How Much Does a Valentine’s Day Date Cost?

Last Updated on February 5, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and romance. Many couples mark the occasion with a special date night or getaway. But with the cost of dining, activities, gifts, and travel rising, planning a Valentine’s Day date can put strain on your budget.

Understanding typical costs and smart planning can help you create a memorable celebration while sticking to your budget.

This article breaks down the average price of popular Valentine’s Day dates. You’ll learn budget-friendly ideas and tips to save money, without sacrificing romance. Read on to discover how to plan an affordable yet meaningful Valentine’s Day date.

How Much Does a Valentine’s Day Date Cost?

A Valentine’s Day Date can cost between $50 for a homemade dinner with flowers and chocolates, and $200-$300 for a fancy dinner and extra activities or precious presents, up to more than $1000 for a luxury date.

A nice Valentine’s Day date often involves going out for a fancy romantic dinner, buying gifts like flowers or jewelry, booking a hotel, or planning activities. Prices for these experiences can quickly add up.

According to surveys, couples tend to spend $196 on average for their entire Valentine’s Day date night. This covers expenses like:

  • Romantic dinner for two at a nice restaurant – $100
  • Movie tickets for a date night – $20
  • Small gifts like chocolates, a card, or a bouquet – $30
  • Gas/transportation for the evening – $15
  • Parking or rideshare services – $10
  • Other costs like tips or date activities – $20

Over the years, the total Valentine’s Day budget needed for a typical date has risen. Back in 2020, the average date night cost was around $165. Rising inflation and demand around Valentine’s Day drives costs up yearly.

Big cities like New York or San Francisco also tend to have pricier dining and activities. The cost of a nice Valentine’s dinner reservation in an upscale restaurant in these cities can easily exceed $150-$200.

According to Bankrate, the provided information about the average spending for Valentine’s Day was reported to be $192.80 in 2023.

CBS News notes that consumers ages 35 to 44 are spending an average of $335.71 this Valentine’s Day on gifts and other items.

GoBankingRates said that last year, spending for the holiday was approximately $175 to $208 per person, with couples newly in a relationship spending the most.

Nasdaq notes that the average expectation for a Valentine’s Day gift amongst those who are celebrating is $157.52.

Ideas for Different Types of Dates

You can customize your Valentine’s Day date to match your budget and interests as a couple. Here are some ideas with typical price points:

Romantic Dinners and Their Costs

  • Candlelit dinner at an upscale restaurant – $150-$300+ per couple
  • Prix fixe multi-course Valentine’s Day menu at hotel restaurant – $100-$200 per couple
  • Meal at a mid-range chain or casual fine dining restaurant – $50-$80 per couple
  • DIY dinner at home with ingredients from the grocery store – $15-$30 per couple

Creative and Affordable Date Ideas

  • Local concert, play, or comedy show – $15-$60 per couple
  • Ice skating session – $15-$25 per couple
  • Indoor rock climbing or trampoline park – $20-$50 per couple
  • Museum, art gallery, or aquarium visit – $10-$30 per couple
  • Board game café – $10-$25 per couple
  • Dance class like salsa or ballroom – $10-$25 per person

Luxury Date Night Options

  • Weekend couple’s getaway at boutique hotel – $300-$1,000+
  • Trip to nearby winery region with tastings – $150-$300+
  • Tickets to a Broadway show or music concert – $50-$500+ per couple
  • Champagne helicopter tour – $300-$1,000+ per couple
  • Couple’s massage at upscale spa – $200-$600+

Budgeting for Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to drain your wallet. With some creative planning, you can put together a special date night that fits your Valentine’s budget.

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Date

  • Take advantage of prix fixe Valentine’s Day specials at restaurants. Many offer discounted multi-course meals on February 14th.
  • Look for free or low-cost romantic activities like a walk in a park, picnic, free museum day, or stargazing.
  • Give affordable gifts from the heart like baked goods, a playlist, a photo book, a home-cooked meal, or a handwritten note.
  • Decorate your home for a romantic candlelit dinner and date night in. Cook a simple elegant meal together.
  • Bundle up and pack hot cocoa or wine for an evening stroll to enjoy the city lights.
  • Search Groupon, Eventbrite, Meetup, and your city’s tourism site for budget-friendly Valentine’s Day deals.

Tips for Saving on Common Expenses

Follow these suggestions to save money on popular Valentine’s Day spending:

  • Make dinner reservations early to secure slots at top restaurants for menu prices, not jacked-up prix fixe meals.
  • Join mailing lists for flower shops, chocolatiers, jewelers, and gift shops to get promotions for Valentine’s gifts.
  • Buy wine and ingredients for a romantic dinner from a warehouse store like Costco for big bulk discounting.
  • Split costs for a luxe romantic getaway like a couples’ massage or suite by purchasing discounted gift cards.
  • Save on gas and parking by taking public transit or rideshare service to your date night activities.

Valentine’s Day Deals and Offers

Taking advantage of promotions and packages can help make lavish dates more affordable.

Many restaurants provide Valentine’s Day prix fixe menus at a discount or Valentine’s Day deals like including champagne or dessert. Sites like offer gift card deals for thousands of eateries nationwide.

You might also like our articles about the cost of a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day, a mail-order bride, or a first date.

For gifts, florists and chocolatiers often offer sales like buy one dozen roses, get 6 free. Retailers also provide discounts on jewelry, lingerie, skin care items, and other popular Valentine’s gifts.

Some hotels and inns offer reduced Valentine’s Day packages that can include perks like champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, late checkout, and dining credits for as low as $100-$300 per night.

Many cities and Groupon offer discounted tickets to events, comedy shows, tours, couple’s massages, pottery painting classes, and more in honor of the holiday.

Planning and Booking in Advance

Couple Behind Heart BalloonTo enjoy ideal experiences at the best price, planning your Valentine’s Day date at least 2-3 weeks in advance is wise.

Popular restaurants tend to book up quickly for Valentine’s Day, so call your top choices early to inquire about reservations. Often reservations a few days before or after February 14th can be easier to secure.

Booking a romantic getaway deal in advance also ensures you lock in the rate and guarantee a room. Some hotels charge 2-3x more on February 14th itself.

Purchasing gift cards to restaurants and activities early allows you to save up while taking advantage of any Valentine’s Day discounts or deals offered.

Overall, giving yourself time to research options, compare prices, and look for sales can help maximize your date budget.

Alternative Valentine’s Day Celebrations

If you’re looking to keep costs minimal, there are many low-budget but meaningful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • Cozy movie marathon at home with takeout from your favorite restaurant
  • Recreating your first date at low cost
  • Exchanging handmade cards and small sentimental gifts
  • Outdoor daytime picnic lunch date
  • Cooking a new recipe together at home
  • DIY spa night with a bubble bath, face masks, and massage
  • Game night with romantic touches like candles and champagne
  • Nostalgic mix tape or playlist for your partner

The most important thing is spending quality time together. You can celebrate your love without breaking the bank.


While Valentine’s Day has become increasingly commercialized, expressing your love doesn’t have to be expensive. With some creativity and advance planning, you can enjoy a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day date on any budget.

Take time to discuss your expectations and limitations to shape a celebration you both will cherish, without going overboard. Ultimately, thoughtfulness trumps extravagance when showing your partner you care.

Here are the most important things to remember when planning an affordable yet romantic Valentine’s Day date:

  • Take advantage of discounts, deals, and prix fixe specials
  • Give thoughtful, budget-friendly gifts from the heart
  • Choose activities that match your interests and budget
  • Have date nights at home cooking, with takeout, or free outdoor options
  • Make reservations and bookings 1-2 weeks in advance
  • Focus on quality time together, not just lavish gestures
  • Get creative about recreating past romantic moments
  • Set a spending budget and split costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who spends more money on Valentine’s Day?

According to surveys, men tend to spend significantly more on Valentine’s Day overall. Men spend an average of $339 compared to women who spend around $64. Men tend to spend more on gifts, date activities, dining, and Valentine’s getaways or trips.

How much do people spend on Valentine’s Day on average?

According to recent surveys, the average person spends about $175 for Valentine’s Day when factoring in things like gifts, date activities, dining out, clothing, candy, flowers, jewelry, travel, and more.

The total amount spent reached a new high of $23.9 billion in the United States for Valentine’s Day in 2022.

How does Valentine’s Day affect the economy?

Valentine’s Day has a significant positive effect on the economy each year. It provides a major revenue boost for industries like restaurants, florists, chocolatiers, hotels, theaters, jewelers, clothing retailers, and more.

The holiday produces billions in sales and creates temporary jobs. Analysts estimate Valentine’s Day impacts the economy by over $20 billion annually.

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