How Much Does a Valvoline Oil Change Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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Consider your car like another member of your family and Valvoline Instant Oil Change is its doctor. You believe in good preventative care when it comes to your health and your family’s health; your car should get the same. And while the cost of human medical services keeps going up, Valvoline Instant Oil Change prices stay low without hurting quality.

How Much Does a Valvoline Oil Change Cost?

Valvoline oil changes start at $39.99 for their standard “Premium Conventional” service. This includes up to 5 quarts of quality conventional motor oil to top off your engine, a new premium filter, chassis lubrication, and more. It covers all the basics you need to keep your engine running smoothly between changes.

If you drive a vehicle that requires synthetic blends or full synthetics, Valvoline has options for those as well. Their “MaxLife” synthetic blend starts at $59.99, while the “SynPower” full synthetic comes in around $89.99 per visit. Specific prices can shift based on current offers and your vehicle’s needs.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Price Table

Service Type Price ($)
Extra Quart Charge (Synpower Synthetic) 8.99
Synpower Synthetic Oil Change 89.99
Extra Quart Charge (NextGen Maxlife Full Synthetic) 8.99
Premium Conventional Oil Change 39.99
Extra Quart Charge (Premium Conventional) 4.99
Extra Oil Charge (Maxlife Synthetic Blend) 5.99
Extra Quart Charge (NextGen Conventional) 4.99
NextGen Conventional Oil Change 44.99
NextGen Maxlife Full Synthetic 89.99
Maxlife Synthetic Blend 59.99

You might think this service, while affordable, takes way more time than you want. But you’d be wrong. At Valvoline shops, anyone can get their great prices, preventative maintenance, and “Engine Guarantee”, knowing the service will be done fast and right.

According to Road Ready Pro, for instance, a standard oil change at Valvoline costs $35 to $45, and high-mileage synthetics start at around $60 up to over $80. Sample pricing for a 2013 Toyota Camry SE V6 4dr Sedan, for example, is $63.18 for a Conventional oil change, $92.58 for a Synthetic blend oil change, and $120.38 for a Full synthetic oil change.

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Car Service Land states that Premium Conventional Oil Change at Valvoline costs $39.99, NextGen Conventional Oil Change is $44.99, Maxlife Synthetic Blend costs $59.99, NextGen Maxlife Full Synthetic is priced at $89.99, and Synpower Synthetic Oil Change, $89.99.

COR Wheels reports that the Conventional oil change costs $39.99 and the Full synthetic oil change is $89.99. When it comes to additional oil charges, expect prices of $4.99 for the Conventional type, $6.99 for the MaxLife synthetic blend type, and $8.99 for the Full synthetic type according to the same source.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change website provides a general overview of factors that determine the oil change price, such as the type of motor oil chosen, the number of quarts required, and any discounts or special offers.

What is Valvoline Instant Oil Change?

At Valvoline shops, your car isn’t just another bumper. The trained and certified staff keeps all your service records so your car’s preventative maintenance isn’t forgotten.

Every time you get your oil changed, they do a preventative check. They check and fill as needed these fluid levels: antifreeze/coolant, differential fluid, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. That’s not all – they also check the air filter, wiper blades, belt, lights, tire pressure, and battery to make sure they are working right.

What Impacts Your Valvoline Oil Change Cost

When you pull into a Valvoline Instant Oil Change, technicians will take a look under your hood and assess exactly what your vehicle needs. Prices may change a bit based on factors like:

  • Vehicle Make & Model – The type and amount of oil varies. More expensive synthetics may be recommended for certain vehicles.
  • Extra Quarts of Oil – If your engine takes more than 5 quarts total, additional quarts are $5-9 each.
  • Coupons & Current Deals – Printable Valvoline coupons can take $5-10 or more off your total oil change cost.
  • Location/Franchise Ownership – Your specific Valvoline may have slightly different regular pricing.

As long as you stick to the basic conventional or synthetic blend options though, you can expect to pay right around $40-60 per standard oil change.

Potential Additional Costs

In addition to the oil and filter service, you may need or choose to add on some of these other maintenance services:

  • Tire Rotation – Ranging from $15-20 per visit, this can help your tires last longer.
  • Wiper Blade Replacement – New wiper inserts typically cost $15-25 in total.
  • Serpentine Belt Check – As preventative maintenance, technicians can inspect this vital engine belt.
  • Other Fluid Checks/Fills – Options like transmission, brake, and power steering fluids.
  • Fuel System Cleaning – Over time, injectors and valves get gummed up from deposits.

Always ask your Valvoline team to explain exactly what’s included in any recommended maintenance and associated costs so you can budget accordingly.

Getting the Best Valvoline Oil Change Price

To spend less per visit, you have a couple of options:

  • Use Valvoline Coupons – Print or display oil change coupons offering $5-15 off or other perks like free wiper blades. Check retail sites and
  • Buy Oil Change Gift Cards – When gift cards go on sale for up to 20% off, stock up to save on future changes. This can be combined with coupons.
  • Choose Conventional Oils – If synthetics aren’t needed for your older vehicle, conventional oils still protect well at a lower price.
  • Visit During Sales – Around most major holidays you can find Valvoline promotions taking 10-15% or more off prices.
  • Don’t Overfill Extras – Stick to basics like topping off fluids rather than high-end fuel treatments and additives each visit.

By getting quotes beforehand and shopping sales when possible, an oil change at Valvoline doesn’t have to take a big bite from your monthly budget.

Valvoline FAQ:

How much is a Valvoline Instant oil change?

Valvoline Oil Change Drive ThruValvoline oil changes cost $39.99 for Conventional to $89.99 for Full Synthetic.

What is included in the Valvoline Instant oil change?

It includes up to 5 quarts of quality motor oil, a new oil filter, and lubricated chassis. Sometimes with a Valvoline coupon, you can also get a free brake check, battery check, or tire rotation.

Is Valvoline good for an oil change?

Valvoline is a top car service chain, known for high quality yet affordable stay-in-your-car oil changes.

Does Valvoline do free oil changes?

No, not free. But with a coupon you can find online, Valvoline charges just $36.98 for a basic oil change.

How much is a synthetic blend oil change at Valvoline?

A synthetic blend oil change at Valvoline normally costs $59.99.

How much is a high mileage oil change at Valvoline?

The Valvoline high mileage oil change price depends on which oil you pick for your engine. It starts at $54.99 ($45.99 with a coupon) up to $64.99.

How much is a full synthetic oil change at Valvoline?

A full synthetic oil change costs about $89.99 for NextGen Maxlife Full Synthetic Motor Oil.

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