Flagstone offers natural splendor to any landscape. It comes in all sorts of colors, from sandy grays to rich reds and purples with charming rustic appeal. Properly laid flagstone is incredibly durable, especially the thicker stones and dense types like quartzite.

This stone usually costs just $2 to $6 per square foot. But some premium flagstones with rare tones and textures cost $10 to $15 per square foot. You’ll also need to budget for installation at $13 to $16 for each square foot. But let’s go deeper into the price of flagstone, what influences its cost, and how to get it cheaper.

How Much Does Flagstone Cost?

So as we said before, flagstone usually costs between $2 and $6 per square foot, but, that’s the average price. Depending on several factors, the cost you will stumble upon might differ considerably.

According to Forbes, the average cost of a flagstone patio is reported to be between $15 to $27 per square foot, with larger patios generally being more expensive due to requiring more materials.

Bob Vila notes in an article that the cost to install a mortar flagstone patio is reported to range from $800 to $7,200 for a 50- to 400-square-foot space, with an average cost of $15 to $27 per square foot.

The Lawn Love website reports that the average cost of installing a flagstone patio is about $3,600 nationwide, at a rate of $15 to $27 per square foot.

Angi also talks about flagstone installation, and according to them, the flagstone patio cost with installation included is reported to fluctuate between $15 to $30 per square foot, with the total cost influenced by factors such as the type of flagstone, location, and labor cost.

An older forum post on LawnSite from 2007 suggests a price of around $18 per square foot for irregular flagstone, which may require additional time for chipping and fitting. This shows that Flagstone had a pretty steady price over time.

Flagstone is sold by the ton, by the pallet, or square foot. Prices run:

Flagstone Prices Per Ton

You will likely spend $200 to $550 per ton for just the stone. Expect to pay around $350 per ton for a mid-grade flagstone. Coverage ranges from 70 to 140 square feet per ton depending on thickness and density. Clarify expected coverage with your contractor when discussing pricing.

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Price Per Pallet

Whole pallets run $600 to $2,200 for stone only. Pallet weights are typically between three and four tons, averaging $0.20 to $0.55 per pound. Output falls around 210 to 560 square feet per pallet, depending on thickness.

Cost of Flagstone Per Square Foot

This stone costs $2 to $6 per square foot uninstalled, jumping to $15 to $22 with professional installation. Exceptionally dense stone and rare tones sit at the high end.

Flagstone Cost By Project

Typical installations cost:

Project Cost Range ($)
300-500 square foot walkway $4,500-$11,000
125-250 square foot path $1,900-$5,500
600-900 square foot pool deck $9,000-$19,800
300-600 square foot driveway $4,500-$13,200
50-400 square foot patio $750-$8,400

The wide price ranges account for flagstone types, site accessibility, and other cost variables.

Flagstone Type Price Range Per Ton ($) Description
Sandstone $250-350 Affordable, cooling option
Limestone $250-400 Budget-friendly choice
Arizona Flagstone $200+ Local to the Southwest
Bluestone $375-450 Withstands freezing
Colorado Red $200-400 Resists extreme cold and heat
Quartzite $400-450 Hardwearing stone mixes
Slate $475-700 Premium material
Travertine $800+ Textured, porous, largely imported
Basalt $500+ Dark volcanic rock
Flagstone Rock $400-500 Sold in bulk for accent projects

Factors Affecting Flagstone’s Price Per Square Foot

Several factors determine how much you’ll pay for flagstone, including:

  • Type – Common, locally quarried stones like Arizona flagstone cost less than rare imported varieties.
  • Thickness & Density – Heavier, thicker flagstone costs more but covers less area per ton than thinner types.
  • Delivery Distance – Local stone saves transport fees versus imported materials.
  • Accessibility – Difficult to access installation sites increase labor expenses.
  • Quantity – Ordering extra allows for breakages and pattern flexibility.

What Gives Flagstone Its Rustic Charm?

Flagstone captivates with its rustic beauty. Colors range from sandy grays to rich reds and purples. The stones come in varied textures too – smooth or rough, thin or thick. Flagstone’s allure explains its popularity for driveways, patios, walkways, pool surrounds, garden paths, and accent walls or steps.

This natural quarried stone lasts for decades, longer than concrete or pavers. It also stays cooler in hot climates. Prices are affordable compared to other natural stone options, starting around just $2 per square foot. However, with professional installation, projects run $15 to $22 per square foot installed.

Saving on Flagstone Patio and Landscaping Costs

Flagstone PalletHere are tips to score savings on your flagstone installation:

Source Locally – Local stone means better pricing and climate suitability. Check suppliers within a 50-mile radius.

Get Multiple Quotes – Get at least 3 project quotes for comparison. Be sure all contractors see the site.

Buy Materials Yourself – Save 20-30% by buying flagstone directly from quarries or landscape suppliers.

DIY Installation – Laying irregular flagstone on a gravel base proves DIY-friendly if you prepare the site and move materials carefully.

Choose Affordable Stone – Sandstone, limestone and flagstone rock offer beauty on a budget.

Consider Concrete Alternatives – Materials like stamped concrete or aggregate scoring deliver the look of stone for less.

Buy Extra Stone – Having leftover flagstone allows flexibility in pattern-laying andswap outs if stones crack.

Why Flagstone Costs More Than Pavers

Natural quarried flagstone costs more upfront than concrete pavers. However, flagstone brings unmatched charm, lasts longer, and increases property value. Weigh these home upgrade benefits against concrete paver affordability.

Getting Flagstone’s Worth From Your Investment

Follow these tips to maximize flagstone’s durability and beauty:

  • Select sealant-friendly, locally sourced stone
  • Properly prepare the base
  • Hire experienced installers
  • Seal every 1-2 years

Flagstone sets any landscaping design apart with natural artistry and curb appeal. While pricier than poured concrete or artificial pavers, this genuine stone delivers lasting sophistication, quality, and value. Weigh the pros, cons, and costs as you create your dream yard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is local Flagstone a better choice?

Yes, it saves on transport and suits your climate.

How heavy are the pallets?

One Flagstone pallet weighs over 3,000 pounds! Loose stone weighs less.

Is flagstone costlier than pavers?

Yes, but it offers unmatched beauty over time.

What’s cheaper than Flagstone?

Concrete options like stamping or pavers.

Should I seal the flagstone?

Yes, sealing protects appearance and texture.

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