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How Much Does Dom Perignon Cost?

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
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Dom Perignon is the most exclusive and refined range of champagne that bears the imprint of Moet&Chandon. Champagne attractively combines innovation with tradition and grapes with character. What makes this assortment an exclusive one is the fact that it is produced only in the years when the grapes reach their maximum potential for obtaining the drink.

Dom Perignon is an extremely expressive champagne that reveals its elegance through color, scent, taste palate, and persistence. The seven years of aging and the painstaking process by which it is obtained are key details that allow the creation of champagne with character. The vibrant bright yellow color reveals itself in an exquisite way, the dense bubbles that are produced bring consistency and refresh the vibrant look.

How Much Does Dom Pérignon Cost?

The cost of a Dom Perignon starts at around $170 and goes to several thousands of dollars, depending on its vintage age, the place you buy it from and the year it was produced. For instance, if you don’t necessarily want a vintage wine, then you can purchase a Dom Perignon for $160 to $450 from a local wine retailer.

On the other hand, you should be prepared to pay thousands of dollars for a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage from years back that has peaked for more than twenty years. For example, according to a Business Insider article, a bottle of Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon by Karl Lagerfeld, which was a special edition released in 1998, was sold for around $2,000.

The vintage year is an important cost factor, but the vintage age is the one that will increase the costs. The winery will not release the champagne until it has reached its first year of maturity. When they decide to release the champagne, it has met its second or third peak of maturity, that is 15 to 25 years after the vintage label. At that time, they apply the Oenotheque label, which can greatly increase its cost.

For instance, the website lists ten varieties of Dom Perignon, with prices that start at around $290 and go up to $500. Most of the available wines were produced in the early 2000s.

You can find Dom Perignon on Amazon as well. This retailer has many listings with prices that start at $200 for a bottle from 2006, and go up to more than $600 for a bottle from 2004.

According to, you could find a 2006 Vintage of Dom Perignon at Costco at a price of $150, at the time of this writing.

In the table below you will find the average cost of a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne depending on its vintage year.

Dom Perignon Prices

Vintage Year Prices Found
2010 $215
2009 $350
2007 $165
2006 $110
2005 $125
2004 $125
2003 $125
2002 $150
2000 $150
1999 $150
1998 $175
1996 $250
1995 $200
1993 $180
1992 $250
1990 $250
1989 $150
1988 $250
1986 $50
1985 $275
1983 $300
1982 $300
1980 $250
1978 $350
1976 $400
1975 $300
1973 $350
1971 $500
1970 $450
1969 $400
1966 $500
1964 $425
1962 $660
1961 $500
1959 $1,400
1955 $1,400
1952 $1,000
1949 $1,000
1947 $1,000
1900 $215

What are the additional expenses?

You should budget for the shipping fees in case you make your purchase online.

Dom Pérignon overview

Moët et Cie (Moët & Co.), the company founded by Claude Moet in Epernay in 1743, launched the Dom Perignon brand under Robert-Jean de Vogue in 1936 as the first commercially available prestige cuvée.

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Until 1927, the brand name “Dom Pérignon” was owned by Mercier, but then it was “given” as a gift to Moet when Francine Durant Mercier married Paul Chandon.

Believe it or not, the person who created the champagne of the same name was a monk!

Dom Pierre Perignon was a French Benedictine monk, born into a family of eight children in the Champagne region of France (where, by the way, his family also owned some vineyards). After attending a Jesuit college, he arrived at the Hautvillers monastery in the Marne.

Here, he worked in the winery and thus he contributed not only to the size of the vineyard owned by the abbey (which doubled as a result of his efforts) but also to the quality of the sparkling wines produced here.

Important things about the Dom Pérignon champagne

Dom Perignon was the first prestige cuvée introduced to the market.

Dom Perignon BottleDom Perignon is a vintage champagne, “vintage” meaning that it is made only in the best years, from grapes harvested in full in the same year.

Dom Perignon is kept in the bottle for a minimum of seven years.

The Dom Perignon drink is always made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, although the percentages in which each of these two varieties are used may differ from one production to another.

There is a rosé version of Dom Perignon champagne, produced for the first time in 1959. The drink is even more expensive than the standard variety.

Diana and Prince Charles ordered no less than 99 bottles of Dom Perignon for their wedding.

Tips for saving money on a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne

Search for this product at multiple retailers, but don’t choose the lowest price because there are many sellers online that might try to scam you. If you still want to buy it online, make sure it is a reputable seller.

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