How Much Does a Scottish Fold Cat Cost?

Last Updated on December 13, 2023
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What stands out in the Scottish Fold cat: of course, is the folded ears. At first glance, you’d say that the Scottish Fold cat is just scared, but the shape of the ears is genetically inherited. Together with the round face, they give the cat the appearance of a plush animal. This breed of cat from Scotland is considered very suitable for children, due to its calm and loving personality.

How Much Does a Scottish Fold Cost?

Though, most prices will be anywhere between $300 and $550.

The average cost of Scottish Fold cats will be anywhere between $300 and $550. As these cats are not that easy to find, their one-time cost will start at around $300 and go up to even more than $1,550 for a purebred cat.

Buying a Scottish fold kitty, 7 to 12 weeks old, from a reputable breeder, you will have to budget more than $1,550, sometimes up to $2,500-$3,000. Surprisingly, the ears will greatly influence the cost.

For instance, if the cat has straight ears like a regular breed, the price will be half of one that has the well-known folded ears appearance. These kittens can be found in various colors, sizes, and shapes, so the costs will greatly depend on the type of cat you desire, but expect to be more expensive than other breeds.

Also, for an older cat, you will have to pay anywhere between $80 and $370.

According to the Cat Breeds List website, the price of Scottish Fold kittens would be anywhere between $410 and $620.

Getting a Scottish Fold on a budget

When you purchase a Scottish Fold from a breeder, it should come with a microchip, registration papers, a travel crate if it is shipped, and a health check-up from a reputable vet.

Adopting a Scottish Fold from a rescue or shelter is an excellent, affordable way to offer a loving home while also addressing health costs that may have caused the cat’s initial surrender.

Breed-dedicated rescue organizations may have Folds turned in due to the owner’s inability to address joint or health challenges. Screen diligently as rescues aim to move cats out rapidly at times. Get a full health history and discuss any training, medication, or monitoring necessary for your cat’s health. A cat from a rescue group will typically cost you $200 to $400.

Municipal shelters periodically take in purebred Scottish Folds left by struggling owners so always worthwhile to inquire with local agencies as another affordable option. Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100.

The majority of the shelters and breeders will first get the cat spayed or neutered before giving it for adoption. Also, some breeders will test the cat for Feline Leukemia before offering it for adoption. When adopting a cat, breeders and adoption agencies may also offer a starter pack that includes essential accessories, food, coupons, and toys, so you can properly take care of your cat.

The total monthly cost of owning a Scottish Fold

If you were to buy your cat from a different state then you should plan on paying for the shipping fees. In most cases, the breeders choose to ship the cat through airlines like American Airlines and Delta. The shipping costs would be anywhere between $180 and $370. You should also budget for a cat carrier which falls in the range of $30 to $100, depending on the size and features.

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Monthly Food costs are around $20-$40. This includes premium Scottish Fold-specific dry food and canned food. High nutrition is essential for cartilage health.

Cat litter boxes that control odor and stay gentle on beans are preferred and they usually cost $20-$30 monthly.

Stimulating play and rewards reinforce human bonding, which is crucial for this breed. Kittens are demanding, so expect to pay for cat toys and treats $10-$20 per month.

Wellness exams, vaccines, bloodwork, and joint supplements are all a must in Scottish fold care. Early screening MRIs, and X-rays at ages 2, 3, and 5 yr are recommended. To have a healthy cat your vet visits will cost you $100+ yearly.

Nail trims, sanitary clips, ear cleaning, combing, and anti-matting products for unique longhaired cats. Grooming such a cat may be more expensive, so budget around $100-$200 per year.

Expect to spend more than $550 per year for cat beds, food, litter, toys, periodic vet check-ups, and accessories. In the unfortunate situation that your cat would develop a health problem like diabetes or need surgery, then this cost would be much higher.

Their genetic jumpiness and cartilage issues causing painful, arthritic joints as adult cats present major long-term risks requiring vigilant care and budgeting.

Pet insurance uniquely bridges responsible preparation with ensuring fund availability when health declines start inevitable onset. Within the current 2023 plan options, focus foremost on ample $10,000 maximum annual payouts regardless of actual policy premiums ranging from approximately $25 to $40 monthly. Those higher limits empower reimbursing expensive diagnostics and treatments at 70 to 90 percent rates.

Scottish Fold kitten details

The most striking feature of the Scottish Fold is the folded ears. This makes the head look round and looks like an owl’s face. The folded ears form 3-4 weeks after birth. In normal kittens, the cartilage of the ear becomes stronger at this age and the ear begins to lift. This is not the case with Scottish Fold. In addition to the folded ears, these cats also have a wide nose. The tail corresponds to the length of the animal and the fur is fluffy and thick.

As for the weight, females weigh between 5.5 and 9 pounds, depending on how pampered they are by their owners. Males, on the other hand, can weigh up to 14 pounds.

Colors on the other hand can be black, reddish, white, or brown. Perhaps the most admired and sought-after color of the cat is gray. It also has other names such as Coupari, lop-eared cat, owl cat, Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, and Longhair Fold.

Properly cared for, Scottish Fold cats can live up to 15 years, sometimes even longer.

Important things to consider

Scotish Fold RelaxingThe short, thick fur of the Scottish Fold cat is easy to care for and does not require special care, although brushing helps to remove dead hair. Scottish Fold cats find it difficult to clean their ears on their own, so every cat owner needs to remove wax or dirt from the outer ear to prevent ear infections.

The Scottish Fold has no special nutritional requirements. You can give them high-quality dry and wet food as a base. Keep in mind that it should have a high consistency of meat. Cat food should not contain any cereals or animal by-products at all.

The nutrients that the Scottish Fold cat needs depend on its living conditions. For example, kittens or older cats need different amounts of nutrients. Disease and castration also play an important role and should be considered in the diet. Consult your veterinarian for more information.

Give your cat enough fresh water daily. Remember to never give it normal milk. Cats are lactose intolerant. This can lead to severe digestive problems. From time to time, you can give it special lactose-free cat milk. But it should not replace water but should be seen as a simple snack.

Scottish Fold cats can suffer from a degenerative painful joint disease for life. This occurs when the mutation of Scottish Fold cats adversely affects the cartilage, the most obvious change being the bent cartilage of the ear. As the disease progresses, the wrists stiffen, the bones stick together, and the movement becomes more difficult and painful. Cats go from a slightly squeamish walk to a refusal to move.

Scottish Fold cats appreciate a clean environment. Clean the litter of feces and urine daily and wash it thoroughly once a week. If possible, you can arrange an enclosed balcony for your cat.

Although Scottish Fold can be kept indoors without any problems, any cat is happy if the wind blows through its mustache. Indoor cats must have enough activity. That’s why you can provide your Scottish Fold cat with different toys. Raised platforms or climbing sets should not be missing from a cat house either. Although these cats like to be surrounded by humans, you should allow them to retreat.

How can cat owners save money?

One of the easiest ways to save money on such a cat is to check if your local adoption agency has any available. Even though these cats are rare and hard to find, if you are fortunate enough you will have to pay around $110 for the adoption fee.

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