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How Much Does A Zeen Cost?

Many seniors use a walker to help them get around. But for some, a wheelchair is necessary if the user cannot stand for longer periods of time. That’s where the Zeen comes in!

The Zeen, named after the railcar, was created by the inventor Garrett Brown, who is behind the Steadicam, which transformed the film industry. He had no intention of designing a mobility device, but he saw the need to fill the gap between walkers and wheelchairs as his father got older.

“I was with my father when he was in decline in 2013,” Brown told New Atlas. “I looked at his friends on walkers and wheelchairs and there, just between them, there was this giant gap”. The Zeen wheelchair was designed for people in the middle, for those who still have some mobility but need a little extra help.

It took Mr. Brown and a small team of engineers a decade of thinking and trying to develop the device. Some of the early prototypes had a rather strange appearance. He said one must be prepared to look out of his mind when testing prototypes of machines that work with humans. They worked really hard, and it took him and his engineering team about ten years to make this wheelchair what it is today.

How much does a Zeen cost?

According to their official site, the Zeen regular price is $3,980. As they mention on their site, the current lead time is 6-8 weeks, and the orders are only shipped within the United States of America.

When buying a Zeen pay attention to the weight of the Zeen user as it must be between 100 and 250 pounds, 45-113 kg, and his/hers stand-over height must be between 22″-36″, 61-89 cm.

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Another option to choose from is whether you want never-flat wheels or pneumatic wheels for no additional costs or a one-hand-control so that you can handle it with just one hand, for an added cost:

  1. Two-Hand Control Model with Foam, Never-Flat Wheels – $3,980.00
  2. Two-Hand Control Model with Pneumatic Wheels – $3,980.00
  3. One-Hand Control Model with Foam, Never-Flat Wheels – $4,460.00
  4. One-Hand Control Model with Pneumatic Wheels – $4,460.00

Additional costs related to this mobility aid device

The regular Zeen product needs an individual to have dexterity and strength in both hands. In case one can use just one hand they have the option, which you can select when buying, of one-hand control for an additional cost of $480.

Here are some of the accessories you may need, as additional features for your Zeen, and their costs:

  • Trunk Lift Straps – $100 or $25 every 2 weeks in 4-interest free payments
  • Zeen Cup Holder – $38
  • Zeen Travel Cover – $100 or $25 in 4-interest free payments with free installment
  • Spare Wheel Kit – 2 Pneumatic Tires $80 or $20 in 4-interest free payments with free installment
  • Travel/Exercise Pins $14
  • Spare Wheel Kit – 2 Never-Flat Tires $80 or $20 in 4-interest free payments with free installment


They can also offer you a financing program. For $3,980, the fixed price for the regular Zeen they have two options:

  1. $1359.97 per month for a period of 3 months you’ll pay a final cost of $4079.91
  2. $359.23 per month for a period of 12 months you’ll pay a final cost of $4310.76

These types of estimated payments do not include taxes or shipments.

An ingenious design for a walker

The Zeen’s configuration is a seat that sits at the height of a wheelchair but can be easily transitioned to a standing position. Two springs lift the chair, and also the person sitting in it, to put it in a standing position. This allows users to walk while being supported. A seatbelt protects them from falling. The mobility device is also equipped with brakes to stop the movement safely.

The four wheels rotate so that users can rotate. When they want to sit down, they just have to press two levers on the handlebars. The Zeen weighs only 18 kilos and can support people weighing between 41 and 113 kilos.

Marketing of the Zeen mobility seat

The Zeen ProductThe Zeen is available on the company’s website. To generate interest in the product, Mr. Brown marketed the device at healthcare conferences, AARP events, and other venues where it could help people with reduced mobility.

To date, more than 100 devices have been manufactured, including one for Pope Francis.

Devices like the Zeen are becoming increasingly important because people are living longer and want to stay active.

If you are not sure that Zeen fits your need and want to learn more about this innovative mobility aid, contact them with trust. They also offer a no-risk 14 days in-home trial.

Final words

Zeen has many benefits and pros, as it supports the full body weight from beneath, but at the same time, it gives you the freedom to move as much as you want, without getting tired. In this way, you can enjoy a walk in the park, because you can move further and faster and rest whenever you need.

A wheelchair is stable as long as you sit in it, and with the passing of time, your muscle and bones may decline faster. That’s not the case with Zeen, as it both supports your full body and keeps you active.

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