you can also find kittens that are less expensive, such as 8-week-old Siamese kittens that are listed for $800 each. The breeder states that the kittens have no champion bloodlines, no pedigree, are not registered and they are spayed/neutered.

On BreedList.com you can find various types of Siamese cats from reputable breeders ranked by state. In order to find out the cost of those Siamese cats, you will need to contact the breeder directly by mail, phone, or through their official website. All these contact details are listed on their profile.

MaryLandSiamese.com sells premium kittens for the cost of $3,500. At this price you will get spay/neuter surgery, registration, deworming, digital photographs and/or movies of your kitten, vaccinations at the buyer’s request (if 12 weeks or older at the time of sale), and a starter kit of wet/dry food and litter.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

Typically, if you purchase a Siamese cat from a reputable breeder you should also get a health certificate and guarantee, registration papers, common vaccinations for panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and rabies, and in case the cat needs to be shipped, the breeder will also provide a travel crate.

Additionally, depending on the breeder, you may get the microchipping, spaying/neutering of the cat, and possibly a starter kit with some dry and wet cat food, litter, and some toys.

Breeders usually give Siamese kittens only after they have reached eight weeks old, so they can receive proper nutrients from their mothers. However, the future owner should be allowed to visit them in order to get familiarized.

As for the Siamese kittens or cats that have a pedigree, the breeder must provide the proper documents such as registration and pedigree certificate. Most of the reputable breeders who sell pedigree cats will also include an insurance policy that will preserve your expenditure.

Types of Siamese cats

As with any animal, Siamese cats are categorized based on their point types:

  • Seal Point – The Seal Point, is considered the authentic color when it comes to a Siamese cat. This type is characterized by its seal’s dark brown point that is found on the cat’s face, ears, nose, tail, and paws. Typically, kittens will have a more light-colored fur that will darken with age.
  • Chocolate Point – The Chocolate Point Siamese cats are predominantly white with chocolate-like color on their points. Usually, most of the Siamese cat’s fur gets darker over time, but Chocolate Point cats will keep most of their white fur.
  • Blue Point – The Blue Point type features a deep slate grey-blue-like body, with silvery-blue points on its face, ears, nose, paws, and tail. This type resembles the Seal Point one.
  • Lilac Point – The Lilac Point is the lighted-toned type of all the Siamese cat varieties. Their ears and paws are light pink-gray colored and their body fur is light-colored with a tint of Russian Blue. Also, the eyes are typically a light blue color.
  • Lynx Point – These cats are also known as Tabby Points and are believed to be related to the wild lynx. They have well-defined stripes on their fur, with an outlined ear color that matches the stripes on the face. Their legs and tail are marked with rings of colors that extend all the way up to the tip of the tail.
  • Flame Point – The Flame Point Siamese cat has creamy light fur, similar to Seal Point ones, and reddish-gold colored points with light blue eyes.
  • Tortie Point –Tortie Point and tortoiseshell are very much alike. This type of Siamese cat features a spotted mix of different colors such as seal, blue, or caramel on their points.

Additional costs when you adopt a Siamese cat

In case the Siamese cat needs to be shipped by airplane or ground means, an additional cost between $250 to $550 may apply. The cost will vary depending on the distance that needs to be traveled.

If shipped, a travel crate will be required. Typically, reputable breeders will provide one, however, if that is not the case, plan on budgeting an extra $80.

Most of the time, adoption centers may require an application fee which will not be included in the adoption cost. This may cost around $15.

When you own a cat, it is important to remember the recurring costs for food, cat litter, accessories, and veterinary visits. For a healthy cat, it is recommended to budget at least $50 to $80 per month. However, if your cat were to develop a serious illness or require surgery, then you should budget for much more.

Important things to consider

Siamese cats are known for their slim and sleek physique and can come in various colors such as seal point, lynx point, flame point, blue point, lilac point, snowshoe, and chocolate point. They have almond-shaped eyes and shorter hair that is usually silkier than in the case of other cat breeds.

The average weight of an adult male Siamese is between 11 and 15 pounds and an adult female is usually more light-weighted, somewhere between 8 and 11 pounds.

The average lifespan range of a healthy Siamese cat is said to be anywhere from 11 to 15 years old.

Adult Siamese Cat BreedSiamese cats are known for their intelligence and their active and agile nature. Also, they are great companions being very loving and sociable with their owner, but also with strangers.

However, as mentioned above, these cats are very active and may require some extra time and attention. Playful and curious by nature, you may have to keep them distracted during the day, with different toys and give them some of your time to socialize with them.

Note that these cats are indoor pets. It seems that they are not made as outside pets, so keeping them in the house is the smartest thing to do.

Even though they are sociable and loveable, some Siamese cats may not socialize that well with children. Remember this aspect before adopting one, and ask the breeder how the pet reacts to little ones.

If you are looking to buy a Siamese cat, it is best to purchase one from a licensed and reputable breeder. Although adopting from a local pet store may seem like a good idea, it can be difficult to determine the source of the cats.

You may not have the opportunity to see how the cats were raised or what kind of living conditions they were in. On the other hand, a trustworthy breeder will allow you to visit their home and see firsthand how the cats were raised. You may even get to meet the parents of the cat you’re interested in.

When adopting a Siamese kitten it is advisable to steer clear of cats that may have health issues such as a runny nose or dirty ears.

In terms of grooming, this breed is known to be easy to maintain. With any other pets, they may shed every so often.

Early onset kidney disease, immune system weakness, megaesophagus, and eye twitching are common health issues in this breed due to selective breeding.

Saving money on Siamese kittens

If you are thinking of getting a cat, consider adopting an older one. You can find Siamese cats that are older than two or three years at local rescue groups or shelters, and they usually cost a lot less than kittens. It is always worth checking with your local Humane Society to see if they have any available for adoption.

Adopting an older cat is a great way to save their life instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a “designer” cat that comes from a breeder who is just in it for the money. While many breeders may claim that their cats justify their high prices, most of them still make a nice profit, so don’t let them trick you with their “it costs so much to raise a cat” theory.

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